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Saturday, 8 September 2012


Sadly India, which was once considered a nation of peace and non-violence in the Globe, thanks to the principles of "Satya-Ahimsa" propounded by Mahatma Gandhi as well as vision of disarmament of  the former prime minister of India  Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru, has gone for huge arms and ammunition in the name of so called security of the nation while its crores of people are dying without bread, medicines, home etc.

Not only that people of the world have also forgotten the devastation and destruction, created by America in Hiroshima and Nagashaki at the end of second world war. On August 6, 1945, American B-29 flew from north of Tinian island and after three and half hours, the fighter plane had dropped an 8900 pounds atomic weapons from its specially modified bomb from 2000 feet above the ground. The bomb was dubbed "Little Boy", destroying 90 percent of everything in Hiroshima. Again on August 9, 1945 B-29 Bockscar was dropped on Nagasaki . killing of over one lakh forty thousand and injuring millions of people  in both the bombardments apart from destroying every things in and around Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Highly enriched uranium and plutonium, grinned in the bombs had many side-effects and generation after generation of both the cities of Japan are still under the effect of such devastation of bombardments.

Not only that, Americans in their miles stones after miles stones to spread  their influences in the entire world, particularly in the Middle East and Arab World, have created devastation and killed thousand of persons  in the name of restoring peace in the areas. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries  specially Cuba  had to face rough weather in many years and these countries lost their leaders and  huge number of populations in the so called operation of America, mainly to spread its ( U S ) imperialism in the globe through its "dadagiri"!

A recent report on various news websites including  Yahoo and a comprehensive  report in the Washington Post have pointed out how the world nations are acquiring sophisticated weapons,arms and ammunition including nuclear arms and chemical weapons and America has "evil design" to arm its allies and friendly countries to keep its hegemony intact in the world. Such tendency of America reflects  its "super power dadagiri" in the world. Instead of growing food produce and bring agriculture revolution in its vast areas, six and seven times more than India, the America's economy is mainly based on manufacturing and sales of arms .Among the ten largest arms manufacturing countries in the world, United States tops the List.

According to a report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), in its report published 2012 year book on armaments, disarmament and international security, the America's Lockheed Martin, an American Global Aerospace, defence, security and advance technology company heads the list of arms manufacturers in the world followed by BAE Systems UK. The SIPRI has  categorised in its 2012 year book the arms manufacturing companies like Boeing, Northirop Grumm an, General Dynamics, Raytheor, EADS (trans Europe), Finmeccanica (Italy), L-3 Communications, and United Technologies. These arms manufacturing companies are vying each other to export deadly arms and am munitions including chemical weapons and arms to various countries of the globe!

A report in the Washington Post has said that legacy of decades of mistrust, together with lingering barriers to technology transfer between India and US "continues to dog defence trade between two allies whose relationship President  Obama said would be one of the defining partnerships of 21st century." The report quoted Ashton Carter, U S Deputy defence  secretary "we want to knock down any remaining bureaucratic barriers in our defence relationship and strip way the impediments."

Perhaps India is suffering from fear psychosis in the South East Asia and thinks itself a weak nation in respect of acquisitions of arms and ammunition to counter growing influence of China in the continent. The Washington Post report has said, " With a wary eye on China's military build-up, India is in the midst of an ambitious defence acquisition programme-worth about $100 billion over more than a decade-to replace its ageing Soviet-arsenal and but new fighter aircraft, maritime patrol aircraft,, infantry combat vehicles, helicopters, assault rifles, under water submarines and tanks. because India's  own defence production industry is relatively small, much of that equipment has to be imported."

India's strategic defence partnership between the United States and  India has alarmed the peace-loving country throughout the globe particularly in the South-East Asia. India had to face economic sanction from America for many years after nuclear explosion by the Vajpayee government. As part of strategic partnership with India, U S has opened  in Adibatla aerospace, near Hyderabad  major of that country Lockheed Martin and Indian company Tata Advanced Systems and producing wing parts and tail sections for the American SuperHercules military transport aircraft. Sudden interest of America  with India  appears an ominous signal for India and Indian as whole because of well-known imperialistic design of U S , defence experts feel, adding that India must move cautiously.

The Washington Times report has said , " India is expanding market for us  and by building our industrial foot prints here, we are trying: we are not here to sell and walk away. We have got our skin in the game we are here to stay," Abhay Paranjape, national executive for India at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics said in an interview. Defence trade between India and United states grew from almost nothing to generate $ 8 billion since 2005, marking definite shift on India's part towards buying American equipment. But Russia continues to be the top arms supplier to India, with the United States and Israel vying for second."

US, however, felt disappointed last year when even after several rounds of fierce competition, the contract for 126 fighter aircraft went to French Company Dassault.Washington Post report has further pointed out that the 2005  civil nuclear  energy deal helped cement the United States's relation ship with India as a counter to China's rise in Asia.. The U S plans to move 60 percent of its naval fleet to the Asia pacific by 2020 makes the partnership vital for with India.

However, the Washington Post has put a rider about all these things  has said, " In India, though, the vision is some what different. New Delhi closely guards its strategic freedom and is reluctant to get too closely alingned militarily with Washington" The Post has also quoted S Amer Latif, visiting fellow of the at the Washington-based centre for Strategic and International studies, "there was a lot of scratching of heads in New Delhi  when the U S lost the contract, given that the U S had invested such a lot of political and diplomatic capital into this relationship".

Indiscriminate arming of India at the cost of huge expenditure is expected to adversely affect the welfare measures and programmes of poor people, constituting over 60 percent in the country! No doubt , India's security should also be considered primarily but not in such large scale!

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