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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


The recent revelation in details about circumstances leading to spotting  of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and subsequently the killing of Osama in the raid and execution of Hussein  by American security forces has not only created flutter in entire America and Europe but has put a big question mark over capability and actuality of successive administrations of United States of America (USA) in eliminating these two big names in the Globe!
The Guardian, UK and the Washington Post have recently prominently carried out stories about these leaders and the circumstances they were apprehended and killed subsequently.A report from Dawr (Iraq) dateline in Washington Post  has given vivid description about the capture  of Saddam Hussein. and tortures to his .saviours in "The  Hole", known to the world as the " Spider hole" in the tiny underground bunker on Alaa Namiq.s farm! In another report, both The Guardian and the Washington Post have vividly described the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden in  air raid on Abbottabad residence of the fugitive.While the report in Washington Post from Dawr (Iraq) is in conversion of the man, who gave shelter to Saadam in "The Hole" with an American journalist, the report both in The Guardian and the Washington Post have dwelt at length about Osama bin Laden on the basis of a book----" No Easy Day: The First hand Account of the Mission that killed Osama bin Laden written by a U S commando involved in the Navy Seal raid "-to be released on September 11, 2012, creating stir in US administration and politics just on the eve of the Presidential elections.
Both these incidents were held in piquant situation in the respective sub-continents in the world. Both the capture of  Saadam and subsequently his hanging and capture and killings of Osama bin Laden had given much relief to America on terror front as well as revenge of 9\11 attack on World Trade Centre and Pentagon by Osama bin Laden and company terrorists although both the incidents also drew sharp reactions on human right fronts in the entire globe!
Sipping tea in the modest little restaurant he opened this summer. a couple of foot-ball fields away from" the  hole" Alla Namiq seems "willing to say American reporter some thing about the capture of Saadam by American security forces.Washington  Post report says,"  Alaa Namiq narrates , he (Saadam) came here and he asked us for help and I said yes. He said, you might be captured and tortured, but in our Arab tribal tradition and by Islamic laws, when some one needs help, we help him. I dug the whole for him", he says his eyes. burning with pride. The  hole known to the world as the" spider hole" is the tiny underground bunker on Namiq's farm where former Iraqi dictator Saadam Hussein was captured on December 13, 2003. Namiq and his elder brother Qais have rarely spoken publicly about how they helped hide most sought-after fugitive for nearly nine months after the US-led invasion," the Washington report said.
"But now, sipping tea in modest little restaurant, Alaa must have felt may be enough time has passed. May be a few have asked. But for what ever reason, Namiq now folds his tall, broad-shouldered frame into plastic chair, tugs on a cigarette and talks about hiding the his family   had known for decades. Hussein was born in  a village near Tirkit, just north of this little town on the banks of Tigris river. When the US military was searching for him, it became convinced, correctly, that he would find shelter among his Tikrit clansmen in these lush green orchards of date palms and orange and pear trees.., The Washington Post report added.
On the flutter  on   book on Osama bin Laden's capture and killing,, the Guardian said, " the book recounting Osama bin Laden raid surprises  in U S military. The book  will be  finally released on September 11, 2012, coinciding the 11the anniversary of the Al-qaida attacks on the U S , caught Pentagon and intelligence napping. The publisher, a subsidiary of the Penguin, less said-no easy day. The first had -six who  was one of the first men through the door on the third floor of the terrorist hideout and was present............ A blow-by -blow account....of the assault, beginning with helicopter crash that would have  ended author's life straight though the radi o calls contrary the bin Laden's death, the Penguin and its subsidiary, publisher of the book  said the account is an essential piece of modern history.....No easy day is to be published under Pen name, Mark Owen. But Fox News said it was established the identity of author,-he is 36 year -old from Aska, who also took part in SEAL raid in 2009 that rescued the captain of American  merchant ship by Somali pirates-he retired from military last year--------What ever its tone, the account is likely to be caught up in the attempts by a group of right wing former military and intelligence officers with ties to Tea Party movement and the Republican Party accuse Obama of claiming much credit for hunting down bin Laden. The group, the special operation OPSEC education fun, last week released a 22-minute video  accounting the president of taking intelligence and military secrets-including the role of Pakistani doctor in providing the al-Qaida leader, details of virus attacks on nuclear programme ands Obama's pact in deciding a "kill list" of targets of Drone strikes in Pakistan-for political gain.. In the video many of military and intelligence retired officers say of Obama is wrongly taking credit of bin Laden's death although there is no evidence that they have special knowledge of the situation.......Abbotabad raid was one of the most important in the United States of America's history..."
While expressing apprehension over final release of the book, The Guardian has said, " In 2010, the defence department had stopped the circulation of of a book written by a former intelligence official in the interest  of national security. The Pentagon paid  $47000 to destroy 9500 copies of the book , called Operation Death Halt Skycraft and special operation on the frontier of Afghanistan and the path to victory, written by Anit Shaffer........."
The Washington Post has also written  by and large similar report and has written " If the description is true, the book would shatter the secrecy maintained by members of the team of Navy SEALs involved in the bin Laden's compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan. It could also raise legal and political issue for the Obama administration, which has carried out an  aggressive crackdown on leaks even while it has been accused  of offering access to journalists and movie makers to exploit the success of the bin Laden operation.. The raid was carried out by the elite and the secretive U S Joint Special Operation Command under the authority of the CIA, Pentagon and CIA officials appeared to be caught off guard by a spokeswoman of Dutton's announcement of the forthcoming book  The book is titled "no Easy day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that killed the Osama bin Laden. The author's name is listed as Mark Owen, which Dutton acknowledges is pseudonym.. The author has pledged to donate the majority proceeds to charities that support families of slain Navy SEALs. Officials indicated that neither the author nor the publishers had cleared the book's content with Defence department or the CIA, a step ordinarily required by former service members or spies seeking to write about classified information operations. THE CIA spokesman Preston Golson said as far as we can determine, this book was not submitted for pre-publication review. Pentagon Spokeskesman Goerge Little said he as unaware of that anyone in the department has reviewed it. White House officials said they knew nothing about the book.'" the Washington Post report concluded.
The Washington Post has also written very very interesting things about Saada Hussain arrest operation. The report has said, " Namiq says , over and over, during the course of a couple of hours. Some day I will say all I know.May be I will write a book. May be a movie. But I will not tell you every thing. However Namiq says his family, mainly he and Qais (who declined to be interviewed) helped  move Hussein among various houses in the area after the March 2003 invasion. Hussein never used a phone, he says, knowing that Americans were listening for his voice. Namiq says that Hussein read and wrote extensively, prose and poetry, and that his writings  were confiscated by the U S troops. who captured him. Namiq says Hussain wrote to his wife and daughters but he never saw them. His only visitors were his sons Uday and Qusay- Namiq says he helped arrange their secret meeting trip to the farm.Hussein released several fiery speeches during the time he was hiding, exhorting his supporters to fght the Americans. Namiq says he and Hussein recorded them on a small tape recorder. Knowing that Americans would be analysing the recordings for clues to Hussein's whereabouts, Namiq says he once drove 10 miles to the city of Sarmera, parked on the side of the road and recorded the sounds of urban traffic. I wanted to feel Americans feel dizzy and confused,Namiq quoted Saadam as speaking and doing! Namiq clearly still  reveres Hussein, who was hanged in 2006. Namiq says Saadam knew there would be a day that he would be captued and executed. In his heart, he knew every thing was gone and he was no longer president. So he started some thing knew-Jihad against the occupiers. He sacrificed evetry thing he had, including his two sons, for the sake of the country.Namiq says that when he was held at Abu Gharaib, U S soldiers-including a female interrogator who told him he looked like actor TOmSelleeck-questioned him daily about weapons of mass destruction and the hiding places of of top aides of Hussein. He says that cell was kept dark 24 hours a day and that guards threw in buckets of wa ter to keep it constantly wet. He says he was hooded and beaten, and bitten by guard dogs. He was submitted to mock execution, he says, and constant, deafening rock music. I endured the dogs and the torture, but I could not stand.that music, Namiq says, without a trace of humour in his deep voice.............................."
The Washington Post further elaborated the interview of Namiq and has said, " Hussein's attorney, Khalid Dulaimi, quoted the former director dictator in a 2009 book as saying that he had known the Namix family since 1959 and that they had hidden him. In the book, Qais Namiq is accused of eventually tuning Hussien in thew U S  troops, which Alaa Namiq vehemently denies.................The Namiq family has become some thing like royalty in Dawr for sheltering a local tribesman who is still ido lised by many here. We consider it a heroic act, the report quoted Col. Muohammad Hassan of Iraqi National Police, who is stationed in Dawr.. This act does not concern his family only but it represents all the citizens of Dawr because this ciity embraced Saddam.. Now Nmiq family commands respects and appreciation even more than before.......Hussein was buried just up the road of Auja, the village where he was born. Aware of the former dictator's enduring popularity around here, prime minister Nouri al- Maliki has ordered his grave site closed to the people to keep it from becoming a shrine.....On the farm where Hussein was captured, the spider hole sits at the base of a date palm tree, covered with a four-foot-square concrete cap. largely forgotten beneath dirty cages filled  with doves and park parakeets. Chickens and dogs roam the grounds, the huge orange carp swim in two ponds. on a  midsummer evening, the trees are so full that with every storng breeze, small yellow pars fell like rain drops. Namiq finally says he and his brother Qais were arrested along with  Hussein and spent a miserable six months in Abu Ghraib prison. Once a driver  and aide of Hussein, he has spent the past few years driving taxi, finally  saving enough to open hisfamily restaurant a few weeks ago......................."
These reports in important dailies including The Guardian and the Washington Post have practically nerved the Americans and Europeans. It is said that the US President Obama was not so serious about capturing and killing Osama despite reports  intelligence reports and it was  Ms H Clinton , who pressed Obama to take the drastic steps to capture and kill Osama in Abbottabad in Pakistan. In Iraq also Americans and Europeans are bearing the burnt . the  peace still eludes Iraq and US 's hegemony is still there and people of Iraq are unwillingly tolerating Americans!..

