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Krishna Kumar Singh, also known among friend circles KK and among close relative Krishna; Matriculation from Mithila High School Balour, Darbhanga in 1959, Graduated in Political Science Honours from C M College, Darbhanga, Bihar University in 1963; Joined post-graduate in Political Science the same year but dropped; joined Naxal movement under Charu Mazumdar, Kanu Sanyal, Satya Narayan Singh and Umadhar Singh in between but circumstances compelled to join literary work, clerk, proof readers etc in different publishing houses for livelihood; Finally joined journalism as career in different English newspapers and before my retirement from active journalism, I worked in The Times of India for about 19 years and retired as Chief Reporter  a few years back; continuing in journalism-reading more and more, writing more and more and praying to Almighty more and more-currently writing for different national English and Hindi dailies and magazines..

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


(Whatever action a great man performs, common men follow.And whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues)
This text of Gita aptly describes the discovery of treasures in Shree Padmanabhaswamy temple (important Vishnu shrines) in Kerala. It is not surprising but a reality how these hidden wealth in hundreds crores of rupees were safe even after a lot of moral degeneration among people in India-(Where money and wealth minting have become order of the day among people of all sections).We must congratulate and praise the successive rulers of Trabancore Cochin and temple management committee as well as people of Kerala for keeping such huge wealth for hundreds of years in safe custody. One must not dispute over the actual ownership of such huge wealth! But think and feel about the presence of Almighty in this critical hour where we Indians have gone decadent for enlightened self-interest! In this connection I must praise the present Kerala government, which has declared that huge wealth belongs to temple and the government would and is providing all securities to keep the huge wealth in proper condition in the temple complex itself.Padmanabhaswamy temple of Almighty Vishnu, the supreme God, is a symbol of Indian culture and has great religious,archaeological and historical importance, according to the CM of Kerala    Oomen Chandy.
Interestingly, when we compare the temples of different gods and Goddesses in different parts of the country specially in north, east and central India, we seldom finds such huge treasures notwithstanding lakhs of devouts visit then regularly and make huge offerings! In many cases, temple property is gobbled up  grabbed and siphoned off by priests and management trustees of these temples. Mismanagement galore are there in almost all the temples. Loard Venketesh temple in Andhara and Shirdi Baba temple in Maharashtra are well managed. Such is not the case in even Vaishno Devi temple in Kashmir wheres crores of devout pray every years ! There are many miserable tales of temple management in central, east and north India where the so called service of Almighty has no meanings for priests and management committees of famous temples and shrines of religious importance. You will fuind there that priests are more active in fleecing devouts instead of accumulating the wealth offerings to the respective God and Goddesses. Some bitter experiences, you will, find in Baidyanath Dham temple, in Deoghar under Jharkhand state. Huge offerings are made but something tangible is yet to made to renovate temple and show on records the huge wealth donated by devouts. Even Ram Krishna Asharam managed temple of Goddess Dakshnishwar Kali has similar tales. In all these places devout are discouragee devout to offer donations or offerings in sealed cover kept in the respective temple premises.These eyewitness account some time hurt and disappoint  men like me how we have been morally degenerated.Even the governments under the respective religious deities have failed to curb such menace and temples of God and Godesses remain fund crunched although crores  of people visit yearly and made offerings to the temple deities!
The  story of Padmanabhaswamy is different where honesty and pure love for Almighty exists. The entire huge Sree Padamanabhaswamy temple has beautiful scenic surroundings and huge complex, located in the main hub of city-the capital of Kerala. the temple has huge granite walls.Temple is hub of activities for devouts right from morning to evening.Records of temples showed huge offerings by devouts and successive rulers of Travancore  in the last  hundreds of  years.It has also huge track of lands, farm lands etc right from AD117. Gold, silver, vessels, pooja utensils are many many and much and much! It has huge statue of Almighty Vishnu of solid shape in Gold. According to a Madras based fortnightly-Frontline; there are records of kings of Tranvancore had borrowed funds from temple during crisis. But of course the kings repaid the loans promptly.
