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Monday, 9 January 2012


Now the world must have taken a sigh of relief from American imperialist approach in West Asia, particularly in Iraq in  the last nine years. US army have left Iraq lock, stock, barrel last month (December 16,2011)..But even today, the intention of America is not honest! Several thousands US forces are even today stationed in Iraq even after withdrawal.. But many bases of America now appear deserted  look. But protest of Iraqis continue against America and the American army are under tremendous pressure to quit the country for all time to come.
But a million dollar question will continue to haunt the globe-what America gained from this misadventure in interfering in the affairs of Iraq in the last several years?! They have left behind a ghost country like Iraq and have practically destroyed the country. They left behind thousands of widows and orphans. And educational institutions and big factories have been ruined by Americans, according to a letter of Vijay Prashad to the  Frontline, a fortnightly of India.
US war operation in Iraq, began in 2002, continued till 2011. Over 4000 US personnel killed in Iraq than Americans killed in the attack on 9\11. Successive US governments right from Bush to Obama had faced rough weather in America for killings of Americans in the war.Not only that Although the death figures of Iraqis in the war are astronomous (some count a million dead), The Lancet has put figures slightly smaller number-nearly 7000000.  The New York Times, which was in possession of 4000 pages  papers of US military investigation on the 2005 massacres at Haditha, where US marines killed 24 Iraqis including 76-year -old man in wheel chair, children and toddlers: Results: Most of the US troops had been acquitted by their justice system,."
 Apart from that US faced worst-ever down trend in its economy. Entire America and Europe are under tremendous economic crisis because of American wars not only in Iraq but in other countries of West Asia. Vijay Prasad has said, " The Bush war on Iraq alone cost at least $ one trillion if not more. It was to make Iraq a model private sector country. All this failed as Iraqis refused to utterly plaint. The US miscalculated the neighbourhood. The assumption was that the US forces would be able to create a satellite in the area that could checkmate Iran's ambition in the region and provide some relief to Israel. Instead the wave of democracy that swept the region was was not inclined to US power but against it. Even Iraq government was not docile as hoped."
It all started in 2001, The Bush administration had  practically invaded Iraq in his bid to end global war on terror Afghanistan to Iraq. Bush had decided to hit Saddam Hussain for so called "connivance with Osama bin Laden in the wake of 9\11 attack on Washington. It was gradually  intensified. In this war , Bush had apprehension that Iraq had biological weapons. Bush had gone to  United Nations and informed that Saddam Hussain had prepared for biological warfare and had instructed his field commanders that to use chemical weapons. Saddam had vehemently denied that Iraq had biological or chemical weapons.. Even the Director General of IAEA Mohamed Elbaradei had cautioned the UNO that  Iraq had such weapons..Thereafter the UN Secretary General Kofi Anna, who had also enquired about biological or chemical weapons existence in  Iraq through Swedish politician Hans Blix, had come to the conclusion that  Iraq had no such weapons.Blix had told to The Guardian," there are bastards who spread things around of course , who planted nasty things in the media, not that I cared much.": Subsequently many developments had taken place  in Iraq and butcher machines of US Army continued to  break the back-bone of Iraq ." Guardian had further  commented, quoting Blix" a massive media blitz  orchestrated by the White House and conducted enthusiastically by the Murdoch machine (At Devas in 2007, Charlie Rose asked Murdoch if News Corp. has shaped the agenda for the Iraq war"No I do not think so," replied Murdoch."we tried. We basically supported Bush policy in the Middle East (west Asia)"
 Vijay Prashad has said, " US occupation of Iraq continued even after it became clear that all the reasons of launching war against Iraq by Bush administration had been false. As US troops had  withdrew from  Iraq, there is little discussions about: that no chemical or biological weapons or weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) were found, that no link between Saddam Hussain and Al Qaeda could be established and that Saddam Hussain had no plans to attack US."
Now I must point out the villain of the pieces for initiating this war against Iraq. In my opinion the vice-president Dick Cheney, Defence secretary Rumsfield and state department head Collin Powell and national Security adviser Condoleezza Rice. The mo moires by the main players in Bush Administration" haave appeared with Cheney  and Rusfeld defending their roles and Powell and Condoleezza puting the onus on Cheney and Rumesfeld" But in US every body is aware that all these villain of the pieces were in agreement of war against Iraq. Sadly "no body has taken responsibility for Iraq fiasco. At most of the leaders  of the country simply blame each other for poor execution of the war (too little planning, say some, too few troops say others)", the memoirs of these people recalled.
There are many other sad tales of barbaric and torturous scenes enacted by US army in Iraq. Another villain piece to encourage the war in Iraq is no more less than media baron Rupert Murdoch!
However, the present president Obama, who gave a well regarded anti-war speech in Chicago in October 2002," "I do not oppose all wars.What I opposed to is a dumb war. What I opposed to is a rash war.T.hat I opposed to is cynical attempt by Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz and other armchairs, weekend warriors in the administration to shove their own ideological agendas down our throats, irrespective of the cost of lives lost and in hardships borne. What I opposed to is the attempt by political hacks like Karl Rove to distract us from a rise in the uninsured, a rise in poverty rate, a drop in the medium income, to distract us from corporate scandals and a stock market that has just gone through the worst month since the Great Depression. That is what I am opposed to. A dumb war, a rash war. A war not based on reasons but on passions, not on principle but on politics."
Now let us hope for the best-the globe must be freed from Americans evil imperialists design!

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