Friday, 24 August 2012


Even after the partition of India and Pakistan over 65 years ago in the wake of the independence of the Indian sub-continent from British Raj, Hindu and Muslim of both Pakistan and India continue to live in anger and revenge against each other! Was the partition of India and Pakistan as separate country was wrong step or the the seed of  divide and rule of the British Raj of population of both the community continue to seething in anger of killings of over three lakhs both Muslims and Hindu in both the countries just after the independence? The incidents of the last 65 years in both the countries have brought only miseries to Hindu in Pakistan and Muslims in India!

 The demolition of Babari Masjid in Ayodhaya led by Hindu fanatics from BJP, RSS, Hindu Mahasabha, RSS etc and subsequent killings of  huge number of Muslims  in India because of scores of communal riots including Mumbai communal riots , Narendra Modi Gujarat government -sponsored   communal riots in Gujarat  and Bhagalpur riots  in  Bihar etc , killing over ten thousands of Muslims has added new dimension to the deteriorating relations between Hindu and Muslims in the sub-continent.
Not only that in Pakistan, Hindu, Sikh and Christian - minority , which consists about three percent population of Pakistan  have also suffered a lot-apart from killing of many of them for not converting to Islam as well as rape, abduction of Hindu women, specially girls and forced them to marry with Muslims and convert to Islam have also worsened the plight of Hindu -Muslim relation in both the countries. Comparatively Muslims , who were around 12 percent of total population of India at the time of partition have increased to nearly 18 percent in India!.
More over India has been facing persistent threats from fanatics Islamic organisations and their terror activities in different parts of India. In this connection, one must recall the Muslim invasions on India during Medieval period when the Hindu had to suffer because of barbaric and atrocious acts of Muslim rulers in India-those days witnessed demolition of many temples and religious places including Vishwanath Temple in Varanashi, Somnath temple etc by Muslim rulers and Muslim fanatics. Even after these things, relations between Hindu and Muslims remained cordial when British India company and later British Raj enslaved the entire Indian sub-continent.