There are many mysteries when the underground vaults were constructed inside the temple. Vaults have not been unlocked for more than century. The first renovation of the temple was done in by Bhasshkara Ravi Varma, a Chera king of in AD1050! There are many such examples of renovation and percolating of huge wealth in the temples in hundreds of years. So far it is said that under the directives of the Supreme Court five vaults have been opened and after inventory sealed. Ant it is said that wealth in the shape of gold, diamonds, other valuable stones, gold coins and other invaluable precious metals, worth over Rs 100  crores have been discovered-one vault , said to be oldest  and having many more huge wealth is yet to be opened. Interestingly, the present successor of erstwhile Travancore rulers have not claimed the wealth but has said that it all belongs to Almighty Vishnu.Systematically, the Vishnu shrine in Kerala is being managed. There are records that compound wall of the temple was perhaps built in AD 1425. There is urgent need in the temple to decipher temple's achieves for more  light on Padmanabhaswamy temple so that  it could throw light on antique value of all treasures found in the temple vaults.
Apart from that the temple management committee must be backed up with full research teams to study more and more about temple treasures in such huge amount not heard and seen India. There may be one things many temples, specially in north , east and central India  have been looted and plundered by successive invaders in over thousands of years. At the same time invaders might not have reached the southern parts of the country because of presence of strong rulers and peoples' resistance and they could not succeed in robbing and plundering these deities in south India. Pages of history three enough light on this aspects! It also point out that Dravidian, and aboriginals were real inhabitants of Hindustan or Bharatvarsh  instead of so called Aryan in north, central, eastern India.
Last but not the least Padmanabhaswamy temple of Lord Vishnu and its thousands of crores of huge wealth must be declared as a legacy of our society. Nobody even government must not succumb to the pressure of people for using it for public purposes. I agree with the contention of eminent historian K N Panikkar. He had rightly said that all that the kings of Travancore received belonged to the deity, to Sree Padamnabha because the kings used to consider themselves das (servant) of the deity. All these huge wealth must be kept in the museum-these are public property as these precious things must had been purchased  by Travancore kings for deity from the revenue collected by citizens of the kingdom! Pannikar has given a very good suggestion-as it happened in many other countries in the globe, the entire huge wealth must be preserved as legacy of our society. These must be lodged in a museum as the treasures of many empires are of the world are kept like that. Technically and legally the huge wealth of temple unearthed and over 100 years old, the treasure will go to the government and through government to the Archaeological Survey of India . There must be a trust of experts in museology, preservation, valuation and so on such museum of such huge wealth of Padmanbhaswamy deity should be kept in a newly created museum, mainly for preserving our culture and glorious history.
My respectful sharnagat to Loard Vishnu deity in the form of Padmanabhaswamy.

Friday, 22 July 2011


"Kshit, jaal, pawak,gagaan,samiraa;
Panch rachit yaah adham sharira,"
(This body is built of five elements-earth, water,fire,sky, wind)
***Shree Ramcharit Manas--Tulsi Das.
I am not so great  scholar that I will tell you the philosophy of life! Just I am mentioning the crux of truth in life. More over , about plunder of natural resources by mafia or mafioso throughout the globe. Loot of water, mainly in entire Europe and  land loot in the entire universe, particularly in India in the wake of neo-liberal economic policy in the last 20 years have inspired me to say somethings on plundering of natural resources by people, specially mafia throughout the world in connivance with respective governments of the land. In this free for all exercises, important elements-like wind and natural calamities, specially earthquake and bursting of jawalamukhi in mountain terrain continue to beyond the control of men-kind , you may call it scientists, discovering many unbelievable things in the world., are yet to have any control over these disastrous things In this loot and plunder of natural resources, mafia are working hard inconvenience with the government of the land, in the entire globe. One must have read a lot of looting water resources in recent years , specially in Europe and America. It is not uncommon in other countries of the world, particularly India. And land loot for corporates, capitalists, industrialists, multinationals are also common. for setting up industries, ignoring agriculture in India, there are virtually land grabbing spree, ignoring the agriculture interest, forest cover, and uprooting of homes and lively hood of tribal and poor etc by power-that-be! Looters,,plunderers ,grabbers are working over time in connivance with government  to make India a so called economic developed country in the world where 80 percent population are hungry and wealth is accumulated in the hands of only 20 percent of rich people.Earth is meant land available to people for farming, housing etc are the main targets of grabbers and looters including government!
