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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Today the entire globe is shamed ! There have been series of bomb explosion to damage the Boddh-Gaya  or Gaya , Buddhist monasteries  or Gaya in Bihar in India, about over 100 kms from the Bihar's capital-Patna,  where the incarnation of the Almighty, Siddhartha Gautam, the Buddha, 2500 years ago got enlightenment under a "Boddhi (PEEPAL) tree to spread compassion, peace, kindness, non-violence throughout the planet.There are many theories of attacking the Buddhist monasteries  by the "terrorists or extremists or militants "? But could we not call it a bloat on the man-kind ?

Siddharth Gautam would have never imagined that his "apostle of peace" will turn into violence instead of peace and compassion. Perhaps because of his such hunch, Gautam after getting "enlightenment", had gone to Sarnath, in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh , to begin his pious journey of preaching  his message of peace and compassion to the world. Boddh-Gaya or Gaya, which has historical importance since ancient days, and  , has been always considered , a region of feudalism and violence since the early days of the ancient period. It is based in MAGADH zone where only ruthless kings and kingdoms existed. The notoriety of Magadh is also described in  famous, well-known and mythological book-Shree Ramcharit Manas, written by TULSI DAS, while depicting the noble character of 'RAM, and his "RAM-RAJYA". A verse in the book says, " Lagahi kumukh bachan subh kaise, Magahn (Magadh) nawadik tirath jaise; Ramanhi matu bachan sab bhaye, jimi surasari gat salil suhaye- ( Step motherof  Ram-Kakeiye's speaking resembles like notorious place Magadh where sacred 'Gaya 'exists ).  Gaya or Boddh-Gaya  has at least two golden feathers in its cap in ancient and historical parameters ! Apart from Buddhist shrines ,the Boddh=Gaya is also famous and well-known for the "VISHNUPAD TEMPLE" for Hindu worship. This temple is visited by Hindu pilgrims for the performances of 'pindaddan' rituals for the final salvation of their ancestors' souls. Hindu during the rainy season , well before  Durga puja, come from different parts of the world for this performances.

Terror attacks and serial bomb blasts, although, could not make  major damages to the Buddhist shrines of thousands years-old Boddhi (Peepal tree) under which Buddha got enlightenment, but it has sent strong signals for the followers of Buddhist religion ! Again , I must put it probably, the recent happenings of damage of Buddhist shrines in Afghanistan and Middle east by Muslims as well as Buddhist monks, spreading terror and atrocity against Muslims in Burma (now Myanmar) , Thailand, Sri Lanka and other Buddhist-dominated countries in  Asia have been root cause of terror attacks and serial bomb blasts.Instead of spreading peace, compassion, non-violence, the Buddhist monks are indulging in violence and terror activities Forgetting Gautam Buddha's preachings in Gaya or Boddh-Gaya in Buddhist shrine a few days back. I must point out series of facts on Buddhist monks' terror attacks against Muslims- (MY blog essays- Dalai Lama has failed failed Buddha's teachings of compassion, peace , happiness by encouraging self-immolation in Tibet- May 25, 2013, Why this hate campaign against Muslim of the world ?- October 16, 2012;  Buddhism:What a wonderful religion in the world !- July 06, 2012 -www.kksingh1.blogspot.com ). Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru, in his Discovery of India, has written, "Buddhism has started at the time of soul and spiritual revival in INdia-it infused the breath of new life........................"

 A few months back, THE TIME INTERNATIONAL EDITION, had carried cover story on The Face of Buddhist Terror, depicting that straying from the middle way, extremist Buddhist Monks target religious minorities! It is proper to highlight the Buddhist terror tactics against Muslims, which might have resulted into terror attacks and serial bomb blasts in Bodh-Gaya, one of the most important places in the globe for the followers of Buddhism.

Buddhist monks' shaven heads and richly hued monastic robes; the swirls of incense; the pure expressions of devotees to a religion whose first precept is "do not kill" are being marred by radical strains that marries spirituality with ethnic chauvinism. In Buddhist-majority Burma, where communal clashes have proliferated over the past year, scores of Muslims have been killed by Buddhist mobs, while in Thailand and Sri Lanka, the fabric binding temple and state is being stitched ever tighter.