The recent ethnic clashes between Bodo, an aboriginal tribe in Assam and Muslims, mostly migrated from Bangaladesh, killings over 100 and  over three lakhs people flee their home and stationed in refugee camps in Kokarjhar areas of Assam have stunned the  people of the world and particularly of India. In a recent article The Times of America has commented, " In the world's largest democracy, fears of pogroms and ethnic violence have highlighted just how fractious febrile India's social make up is.............."
Here it will be proper to mention the social and political structures of Assam in eastern states. Earlier , Assamese had problem with Bengali speaking people and Bangles and in the process Bengals settlers in Assam had to suffer a lot. Thereafter, the Bodo and other tribes of Assam had made targets to of Muslims. And the time is getting on . And the recent ethnic riots Muslims were made real targets in the name that they were Bangala Desh settlers-although both Bodo tribes and Muslims suffered in the ethnic clashes, but Muslims are more sufferers in comparison ot Bodo persons! Bodo indigenous tribe clashed with Bengali Muslim settlers. Thousands of Muslims fled away from their houses. Such clash and attack on Muslims in Kokarjhar areas of Assam gave rumours of Muslim reprisal attacks on  North-easterners in Banglore, Mumbai, Chennai and other big cities in the country.

Taking into account these developments in the last 65 years , I reminiscences three quotable quotes of three stalwarts- South Asia's iconic poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, the founder of Pakistant Mohammed Ali Jinnah and  the chief architect of gruesome partition of India and Pakistan, exercising the policy of divide and rule and the then prime minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill..

In an article in the Pakistan Daily Times, a progressive international writer Lal Khan, has mentioned, " South Asia's iconic poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz had termed the independence of the sub-continent in August 1947 as blighted dacon to his famous poem-Morro of Independence................Blood massacres during partition on religious line..............It was perhaps biggest genocide in modern history. Independence became harrowing nightmare for the oppressed masses of the sub-continent sixty five years on........today the condition of the masses in India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh are atrocious......the celebration of formal independence by the ruling classes and their toady petty bourgeoisie are an insult to injury for the millions chained in capitalists slavery......the region contains more than one\ffth of human population yet almost half of the world's poor reside in this region. .....misery, poverty and deprivation have worsened since 1947...health and education are luxury for a few........."
The second quote of Winston Churchill also reminds us about the the real truth of a New India and Pakistan after independence! Churchill had written, " Power will go into the hands of rascals, rouges and freebooters. Not a bottle of water not a loaf of bread shall escape taxation................these are men of straw.....".Although the sayings of Churchill are very objectionable, in some extend the affairs of India and Pakistan sub-continent are being run by the successive rulers in messy situation!
Last but not the least, the anguish feeling and sentiments of Mohhmed Ali Jinnah in the wake of thousands of people killed in Hindu-Muslim riots in both India and Pakistan as well as huge number of people fleeing from each other countries had put people of the world aghast! A recent book released---BEYOND THE LINES: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF veteran journalist, Kuldip Nayar, has referred, " One day When Jinnah was in Lahore Iftiikhar-ud-din, Pakistan's rehabilitation Minister and Mazhar\Ali Khan, editor of Pakistan Times, flew him in Dakota over divided Punjab. When he saw streams of people pouring into Pakistan or fleeing it, he struck his hand on his forehead and said despairingly" "What have I done??" Both Iftikar and  Mazhar vowed not to repeat the remark. Mazahar took his wife Tahira into confidence and told her what Jinnah had said, and she communicated Jinnakh's comment to me long after her husband's death......" Again it has been cleared that Jinnah was architect of partition of India and Pakistan sub-continent because of so many reasons, particularly the obstinacy of Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru not to allow Muslim League to join UP government in 1937 following the conspiracy of Purshottam Das Tandon.

Another reference in Beyond the Lines, depicts the Jinnah's version! The book says, " Louis Heren, South -Asia Correspondent of Times, Landon, who was stationed in Delhi in 1947-48 had told me (Nayar) that Jinnah was not willing to accept the onus of partition...............Heren recalled Jinnah's words:" Had he (Nehru) agreed to the Muslim League joining the U P Government in 1937, there would have no Pakistan..............Jinnah's allegation, according to Heren, suggested 'that Nehru's judgement was impaired by Pushottam Das Tandon, a Hindu nationalist, who was a senior Congress leader in Uttar Pradesh'...........More or less Azad Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad said the same thing in his book , " India Wins Freedom" (1988).........."