But the power-that-be and grabbers have not succeeded to deprive the people of air or wind, which is  available in abundance and everywhere.. This air or wind is so important that men or any living thing on the earth cannot live without it for even a fraction of a second .
But one thing is very much clear that grabbers, plunderers, looters etc do not lag behind in polluting the air specially. More over, they have full control over water and it is polluted weather the water of drinking or sea or rivers and under earth.
Sky has also been conquered by scientists- major portion of sky is jammed with different satellites, working as communication channels and other purposes. Sky stations have come up -recently American scientists have covered and returned after  successful mission of Atlantika. Scientists have also voiced fear that many satellites , stationed in the sky may fall and may cause disasters on the earth!
Strangely, fire is controlled -but it has such devastating effects that men-kind remain helpless when it engulfs the villages, towns, jungles, sea, rivers and many other areas. Under ground fires had engulfed Jharia coal belt areas In Jharkhand state of India for the last one hundred years-but scientists and miners did not succeed in controlling the underground fire in coal seams and it has spread to hundred miles in and around Jharia- Jharia township is under danger-Many areas are being evacuated!rThere are no takers of fire by grabbers and looters like land, water and other natural resources! Apart from this, there is no control over earthquake or jawalamukhi or cloudburst-such thing can happen anywhere on the earth-earth will shake and many residents will die and become shelter less-such has recently happened in Japan! Earthquake happenings are continuous chain of events throughout the globe and it happens very often anywhere on the  earth.Even the sea is not untouched with earthquake. Similar are the true stories of jwalamukhi burst in mountainous region in different parts of the world.Likewise flood waters also some time bring devastation after devastation-and people become helpless to such natural furry Nobody has control over such happenings!
More over people and scientist have every reasons to explore the things but must not be at the cost of destroying natural resources and ecological balances and making them hell for the living people and also other living creatures like animals, insects, birds , flora and fauna of the nature! It is true that they could not deprive people of air or wind but the demonic activities of men-kind can definitely pollute that air, disastrous for every living creatures on the earth.
Hey men, Almighty has given you all enough-be satisfied do not hanker for more and more- it will invite you only sorrow and pain! 

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Sufferings of farmers, poor, tribal, forest under neo-liberal policy:
The OXFORD Dictionary has aptly described the meaning of loot-"goods taken from enemy, spoil, booty, illicit gains made by officials money; plunder, rob, steal-home, houses, goods and left unprotected after violent events".This is exactly happening in India , specially, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhatishgarh, Orrisa, Bihar, Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh etc under neo-liberal economic policy of the union government to grab  and loot lands, forest, houses from farmers and tribal in the country to hand over the "looted lands and forest areas and cover" to corporates, industrialists, capitalists, multinationals etc for setting up a chain of industries in the respective areas, obviously without any agriculture cover. The Oxford has rightly meant the word "loot" goods taken from enemies. Landowners and poor tribal have become "enemies" of the state governments and union government in their own country. Another meaning of "loot" is " left unprotected" after violence of loot! All these meaning aptly describe that land looters, grabbers, acquisitioners without any consent of concerned people and adequate compensations have field day in the entire country. Both the state governments and union governments have become villain of the pieces in their nefarious design to uproot the farmers, farm labour, tribal and other poor section of society of their houses, jungles, crop lands etc And we Indians , numbering over 80 percent of population,are tolerating all these atrocities of vested interests in connivance with both union and state governments.
Ugly faces of land grabbing and looting by governments and neo-rich individuals have began in the last 25 to 30 years. Even today in big cities, minority is being forced to sell their houses and lands, located in prime locations. In the last twenty years, at least majority of Bengali population , and to some extend Muslims as well as majority of helpless people and their dependents have left Patna by selling or leaving their lands and houses in prime locations in Patna.Being afraid , they left and or sold their lands in comparatively less price. Now anyone can see palatial houses, multi-stories apartments, offices of multinationals, corporates on these lands in Patna, Bhagalpur, Muzaffarpur, Chapra, Siwan, Gaya etc in Bihar at least. in recent past without any legal validity Nitish government has unauthorised settled big and costly plots of lands of industrial estates to set up multi-flexes, cinemas, small and big units , apartments etc on throwaway prices. Currently, lands of Bihar industrial areas development authorities, located in different towns and cities of the state have been illegally sold without any tenders to vested interests, having close to BJP and JD-U ministers and senior bureaucrats.
