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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Are the publications of books on 100th Year of Bihar by Bihar Legislative C-ouncil untrue and beyond historical fact?

One cannot ignore the historical facts based on true events, learning and historical records. And If one do that, he will have to put himself in ridicule. There is a phrase or proverb , " for hiding one truth, one has to speak thousands of lies to justify his stand and ultimately he becomes ridiculous in the eyes of both history, culture and many other aspects".
Such unprecedented stories are being planted by the Bihar government as well as the Bihar Legislative Council for celebrating the so called 100th years of the state. While the chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar is cashing on image building by holding centenary celebrations of Bihar here and in different parts of the country, the chairman of the Legislative Council Pundit Tara Kant Jha has gone a step further in celebrating 100th years of Bihar throughout the year-1912 as part of the centenary celebration programme of the Legislative Council and origin of Bihar. Over a dozen books , narrating Bihar and its people, culture, participation of people of Bihar in freedom movement etc, have been published in multi-coloured glossy papers in book forms. Contents in many books have ignored the facts on Bihar, based on history!
( I have  written two articles on March 5,2012 and March 14, 2012 on my blog-www.kksingh1.blogspot.com under headlines "Hype over Bihar Diwas vis-a-vis Facts about Bihar and Strange political development in mid 1950s to merge Bihar and Bengal  as joint state.)
Exactly, the Bihar government and Legislative Council have based that the origin of Bihar was   on March 22, 1912. It appears that both Bihar government and Legislative Council have erred in establishing of the exact year and date of creation of Bihar. As per historical facts, it was in 1912, a state of "Bihar and Orrisa" was created after carving out of the greater Bengal by British Raj-than how could anybody say that Bihar was created  in 1912-it was both Bihar and Orrisa was separated from Bengal and made a separate state.Exactly Bihar was finally came into shape as separate state in  in 1936 through an Act passed by the British Parliament. The Act was named as British India Act-1935 on which our Constitution is mainly based!
If one go into detail and admit the contention of Pundit Tarakant Jha and Mr Nitish Kumar's , sponsored books and statements, that Bihar was created in 1912 and its origin was in 1912 and that is 100th years of Bihar -than one  has to peep into the historical facts since East India Company days much , much before when our country was slaved by British Raj snatching the rule of slavery of  India from East India Company.In 1764, East India Company, which had initially come here for trading, had started taking interest in the rule of India. At that time,a battle, namely" Battel of Buxar" had taken place between Nawabs of Awadh and other small rulers one side and Birtish India Company on another side. Ultimately, the British East India Company had won the battle. The Company got raiyati rights of Bihar, Bengal and Orrisa and started ruling over them. The company formed "Presidency of Bengal", comprising Bihar, Bengal and Orrisa. after ruling for several years the company handed over the suzerainty to British Raj and India along with entire south, and west, east was slaved by British Raj.
Historians and History books have such orientation about creation of Bihar. Only Mr Nitish Kumar and Pundit Tara Kant Jha could tell the justification of exact date of origin of Bihar state in India. Facts are crystal clear! Facts need broader debate over exact date of origin of Bihar although Bihar is ancient old and formerly named as Behara Books on centenary celebrations on glossy coloured papers with aggrandisements of present day political rulers have hardly referred the historical facts about the origin of Bihar, published by Legislative Council and also by the Bihar government.
However, the legislative Council has engaged on at least one historian, Prof Nihar Nandan Sinha, a professor of Patna university, who had has mainly written on the contributions of people , engaged in the freedom movement instead of digging up historical facts about origin of Bihar except at one point he has mentioned about creation of Bihar and Orrisa as separate state by carving out Bengal in 1912. Other persons engaged in the publications of the books , published by Legislative Council, come from general walks of life and they have no connections with historical facts about origin of Bihar.
In my opinion Pundit Tara Kant Jha and Mr Nitish Kumar should hold a broader debates by historians bo, expert ON both ancient and medieval period to come the conclusion of exact dates of origin of Bihar! Both owe an explainations from the people of Bihar!

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