Ethnic clashes in north-eastern states, a conglomerations of seven states, has strange story, specially in Assam. Most of the people of the north-eastern region usually migrate to big cities for earning livelihood. Specially the Bangala Deshi infiltrators , after entry into India, opt for big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore, Kolkata etc. They are lakhs in number-but nothing tangible is being made to send them back to their Bangala Desh country by various political parties obviously to garner support among minority community. Infiltrators are given voting right and almost all facilities knowingly or unknowingly by the north-eastern states , particularly Assam government. Now they have become gradually liability for the country as infiltrators have moved thorough out the country!  Only because of that Mumbai has recently witnessed vast protest meeting by Muslims in in Azad Maidan  to speak atrocity against Muslims by aboriginal Bodo tribes.Following incidents of ethnic strife in north-eastern state of Assam, mass SMSs e-mails, and posts on Facebook and Twitter warned of (and in many cases encouraged) Muslim reprisals attacks on north easterners in the holy month of Ramdan. Indian Officials predictably pointed fingers at Internet trouble-makers across borders in Pakistan. Some Hindu fundamentalists also shared in the nefarious games to encourage spread of communal riots in the country! Disillusionment has set in through out the northeastern , living out side their native lands! And heavy exodus of northeasters  took place  from big cities

On the Current ethnic situation, the Times , America, has written, " Every one says that central government is on right track to bring stability to the region, albeit belatedly. Its potential for hydro carbon could go a long way in addressing India's long-standing energy short-falls. New planned roads and rail lines could restore colonial era trade tracks that once threaded India with South- East Asia, turning a remote back water into continental cross roads. But beyond development., Ninong Erinmg , a member of Parliament from Arunachal Pradesh, other steps can be taken to better integrate the north-east with rest of India.. We all go to schools  and learn about Indus Valley and the Mahabharata, he says referring to south Asia's first urban civilisation and the ancient Hindu epic. But there should be some thing more in our education that makes people understand that Ok, the people of the north-east may look Chinese of Korean or what ever but they are Indians. And their stories are India also..........."

Nayar in his recent book has said, " The Muslims felt cheated, not having realised that they would have to pay the price of partition; a pronounced bias against them and the Hindus' demand that they go to Pakistan. Even today the same thing echoes in the ears of some of them. Muslims were  afraid  and confused, yearning to turn a new leaf  but the Hindus were too bitter and too hostile to allow them any quarter......".

There are many things to tell about Hindu-Musklim animosity in the Indian sub-continent. Even today efforts should be made to make a confederation of India, Pakistan, Bangal Desh, Burma, Afghansitan to restore confidence among Hindu and Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. This confederation should  be in line with European  Union for prosperity and communal harmony  in the sub-conitent!

Thursday, 16 August 2012


In India, every where there are loot of public money. Mainly political class in all political parties and their henchmen are robbing the money and resources of the Nation! Officials, judges  and holders of constitutional posts  are also not lagging behind in the naked drama. Hardly ten percent of allotted money for a project and schemes are spent at ground level. Estimates of big and small projects are inflated or crafted in such nefarious manner that major chunk of money are gobbled up.People of the country are silent spectators!
Wealth of politicians, contractors, neo-rich class, bureaucrats , judges are increasing rhetorically. Honesty among them are in microscopic minority! Entire system has collapsed and  misuse and misutilisation of funds have become order of the day. If one goes by the only reports of successive years by the Comptroller and Auditor general of India (CAG) into the accounts of union government and different state governments, peoples' money to the tunes of Rs 4000  lakh  crores have been looted and such generation of black money has resulted into serious set back to the economy of the common masses  and ultimately the country. Ultimately these money are stacked in the foreign banks and investments in  different sectors by these thieves and looters!
More over, thousands of corruption cases registered against politicians , bureaucrats, judges and many others are languishing in different courts of the country for the last several years. Hardly one.five percent such corruption cases have proved and many of them have been convicted and  are languishing in jails-but in many cases , they are let off by higher echelon of judiciary in the entire country.Not only the legal system is blamed but the old laws and rules of Cr.P.C and IPC are also proving big stumbling bloc to reach the corruption cases or any other criminal cases to the logical conclusions.
 A recent essay on corruption, written by eminent writer Mr A G Noorani, on loot of public money by political class in India, in The Hindu has said, " The Penal code of 1860 and the Cr. P. C of 1895 were enacted when there were no" ministers". They came much later. The sanctions provisions in the Cr.PC, were designed to protect minions of the Raj. Today they make the government, judge in its own cause if a minister comes under a cloud. No other democracy has it...........Changes of government were no more than reshuffles among political cliques and politicians were primarily motivated by venality and self-interest. Clashes within parties are more real that the ones between them.The start will proceed apace and all will faithfully disclose their assets to an admiring public---while India is being looted by this political class........"
Bribery has become a menace- It is in defence, telecommunication, power generation, investment deals in union government and the state governments as well as delivering choice judgements in courts right from lower courts to high courts and the Supreme court. Judgements are purchased. In many serious corruption cases, many political leaders, officials , judges, involved , have been acquitted either from lower courts to Supreme Court. On the patronage of political class, bureaucrats and government staff discriminate in giving just order and on payment of bribes, the works are done. Political class specially ruling party or alliance bend  or subvert the rules and laws to give favours with sole purpose to mint money.. Recent instances are telecommunication scams and many other defence deals in union government and various such corrupt practises in various state governments.
Sadly power-that -be involve their rivals in different scams bypassing the involvement of their own leaders . One such instance is multi-crore -animal husbandry  scams in the joint Bihar. the former  chief minister and Rashtriya Janata Dal national president Laloo Pradad Yadav and his wife and former chief minister Ms Rabari Devi were got involved in various cases of AHD scams while despite statements in the court by big mafia of AHD  that they have also paid crores of rupees  to the present Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and his companion and former minister as well as national general secretary of the JD(U) Shivanand Tiwari,MP, the CBI did not think it proper to even investigate the matter. Recently on the directive of the Ranchi High court, the Special CBI court has taken up the matter and is investigating the allegations levelled in the court records about involvement of Nitish Kumar and Shuvanand Tiwari by examining the matter himself and also through CBI. Such discrimination is very much common among the ruling political classes against their rivals politicians throughout the country!
This apart there many loopholes in our laws and legal system and judicial Prudence. Taking advantage of these loopholes, many scamsters are acquitted. For example--Laloo and his wife were acquitted a few years back in a Disproportionate assets case in the wake of AHD scam; recently an IAS official Sajal Chakrovartoy, who was neck -deep involved in the AHD scam, was let off by the court recently. Fate of all these AHD scam cases, registered by the CBI are gradually falling like house of cards!
Cases of corruption against the chief minister of Tamil Nadu Jaylalitha, which has been pending since long and had been transferred to Banglore court by the Supreme Court, are at stand still for the last over nine years. Recently , a government advocate , pursuing the case on behalf of government, has resigned citing several reasons including political pressure. One more example is  failing flat  the corruption cases against the former chief minister Mayawati..Noorani has commented in his Hindu article," consider but one instance, the judgement must be with hold till the court pronounces on it, but which nonetheless cannot raise a suspicious eyebrows. It is the case of  that champion of the down trodden, Ms Mayawati of Uttar Pradesh. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had claimed that her assets  increased from one crore to in 2003 to Rs 50 crore in 2007. Its affidavit in the Supreme court talked of 96 plots, houses, and orchards acquired by her and her close relatives between 1998 to and 2003. The affidavits filed along with Ms Mayawati's nomination for the Rajya sabha seat a few months ago contains an estimation of of her wealth: Rs 111.64 crores........This is by no means an unusual case. Prosecution of for  possessing assets disproportionate to known sources of income are rare and the CBI's conduct is not above suspicion........."
Recently a number of judges of lower courts in Karnataka have been booked under anti-corruption cases for allowing bails to BJP leaders including Reddy brothers in illegal mining, to the tunes of Rs five hundred crore. Not only that some judges of different high courts including Justice Dinakaran and a few of Delhi and Calcutta high courts  are also involved in corruption cases and are facing criminal charges. Many senior judges of Supreme court have stated that  many judges of Allahabad, Patna and Calcutta high courts are most corrupt and they are giving bad name to the respective high courts and  judiciary in the country But the circumberance procedures of impeaching   high courts and Supreme Court judges are only eluding because of dishonest intention of the political class. A recent revelation of favourable judgement in favour of Vodaphone case, to the tune of Rs 12000 crore by the Supreme Court  has created furore about the impartiality of the Supreme Court and its Chief Justice Mr Justice Kapadia. The judgement has revealed many startling facts. Civil Society activists including senior advocate of Supreme Court Prashant Bhushan have openly criticised the Chief justice of Supreme court for giving anti national judgement ignoring the pleas of the union government as well as  for favouring Vodaphone out of way because the London-based son of the chief justice is legal  consultant of Vodaphone! Similar are the many allegations against some judges of the Supreme Court. (My earlier blog topics have detailed the Vodaphone case a few months ago : Please read).
Now there are some apparent instances of political class becoming from rags to riches in few years of their being in active politics through amassing huge wealth . The rhetoric rise in their property shows how they have looted the state exchequer in few years! Almost all of them have rag to riches stories.
 Chief ministers of almost all states including Bihar have opened shops in their respective headquarters through their touts to collect huge money on transfers and postings as well as awarding contracts and implementing cash-rich schemes, being financed by union government. Such shops are being looked into in Bihar by Nitish Kumar;s close lieutenant R C P Sinha, who has resigned from IAS ship and joined Rajya Sabha on JD(U) nomination from Bihar.