Recently Mayawati government had acquired huge portion of agriculture lands in Agra and Noida areas for express highways and surprisingly  sold all those lands to private parties for setting up malls and apartments, violating the very purpose of acquisition of land Aagitations are going on Bhatta-Parsoul and many other places in Uttra Pradesh and the court has also directed Mayawati government to return the lands to farmers as these lands have not been used for public purposes.
All these are under unauthorised possessions of mafias and neo-rich, close to corridors of power in successive governments in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. In Jharkhand , most of the Bengali population and poor tribal, outnumbered by Biharis during joint Bihar are also leaving for safer places from important town areas! The recent loot of mining and other precious things in Jharkhand since the creation of Jharkhand have made the situation worse in the state. Now there is spree of setting industrial units by Mittal , Tata, Jindal etc by land grabbing of tribal population in jungle areas. Such tales are not only in Bihar , Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh  -it is almost the same in metropolis and towns of all states in the country that minorities of every sections are leaving the places for safe areas.!
Real enacting of  land grabbing dramas are being enacted in Orissa , Chhatishgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, West Bengal and also some western states like Maharashtra and Gujarat and  south's mineral rich Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Land grabbing and loots are in big speed of course with the connivance with both states and centre. Huge areas of  agriculture and forest and mountain , marine land have been acquired in Maharashtra for setting up  industries in the last 50 years and now nuclear power plants, violatitave of guarantee to human lives and environment in the areas. In Gujarat , there are spree of land gabbing by government to set up corporates and multinational companies! In Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh a different "tamasha" is being enacted to loot lands for mining purposes by vested interests, uprooting tribal and jungles, violating environment laws.
Sadly , a progressive chief minister like Navin Patnaik has created strange situations by giving huge lands in forest areas to south Korean steel giant-Posco. Forest Act and tribal laws have been kept aside and tribal have become homeless and farm less. Strong protest are there but connivance of government will ultimately prevail! Orissa government has "looted "land, forest and mining and marine lands for big industrial units like Vedant, Tata etc.Over 1000 acres of land for 12-million steel plant of Posco are being acquired under stiff resistance from farmers and local people.  Over 50000 acres of land is required by Orissa government to spread the industrial network and operation is on to grab and loot land. a Madras based fortnightly the Frontline report says, "acquisition of vast tracks of lands for industrial projects has created a real estate boon in Orissa. the poor are losers as corporates houses and real estate developers vie with one another to grab land. such hype has already cost the farmers and poor and tribal population., the report says and added "worse, people's movements, are branded as pro-Maoists and innocent people and activists questioning the land acquisition move are jailed and charged with having links with the extremists."
In chhatishgarh and Madhya Pradesh, land "loot and grabbing" is in jet set-speed. Chhatishgarh  government has alone "grabbed or looted" thousands of acres of lands for setting up industries, mainly power plants by corporates, multinationals, neo-rich Indians industrialist like a newspapers chain of publication-Dainink Bhashkar.. A BBC report has said that present spree of land acquisition in Chhatishgarh is considered biggest in the country, which have uprooted tribal and forest in huge areas. A Centre for Science and Environment report also says that Chhatishgarh government's push is on to install 77 percent of India's thermal power capacity, 51 percent of the country's present cement need capacity and 31 million tonnes  of sponge iron capacity. But the result of the fast track industrialisation will be at the cost of forest, agricultural lands and tribal population. Interestingly , at present an estimated 1.64 lakh ha of forest land has been diverted to mining in Chhatishgarh! Moreover , apart from Raman Singh, chief minister of Chhatishgarh, his ministers and their wards and relatives are playing coercive measures against land holders, particularly tribal in forest areas to hand over their lands or face consequences. a recent report says that son of minister, employed in Videocon is working overtime to coerce poor in handing over lands on small price or face the consequences. Lands are being garbed by corporates and other industrial units and being registered in the name of third parties to ultimately transfer to corporates concerned besides Chhatishgarh government's  illegal pressure to acquire the lands from them.
