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Monday, 8 August 2011


For the last few days, some reminiscences are haunting my mind! But today When I  saw a small piece of news-"Rihanna stylist", London date-line small story on page three in The Fine Column of Telegraph, Patna edition, it reminisces many thing about plight of poor and their miserable life in the globe, particularly in India.
With such down the memory -lane, I exactly remember famous one sentence of the famous writer,Scar Wilde-"We all live in the gutter, but some of us gaze at the stars."Sadly over 80 percent population in almost all countries of the world live in poverty without food, shelter, health care etc. In India itself 80 percent people lead their life on hardly Rs 20 to Rs 25 per day.
On the  other hand the particular small news in the Telegraph datelined London has stated that one Rihanna spends $14000 a week on her hair stylist to get the perfect look. In the same story, the 23-year-old star's stylist Ursula Stephen, charges $2000 a day to help ensure she looks her best, reported the  Daily Mail and said"Rehanna likes to pioneer new styles but it is costing her a fortune." This small piece has shaken my conscience and compelled me to look beyond  and see the plight of poor and luxury and lavish expenditure of rich. It is narration of Britishers, known for imperialist designs throughout the globe in the last over 800 years .
 Analysts say the entire Europe is passing through economic down trend-but I strongly feel there is no economic crisis effect in European countries, Particularly England. Similari are many stories of wasteful expenditures In United States of America and the country is under heavy debt and more and more economic crisis is gripping that country. Such economic crisis  in Europe and US is not telling upon the health of rich people there, who lead luxurious and extravagant life at the cost of poor in these regions! Countries of these two continents are virtually controlling economic power in the world in the last several years.But now they are in the grip of serious economic crisis and US alone is paying $250 billion dollar by way of interest payment per year! Now the European countries and US are looking for financial support from the world countries to bail out from its economic morass. Particularly wasteful expenditure of US on war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Middle east countries and also other Muslim countries, mainly in the name of counter terrorism but in actual terms for usurping oil resources and its supremacy in the world for spreading its imperialism has put America in deep sea, as per reports of US impartial print media and also of Britain One old saying justifies the action of US, "himself a beggar and beggar at the door." Here one should also remember Tulsi Das 's Ram Charit Manas in which he has said," Jo jash karihi so tass phal chakha (one what ever deeds or misdeeds do or does- he or they taste the same taste)."It also justifies the saying of Scar Wilde and suggests that US living in gutter and gazing up at sky for its deeds and misdeeds.

In changed situation, Asia's Japan, which was recovering from the worst-ever war in 1930s and early 1940s and destruction of that country from dangerous hydrogen bombs, started a big jump and by late 1960s and early 1970 started overtaking the Europe and America by adopting new economy of cheap and best and use and throw manufacturing durable and cheapest consumer goods and also knowing kon-how of advanced technology. Now Asia's China and India are heading for economic boom. But there are vast differencves between rising economy of China and India. While China is adopting economy and advance technology for the benefits of all including poor, India , on the other hand, is adopting western styple economy of liberalisation and capitalism. Moreover , these policies of India have resulted in more and more poverty. Rich are becoming richer and poor becoming poorer. Rural areas of India continue to be neglected! Poverty has become a bane in India in this 20th century. Surprisingly India government is making only tall claims of GDP and the so called economic development of country-but on the other hand at least the government has failed to identify poor and rich in the country. Twenty percent rich people are said to be ruling the country including politicians, corporates, multi-nationals, feudal and landlords where as 80 percent people are said to be without any basic facilities including food, shelter, health, education etc and are ggroaning under poverty.Moreover, successive governments of India have no knowledge of prevailing poverty in India. Surprisingly India is yet to identify the number of poor living in the country . The India,s government's own different panels, set up at different ti,mes , are not unanimous on the figures of poor in India. While its Planning commission says that 28.3 percent population of India are poor, its another Saxena panel has put the figure over 57 percent, another panel-Arjun Dasgupts panel says 77 percent people of India are poor and another Tendulkar panel has put the figure 37.2 percent. Now anybody can imagine the plight of our union government in even determining people, afflicted with poverty.
With such reasons , it is rightly said that India is two countries-one for poor , who in my opinion constitute over 80 percent, another of rich people who constitute 20 percent.Intrinsically, successive union governments, particularly of Manmohan Singh of UPA two in India proves beyond doubt that Manmohan Singh, the present prime minister is harbouring the interest of capitalist, in this socialist pattern of society and government as enunciated by Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Monamohan  "living in the gutter gazing up at the stars"!

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