Our founding fathers of the Constitution led by Dr B R Ambedkar had smelled such facts at the time of framing of the Constitution. members of the Constituent Assembly including K T Shah and H V Kamath had informed the Constituent Assembly that there should be a provision in the Constitution of ministers declaring their assets before they assume office. Reacting on the proposal, Dr B R Ambedkar on December 31, 1948 has informed similar to the present situation, " One is this, namely, that we should require by law and the Constitution---if this provision is to be effected---not only that the ministers should make a declaration of their assets and their liabilities at the time when they assume office, but we must also have two supplementary provisions. One is that every minister on quiting office shall also make a declaration of his assets on the day on which he resigns, so that everybody, who interested in assessing wheat her the administration was corrupt or not during the tenure of his office should be able to see what increases there is in the assets of the minister and wheat her that increase can be accounted for by saving which can make out his salary.........The other provisions would be that if we find that a minister's increase in his assets on the day on which he resigns are not explainable by the normal increases due to his savings, then there must be a third provision to charge the minister for explaining him he managed to increase his assets to an abnormal degree during that period that period. In my judgement, if you want to make this clause effective, then there must be  three provisions as I stated. One is declaration at the outset; second is declaration at the end of the quitting of this office; thirdly, responsibility for explaining as to how the assets have come to be show so abnormal and fourthly, declaring that to be offence, followed up by penalty or by a fine......the legal sanction is inadequate. Have not other sanctions at all? In my judgement, we have a better sanction for the enforcement of the ourity of administration and that is the public opinion as mobilised and focused in the Legislative assembly."
Abnormally high rise in wealth of political class and public servant has been giving anxious moments in real polity of the nation. For the income-tax authorities should be on high alert  how these persons have increased their wealth in short span of time like the Election Commission of India keeps on tabs on the expenditure of  hundred of candidates in the elections!
Corruption among political class is not new in independence India-Corruption we have inherited from the British Raj. According to the the records based on the materials in the National achieves, the corruption among the congress  started just after the formation of ministries in provinces in 1937. Before that, in 1926, Pundit Moti Lal Nehru being disgusted with corrupt practises, bitterly complained to Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru on December 2, 1926, " heavy bribing of voters was the order of the day. I am  thoroughly disgusted and am now seriously thinking of retiring from public life......The  Malviya-Lala (Lajpat Rai) aided by   by Birla's money are making efforts to capture Congress."As per achieves records , quoted by Mr Noorani, very many Congress candidates spent lavishly on their campaigns. Ministers like Syed Mahmud in Bihar were pestered with demands of congressmen "to provide posts for them whether it is possible or not. they seem to think that I have power to give them government money." On 13 January 13, 1948, Gandhiji read out a letter at the prayer meeting from his one of the friends, who had written mounting corruption. Thereafter many committees and commissions were formed including Sanathan Commission in 1964 on prevention of corruption, which reported " there is widespread impression that the failure of integrity is not uncommon among ministers and that some ministers, who have held office during the last 16 years have enriched themselves illegitimately......"
Above all there are loot of public money at one hand and on the other hands there clamours among political class and government officials and staff for more and more privileges and perks as well as special treatments-this is how corruption is eating into vitals of India even after 66 years of independence despite so many announcements by  successive political class to end corruption menace!