The Frontline has also written cover stories extensively how the lands garbing are going on in India without any legal sanctions!In Chhatishgarh best quality iron ore  in the forest are being exported to Japan at mere Rs 400per  tonnes from the garbbed lands. In Haryana, although best land deal acquisition has been formulated but there are simmering resentment to acquire agriculture land. Strangely Haryana government is acquiring fertile lands and handing them over to builders  Huge number of people are being displaced in Haryana!.
On and average , same is the stories of seven sisters states in the eastern parts of the country. Huge lands are being acquired in similar fashion in sensitive Arunacha Pradesh to create huge hydro power potential.Installation of  projects will require acquisition of vast track of land belonging to different tribes, thousands will have to be displaced in addition to thousands already been displaced, the Frontline report added. Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura etc also passing through such agonising moments as major industrial players have thrown their lots to set units in eastern states by "grabbing lands in connivance with respective governments in the region".
Such craze of land "loot and grabbing" throughout the country in connivance with the government has created piquant situaion in the entire country Sparingly , in these days of industrial era in the wake of economic liberalisation in the country- industrialists, corporates, multinationals, neo-rich want to first create real estate in the form of lands on cheap price for future shake and if industries run or not ultimately , they will be owners of huge estate, worth crores of rupees in developed areas like Rajas , maharajas, zamindars during British raj -and they may divert the lands for other purpose in the future.No body is cared of food scarcity and to boost agriculture production. If such situation continues India will must be one of most starved nation in the world in near future. Loot and grabbing of lands continuing ***********.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Humility vis-a-vis rat race

Some time I  go into deep thoughts and remember Almighty. My thinking touches wide-range of problematics topics. And very often I fell myself disappointed. The old memory lane and day-to-day happenings, exactly, compels me think about the sufferings of people like me in the entire globe. Just stranges thoughts come up in my mind ! And think myself what should be the course correction. Suddenly, I remember the versions of Yuddhishthir and Yakhs when the former  had gone to rescue his other Pandava brothers, who could not reply   Yaksh 's set of questions and wanted to take water forcibly from the lake to mitigate their thirst-and subsequently all of them died. Lastly Yuddhishthir had come and found  his brothers dead-Yaksh asked him the same set of questions from Yuddhishthir . Yuddhisthir replied all questions satisfactorily and in course of reply of the last question, he said that there are differences of opinions among sages, saints, and also in scriptures like Vedas, Puranas etc about what is good and bad "acharan" , mentioned in the last question-then one must follow path of the elderly scholars and pundits and also great personalities(whatever  they say and do). Yaksh became happy with the scholarly replies of his questions by Yuddhisthir and his dead brothers were given life and they all took water from the lake to  satisfy their thirst!
I belong to a nationalist family. And I always believed in hard work (karm). I did that during my active  journalism service career of over 36 years and my hard work used to be appreciated. But when the time of dividends or benefits came, I remained isolated. What ever I got in my career were by dint of hard labour.Even after that it did not shake my faith in Bhagwad Geeta, which says karm is supreme! And I am leading my retired life by reading, writing and praying to Almighty of all faiths. I have great respect, regards in Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans philosophy of religions and spiritualism like "bhakti". Ramkrishna Paramhans had practiced all religions and had said that all religions go to same end and men get salvation without any discrimination of caste, creates, faith in all religions.
But I am not succeeding in full concentrations . Stray thoughts come in my mind and "maan", which it is said moves in speed more than anythings.I feel this is great lapses in me. However, gradually or some time I succeed in concentration and find Almighty helping me in dire need and consequences. I try to remember Almighty always and keep in my mind to pray the almighty always  and every time. I advise my near and dear to have faith in Almighty-it will look after you. Of course death and life is not even in the hands of Almighty! The Almighty becomes faiths in death and life-but some time when I see "anhoni honi ho gaya:"-than I feel the Almighty has control over everything.
I seriously think only two great saints--Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansh and Shirdi ke Saidewa, born in two different regions-east and west respectively  in 19th century have shown the path  of salvation. And both died of  dreaded cancer while serving the men kind and enlightening the people of all religions presence of Almighty everywhere, everybody etc.Perhaps they died early and of serious ailments because they had taken sorrow and pains of people to cure them and have more life spans!