The godfather of radical Buddhism is a monk named  U Wirathu, a slight presence with an out sized message of hate, who has taken the title of "Burmese bin Laden" around Mandalay in central Burma, as he preached his loathing of the country;s Muslims minority to school children and housewives alike. In March, tension detonated in the town of Meikhtila where communal violence ended dozen of lives, mostly Muslims.Entire Muslim quarters were razed by Buddhists hordes. Even today, anxiety churns. Muslim Rohingyas in Rakhine state in the west of Burma were subjected, once again, to atrocities by Buddhists and security forces. Last year alone, at least 192 people were killed and 1,40, 000 rendered homeless.An estimated 8,00,000 Rohingyas live in Rakhine state. Many of them remain in camps which they are not allowed to leave. Burma's heroic freedom fighter for freedom Aung San Sau Kyi, who also appears to tell some thing about the atrocity of Buddhist monks on Muslims, simply said she was for the "rule of law", that is she is for virtue and against sin. However, She criticised the district government's policy to limit Rohingya families to two children-"this is against human right".

In southern Thailand, which was once united as a Muslims Malay sultanate, monks count on solders to shield them from harm.a  separatist insurgency has claimed around 5,000 lives since 2004 and while more Muslims have died, it is Buddhists who feel particularly vulnerable as targets of shadowy militants. Wirathu, who is an abbot in the New Maesoeeyin in monastery, leading over 60 monks and having influence over 2,500 residing there, the Burmese bin Laden begins his sermon, inciting monks for communal clashes.. According to the THE TIMES  International cover story on Buddhist terror, in the reckoning of international extremism-Hindu nationalists, Muslim militants, fundamentalists Christians, ultra-Orthodox Jews- Buddhism has largely escaped trial. To much of the world, it is synonymous with non-violence and loving kindness, concept propagated by Siddharth Gautam, the Buddha, 2,500 years ago. But like adherents of any religion, Buddhists and their holy men are not  immune to politics and on occasion, the lure of sectarian chauvinism............"

When  Asia rose up against empire and oppression, Buddhist monks, with their moral command and plentiful numbers, led anti-colonial movements. Some starved themselves for their causes, their sunken flesh and protruding ribs underlining their sacrifices of  for the laity. Perhaps most iconic is the image of Thich Quang, a Vietnamese monk sitting in the lotus position, wrapped in flames, as he burned to death in Saigon while protesting the repressive South Vietnamese regime 50 years ago. In 2007, Buddhist monks led a foiled democratic uprising in Burma:image of columns of clerics bearing upturned alms bowls, marching peacefully in protest against the "janata", earned sympathy around the world, if not from the soldiers who slaughtered them. But where social activism end and political militancy begins ?  Every region can be twisted into destructive forces poisoned by ideas that are antithetical to its foundations. Now it is Buddhism turn !

Over the past year in Buddhist-majority Burma, scores if not hundreds, have been killed in  communal clashes, with Muslims suffering the most causalities. Burmese monks were seen goading on Buddhist mobs , while some support the authorities of having stoked the violence-a charge the country's new quashi-civilians government denies. In Sri Lanka, where a conservative, pro-Buddhist government reigns, Buddhist nationalist groups are operating with apparent impunity, looting Muslims and Christian establishments and calling for restrictions to be placed on the nine percent of the country that is Muslims. Meanwhile Thailand's deep sea, where a Muslim insurgency has claimed some 5,000 lives since 2004, desperate Buddhist clerics are retreating into their temples with Thai soldiers at their side. Their fear is understandable. But the close relationship between temple and the state ifs further dividing this already anxious region.

As the violence mounts, will Buddhists draw inspiration from their faith's sutras of compassion and peace to counter religious chauvinism ? Or will they succumb to the hate speech of radical monks like Burma's Wirathu, who goads his followers to rise up against Islam? The world's judgements awaits ! Apart from that good sense prevails ion Buddhist Guru Dalai Lama to stop encouraging Tibetans for self-immolation to protest Chinese presence in Tibet. Can compassion, non-violence not win Chinese for suitable welfare measures for Tibetans 'And Dalai Lama must initiate process for peaceful dialogues with China ?

With these developments, my hunch goes that Gaya terror attack might be result of Muslims terrorists anger against atrocity on fellow -Muslims by Buddhist monks in different parts of the world !

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