Sources: Constituent Assembly Debates on websites; National Achieves, Congress and other websites  including The Hindu Achieves ; Books like  the Indian National Congress and the Raj  by B R Tomlinson; ;kept in the NA; the then Viceroy G F de Montmorency records in the National achieves ETC

Monday, 13 August 2012


Now the time has completely changed. Once upon a time there used to be battle for expansion of landed territory  in their respective favours, now almost all countries of Asia are battling to expand their territory in the seas, islands and islets in their respective zones. Mainly the fight has grown for creating infrastructures for natural resources off the shores.
Sadly India, which is engrossed in implementation of neo-liberal economic policy, the country's leadership  perhaps is forgetting the utility of sea shores at a time when the economy of a country could go to a  new zenith by utilising  natural resources from sea-shores, islands etc, which are considered lighthouse for creating wealth by harnessing natural resources, mainly for energy in the shape of hydrocarbon from  its shores!. Various reports in the media suggest that Indian sea shores territory have become most vulnerable  right from west sea-shores adjoining Maharashtra and Gujarat, eastern sea -shore territory in Bengal and  in and around Burma and southern extreme of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, part of Odisha. Surprisingly all these zones are unprotected and negligible deployment of coast guards are not coping with the extreme situation, created by neighbouring countries in the sea-shores, islands, and islets falling under the jurisdiction of Indian territory! More over, strange situation prevails in India right from its independence, warring political classes continue to be of their views that certain parts of even our disputed  land territory  might be surrendered to neighbouring countries to buy peace! But majority of Indians are opposed to any such concessions.
A recent report in the Washignton Post has interestingly highlighted the fight for sea territory, islands, and islets among various countries of Asia.Apparently all these unimpressive bunch of the zones are rocky, windswept outcropping far from the respective  mainland of countries of Asia.The writer of the report in the Washington Post Chiko Harian from Tokyo date lined has mentioned , " these tinny territories, sweeping from south-east to north-east Asia, are fiercely contested among countries that are buoyed by nationalism and by a growing thrust  for the natural resources off the shores.The territorial disputes involve nearly a dozen of countries  at least three major seas and they have set off a chaotic crisscross of conflict in some of the world's most trafficked shipping lanes. The disputes are not at all connected, but analysts say that several of Asia's key countries--China, Japan , South Korea and the Phillippines-have in recent months followed a similar pattern, turning old historical  squabbles into national priorities, escalating tensions and raising the chances of a small armed conflict............"
All these Asian countries are bent upon in claiming these far flung off-shore territories because of their growing need for oil and gas reserves in the under the waters around them in the seas. Japan, which has biggest electricity shortages as it had decided to abandon nuclear power generation due to mishaps after mishaps in the nuclear power plants, wants to switch from this method of power generation by harnessing energy from its seas. The China, which is known for one-fifth of energy consumption of the world, is also looking for more and more electricity generations from sea shores.
The Washignton Post has quoted Sydney -based Lowy Institute  Director of the International Security Rory Mecalf, who has said, " particularly from a Chinese and Japanese point if views, there is new sense of the need for energy security. None of these countries want to categorically give up claims to territory where there could be large hydrocarbon deposits.Both China and SouthKorea, which are set for change in leadership this year, are strongly putting their claims for their sovereignty of sea, island etc territory expansion. Again the Washington Post has quoted the version of a senior researcher and a North-East Asia expert at the Heritage Foundation Bruce Klinmgner, " we have seen over history countries to go to war over territory-are that seems to be meaningless, but it is soil of the country  -even if it would appear illogical for countries to risk conflagration over rock.... that is what is occurring."
More over to counter the Chinese move to its claim on sea territory with sole purposes to strengthen its growing economy, several South-East Asian countries have tightened their alliances with USA and are conducting joint military drills in their respective zones, posing danger to China and also forcing China to engage in fight to retain its control over sea territory.The WP has mentioned that the most notable current disputes over sea territories involve Japan and South Korea, China and Japan, and China and a host of South-East Asian countries most vocally the Phillippines and Vietnam. In July Phillippines President Benigno Aquino-third asked his country's Congress to approve a massive military upgrade involving new planes and combat helicopters for deploying in the contested areas in South China Sea, Which the China claimed since long that South China Sea are theirs. On the other hand, Aquino said, "If some one enters your yards and told you he owns it, will you allow that? it is not right to give away what is rightfully ours" Thew WP POST quoted Phillippines President in its report.
Similarly South Korea also claims Japanese controlled sea territories. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has pointed out to the Washington Post that Dokdo" is genuinely "our territory"Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba, while countering the claims of South Korea,  has said, "why did he (South Korea President) visit there at a time when we need to consider issues from a broad view point?-It is extremely regretted." Incidentally both these countries are strong allies of Washington in Asia.
But the situation appears explosive in the areas claimed by China. The Report of Washington Post has quoted a recent findings of Brussel-based International Crisis Group, which depicted" how China is patrolling the sea with "nine dragons", a tangle of conflicting government agencies, many of them trying to increase their power and budget." The findings further  said, '" the People's Liberation Army navy tends to take a background role in sea disputes, allowing a greater role for civilian law enforcements of para-military agencies. An increasing number of Chinese fishing vessels are operating in the contested areas, as seen in an April stand-off between Beijing and Manila that started When Chinese fishermen were caught poaching near a disputed Sacarborough Shoal. Eventually China won the stand-off and the fishermen made off with their catch."
In this way the tension is escalating in most of the Asian countries over disputed claims of bound sea and island boundaries. To fish in the trouble water, The USA has wished to  base a nuclear -powered aircraft carrier on the Australian coast, allowing the USA a second carrier strike group in the region. But Australian Defence minister declined to allow such facilities to USA, saying the Washington that the Australian does not want to antagonise China, its largest trading partner.
With regards to India's coastal areas, the union government has completely failed to even deploy adequate security forces and coastal guards with modernised appliances! The result was that three or four terrorists came from sea routes to Mumbail From Karanchi and created  not only panic but killed many persons and made the prestigious Taj Hotel destroyed as well as many historic and archaeological sites and inhabitants destroyed. This is what happening in India when most of the Asian Countries are engaging themselves to protect their coastal areas and sea-shores for utilising more and resources!