Both religious giants of 19th century impressed me enough and my faith in Almighty and all religions was deep rooted. More over I remember the old reminiscences of my life and I become thankful to Almighty that IT has great blessings on me and I am carrying. Such thoughts also reverates my mind when I look back and find that people of the world are  more and more in distress and sufferings!


Sunday, 10 July 2011


(This story relates with starvation death)
Once a sage asked his disciple, which is most worst and distressful thing in man's life, without any pause the disciple replied starvation (death without food or grain) is the most distressful thing in the world!
This is evident from mentioning in almost all mythological and religious books in the entire globe like Geeta, Ramayana, Vedas, Upanishads, scriptures, Koran, Bible etc. In every religion one find such remarks this is what happening in the world. Many are dying without food alone daily and nobody is there to take care of starvation deaths. There are many areas on the globe, which are yet to be discovered and their people live like primitive age people and many of them die without food and shelter.And we people of the world are claiming of most scientific and human advancement in this 20th century -what a cruel joke with men-kind!
Food mean prepared of grains. Grains are fer tiled and cropped in lands.Cropping of grains are gradually goindg down throughout the world. People of even advanced and developed countries least bothered about farming of land and do not grow grains from lands-vast tracks of fertile lands are vacant but nobody is there for cropping in almost all countries. Lands are concentrated in few hands. Over 80 percent people on the earth, who are landless in the globe! Only because of these factors, now even food grains are being monopolised. Gradually, food or grain production are on declining trend. Whatever grains are available throughout the world are sold on high prices. Result: Grains are not available in abundance and starvation death is increasing on the globe, specially among poor, who constitute over 80 percent in the world besides inaccessible places where men-kind live.
As per a recent survey of The United Nations' Food and agriculture Organisation (UN FAO)and Organisations for Economic Cooperation and development,OECD) ,published in a Madras based magazine-Frontline, the food price will soar up over 30 percent in next ten years.Currently the food price has risen by 40 percent over the past year. It would have a devastating impact  on the poor of the globe.Such will be the ominous sign for the world countries, and ultimately lead to political unrest, famine and starvation. People are being forced to eat less or cannot provide food to carry their life, resulting into many more starvation deaths!Cost of cereals is likely to increase by 20 percent and price of meat, particularly chickens may soar up 30 percent very soon.Global food price hit by a record high in February, promoting demonstrations across the world. The last extreme food price rise in 2008 led to riots in 20 countries across three continents
World food price is bound to increase in coming years and already a record high as droughts and flood threaten to seriously damage current year's harvest.Global harvest is in critical condition and warned that price would continue to rise. The slowdown in production comes amid new forecasts that the global population will climb to 9.2 billion by 2050, compared with previous estimate of 6.9 billion, the report of FAO and OECD adds and further says that agriculture production would have to increase by 70 percent to match the expected rise!
This what happening in the world on food front and availability of food grains to starving people! Once China and India were called most starved countries of the world. Starvation deaths were beyond imagination in these two countries. In China, the situation has eased to great extend. China has adopted novel way of farming by removing its previous law of state farming . Now China government is giving bulk of farm lands to individuals for agriculture purpose on lease by taking certain quantity of grains in state coffers. Apart from that, China has also succeeded in controlling its population growth. But in India, situation is very grim. Lands continue to accumulated in the hands of certain people. Over 90 percent population of India are landless.Land reforms measures have been initiate in half-hearted manners. Vast tracks of farm lands are unutilised. In India pace of farming is very very slow. Even government is not taking effective measures on agriculture fronts! Strangely subsidy on agriculture is gradually being withdrawn whereas subsidy on industries are increasing by leaps and bounds under neo-liberal economic policy, resulting into concession of lakhs of crores rupees to industrialists, corporates, capitalists etc. Farmers are keeping their fingers crossed and in many instances farmers suicides are increasing throughout the country because of their being in heavy debts.