Friday, 10 August 2012


Bengal is land of revolutionaries!, sage, saints, academics, culture and what not? Gaur Mahaprabhu, Ram Krishna Pramhans, his disciple Swami Vivekanand had  brought revolution in spiritual field throughout the world.. In literature, Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore brought laurels to Bengal in particular and India in general by winning Nobel Prize in early 19th century. Many great things and deeds are cited as examples to put West Bengal at the top.First left front government in Bengal under dynamic leadership of Jyoti Basu for the welfare of the masses although some wrong measures brought the down fall of the left front government after over 30 years.The well-known and prestigious college of Calcutta-Presidency College- has produced finest quality of political leaders and literatureure as well as pro ponders on Marxism and also many progressive thoughts in once decadent society of Bengal!
Now the Bengal is known for the first woman chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee in West Bengal after much-publicised the so called misdeeds or deeds of the left front government. Now Mamata is seen in Bengal for all the wrong reasons with curbing freedom of media to her level to fulfil the high expectation to the masses to make in a new Bengal and her  government is  aggravating the poverty since she had taken over the chief minister ship of the state.
Latest one is horrible picture of the West Bengal with regards to atrocities on women including rape, kidnapping, abduction, dowry deaths, molestation, sexual harassment and trafficking under the stewardship of women chief minister Mamta Bannerjee! A recent revelation of atrocity on women in West Bengal by the union minister of state for home affairs Jitendra Singh   in Rajya Sabha while replying to a question has shocked the people of entire country. While citing the figures, released recently by the National  Crime Records Bureau(NCRB), the union minister has informed the house that the West Bengal has topped among the states in the country in crime against women. The west Bengal has reported 29133 crimes against women-the highest number of cases registered among 28 states in 2011. Just after West Bengasl, Andhra Pradesh has registered with total 28246 cases of crime against women and Uttar Pradesh has followed by 22639 case of crime against women.The NCRB, in its report, has revealed that West Bengal has surpassed all states in registering crime against women with regards to rape, abduction, kidnapping, dowry deaths, molestation, sexual harassment and trafficking etc.
Is not this figure about West Bengal on crime against women during the chief minister ship of a woman chief minister Mamata Baneerjee shame to Bengal and particularly to Mamata? More over instead of regretting and controlling such menacing increase of crime against women in Bengal, Mamata is placing strange logic beyond imagination. For every wrong deeds of her government, she puts blame of on left parties!
Such statement of Mamata Baneergee has made women most vulnerable in west Bengal. cities of Bengal are being compared with five worst states of United States of America-Kentkucky, West Virginia, Arkansas, Oklahome, and Mississippi, which have been described worst state in America in atrocity against women in America  in  latest reports and published in the New York Times, Washington Post and Times (America) recently.
Will Mamata take a lesson from such serious issues like atrocity on women in Bengal or she continue to adopt her mercurial behaviour and fickle style of functioning in running her government in her own fashion or she would be known as women baiter in the annals of Bengal ?

Sunday, 5 August 2012


The rampant  and indiscriminate killings of 29 Adivasis including men , women and children in a combined operation in the name of counter insurgency against Maoists in India  by the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Chhatishgarh Police at Sarkeguda village in Bijapur district of Chhatishgarh state of India reminds at least two quotable quotes--------"thousands of criminals may be let off but not even a single innocent should be killed (in the context of judgements delivered by our judicial system in the country)" and another by E N RAM MOHAN, former Border Security Force (BSF) chief with years of counter-insurgency experience, who had conducted enquiry into the April 2010 killings of 76 CRPF troops in Chhatishgarh, had said in his report, " Give land to the tiller and forest back to the tribal people with the help of a strong-willed and honest administration. Plus bring down the vast gap between rich  and poor......and the Maoists would be on the wane"
Moot point of aggravating the Naxalism upsurge, mainly in tribal belt and  in poor villages in different parts of the country, which initially began with the outbreak of Naxalwari upsurge in West Bengal in 1967 with large scale agrarian disputes not only in Bengal but in many other states, are lack of land reforms and wide gap of poor and rich devide  in rural India..While confirming such anamolies, the Research and Planning Division of the Union Home Ministry in the "Causes and the Nature of Current Agrarian Tensions (1969)" has said:"The basic cause of unrest, namely the defective implementation of laws enacted to protect interest of the tribals, remains:unless this is attended to, it would not be possible, it would not be possible to win the confidence of the tribals whose leadership has been taken over by the extremists.Although the peasant political organisations in most parts of India are relatively weak, the tension in the rural areas, resulting from the widening gap between the relatively few affluents farmers and the large body of small land-holders, landless and agricultural workers may increase in the coming months and years."The division had  emphasised for land reforms and other various welfare measures for weaker sections of society.
Even after, all these cautious approaches, the union home ministry has stepped up anti-Maoists campaign in nine states of the country. The anti-Maoists campaign has been named as  " Operation Green Hunt".Apart from severe criticism of the campaign by general people, even the Planning Commission of India expert group note on "Development Challenges in Extremists-Affected Areas" has taken serious  note of the campaign and has said,"The methods chosen by the government to deal with the Maoists phenomenon (have)  increased the people's distrust of the police and consequent unrest, Protest against police harassment is itself a major instance of unrest.........The response of the Maoists has been to target the police, which in effect triggers a second round of the spiral....One of the attractions of the Naxalite movements is that it does provide protection to the weak against the powerful and takes the security of and justice for, the weak and socially marginalised seriously."
Instead of brining the Naxalites in the mainstream life by approaches of law and order and development in the affected areas to redress popular grievances, the government realises in the practice of  brute force to suppress militants.. Moreover, the perception of the government  thinkings that the Maoists in India are greatest internal threat is misconstrued Maoists are never for ruining the unity and integrity of the country and undermining security of the country-they are for overthrowing the system  by creating law and order problem to support poor people and adivasis, which the government could tactfully tackel by development orientation in neglected areas. The government must take lesson from the counter -insurgency experts like Robert Thompson, who says:" Hardly if ever has a counter-insurgency campaign been won strictly by waging war .Military action has an important role in overcoming guerillas, but the philosophy espoused by the guerillas must also be defeated and this requires a well-reasoned combination of political reforms, civic action and education of the population."
In the context of brutal killings of tribals in Chhatishgarh village para-military forces, killing of 20 civilians including ten children-girls and professional drum players-in the name of encounter with Maoists must be called a terror activities by the government forces. It must be called black spot in the name of counter -insurgency by the state power.The CRPF has advanced many strange arguements and logic to support its action in Chhatishgah village right from some of the killed have bad records with the police to the logic of the CRPF has not developed any system to segregate guerillas from civilians during a gun-fight. Strangely the chief minister of Chhatishgarh Raman Singh 's logic that civilians like Adivasis become human shield of Maoists- hence they were killed in the encounter has drawn much criticism. Raman Singh is a known baiter of Naxalites, supporting tribals in different parts of Chhatishgarh against  volley of atrocities against them. Tribals of Chhatishgarh are being deprived of their habitats, land and access to forests as well as terrorised by forest contractors and timber mafia and the mining industry in conniviance with the administration,Raman Songh 's these mafia gang work in close cooperation with his (Raman Singh) sponsored the much-maligned Salwa Judum militia, who rampantly killed tribals, raped tribal women and burned tribal population houses, resulting into running away of thousands of adivasis from their homes in Chhatishgarh state.In Chhaitishgarh tribal are being isolated by the government through  continuing  push of distructive mining and industries. The state government has failed to trace the reasons of Adivasis' alienation of which Maoists thrive!
However, the government  has agreed to constitute judicial enquiry into the killings under public pressure throughput the country.More over, following the decision of abandoning combat operation if militants use civilians as human shield and to raise reward for those who surrender their weapons at the ,the meeting of security forces in the "Left-Wing Extremism-Affected States" on July 13, 2012, a high hope has arisen that the union government must be realising its mistakes and would engage themselves with some concrete measures to take up the situation a fresh to deal with naxalites and innocent tribals in different parts of the country. While dealing with the subject eminent Columnist Praful Bidwai in his Column "Beyond the Obvious" in the Fortnightly Frontline has written , "Our internal security apparatus, from the home ministry downwards, has cultivated a deplorable larger mentality which compulsively forms a protective ring around the self-imposed paramilitary encampment, mush like appartied-era South Africsn Whites did''''''''''Politically, the incidents is a huge triumph for Maoists' argument that the Indian state is structurally and irredeemably anti-people, anti-Adivasis and brutal. Democracy is  mere facade. The state must be overthrown through an armed revolution or peoples war-in keeping with the Communist party of India (Maoists) agenda."
Rightly after much hue and cry over the issue the them Union home minister P Chidambaram has  voiced haly-apology in case "any excesses were committed by the state power"


Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Recent power trippings in 21 states and union territories in India, affecting over 648 million Indians, said to be the one-tenth population and one of the biggest blackouts of the world bring me back to the memory lane of about 30 years back.One of the magnificent cities of the  globe- New York in the United States of America plunged into darkness, unexpected in America, because of serious power trippings for hours together.
 However the electricity was restored after long hours of wait in New York.Americans , basically believe in research and studies. Some reputed organisations started research on power trippings and subsequent  affects on human beings.
 In the year-long research and studies on these subjects, researchers found that darkness gives sexual stimulation among male and female! To substantiate their studies, the researchers found that on the day electricity failed in the New York City, sexual appetites were at the highest level among both male and female.
Hundreds of women gave birth to their  babies after conception on that night sexual engagements as per the records of the almost all hospital records of birth of babies after nine months. Apart from that, almost all hospital records show the abnormal increase in abortions by girls , particularly teen-aged in  subsequent months in   New York city
This not for comparing the situation of new York city with recent grid failure in as many states, resulting into complete darkness for hours together in India. But of course for unmanageable and irresponsible management of electricity production, its transmission, supply system to consumers in India!
 Although in India , that is Bharat in ancient period had based their researches in the famous book-KAMSUTRA- that darkness stimulates sex among male and female, which is most practical in India. By nature male and female cohabit during night in India!
One trippings of electricity because of grid failure in northern India had occurred on Monday late night, which remained till noon on Tuesday--another failures of  north, east and north-east grids simultaneously  tripped around one pm on Tuesday, plunging the major parts of in darkness, which remained till late evening..Now the people will guess about the sexual appetite among  persons  of the affected areas because of remaining a few hours in darkness. Only researchers of India like America could find out exact fall-out of these sudden and surprise black-outs!