Result: agriculture production is going down year to year in India Shortage of grains have become evident. India has even today to import food grains like wheat, pulse etc from foreign countries. Such in differences of the government is giving alarming situation in the country because of shortage of food grains. Innovation in agriculture sector have become matter of the past in last 15 years. Slogans of Lal Bahadur Shastri" Jai Jawan-Jai kisan" has become bygone slogans. On and average three of 100 deaths are taking place in India daily of starvation  and matter is suppressed  by the government . In the entire globe such death are 15 of one hundred daily in different developed and under-developed countries in the world, as estimated by authentic international body survey , taking into ground realities in the different countries. Sadly , nobody in the corridor of power , specially in Delhi is bothered and to think to increase agriculture production in the country, specially India being an agricultural based country in the world. Worst are the condition of farm labours, who are suffering without any work in the agriculture field as owners of the lands have put their lands in barren condition.
Strangely most of the advanced and developed countries of the world  do not grow to create artificial  but they keep their lands ready for farming.Europe, America, Latin America, Africa, Australia and many other continents and countries, food are grown in abundance. But in many cases, they dump their produce in sea to put pressure on food price rise and export the remaining quantity on high prices to scarce country of the world. In some cases, in America, Americans put ready their lands for agriculture purpose always but do not grow-.When the prices of food grains increase worldwide they grow in abundance and export their produce at high prices.
Ominous sign for starvation deaths throughout the world!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Exactly I went back  in the vivid memory lane of my life over 56 years back! I was just 13-year-old. My family led by my father late Satya Narayan Singh, a noted freedom fighter, was yet to recover from the trauma of the atrocity of British Raj. Our everything had been ruined -house burnt, property looted etc on the order of Darbhanga district collector Salisbury in August 1942 for involvement of my family members in the freedom struggle. I had started reading and writing in different schools. Our financial condition had gone  from bad to worse! My parents late Satyanarayan singh and my mother late Sudama Devi, also a freedom fighter were passing through the worst phase of their life. However, my maternal uncle late Siyaram singh, a primary school teacher , belonging to village Sajjanpura, about ten kms from my village home Rajwa in dDrbhanga district, used to financially help us to bail out  my parents from agonies.
I had cardinal desire to learn and read more and more, specially English-during my school days I had to face many hiccups. By that time, a new thing happened- I was not supposed to be physically well as I used to be inflicted with various diseases. When my father was in jail, I had suffered from  kala-azar and different other disease and malarial fever. Time was running thus! Suddenly my parents decided to get me married at the age of 13. And finally I was married with a girl namely Goswami now Goswami Devi of village Balya in Madhubani district, daughter of a farmer late Nachari singh and sister of late Surya Narayan singh and late Bachcha Babu. Suraj Babu was a school teacher.
After my marriage on panchami of full moon period in the month Ashardh in 1955 with small fan-fare, I lived with my wife for a few days. Thereafter , I left for my schooling in Pandoul with one of my relatives late Asharfi singh, head master of  SKHE School, Pandoul , now in Madhubani district. Time took its own course. In between I have to change a few more schools and finally I passed out my matriculation examination from Mithila High school , Balour, darbhanga district in 1959 under ther guardianship of eminent teacher of old Darbhanga district Lakshmishwar Singh, who later became famous head master of Rajnagar High school and later on retired. I remember Lakshmishwar Babu was a very good teacher and he has special command on English literature, whose teaching gave me a new lease of  my life and I learnt more and more from him, which I will remember with reverence of Singh ever in my life!
During my schooling and college education as well as passing honours examination in Political Science from Bihar university in 1963, I had to face a lot of problems and difficulties! But Goswami remained with me during those and present days of sorrow, pain and pleasure. Of course pleasure days used to remain for short period in our life--only pain and sorrow, repentance etc.Still Goswami is with me. After the death of my parents, I have shifted to Patna and living here. I worked for many newspapers. Finally I retired as chief Reporter in the Times of India about seven years back.
Moreover in this long journey of my life, my wife and myself have to suffer from many unfortunate scenes. We lost many things. It will not be appropriate to discuss all those things right now!We continue to bear burnt of many unfortunate happenings in our life -but still living and witness to evils in our life! But strong faith in destiny and almighty- only almighty is saving us from complete ruins! Current  phase of my life is entirely devoted in praying , praying more and more, reading, reading more and more, writing , writing more and more. Our this marriage anniversary, i exactly remember, when Goswami asked me about the details of our marriage. Now just glacing the blue sky!
(यह दर्द भरी kahani giवेस में प्लेअसुरे)KKsingh