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Krishna Kumar Singh, also known among friend circles KK and among close relative Krishna; Matriculation from Mithila High School Balour, Darbhanga in 1959, Graduated in Political Science Honours from C M College, Darbhanga, Bihar University in 1963; Joined post-graduate in Political Science the same year but dropped; joined Naxal movement under Charu Mazumdar, Kanu Sanyal, Satya Narayan Singh and Umadhar Singh in between but circumstances compelled to join literary work, clerk, proof readers etc in different publishing houses for livelihood; Finally joined journalism as career in different English newspapers and before my retirement from active journalism, I worked in The Times of India for about 19 years and retired as Chief Reporter  a few years back; continuing in journalism-reading more and more, writing more and more and praying to Almighty more and more-currently writing for different national English and Hindi dailies and magazines..

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Just I am presenting a few hard facts and truths prevailing in our Hindustan-that is called Bharat-"  Before that I must remind you all about the preamble of  the Constitution: We , The People of INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a  SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC AND TO SECURE ALL ITS CITIZENS:JUSTICE, social, economic and political; Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all FRATERNITY ASSURING the DIGNITY of the all INDIVIDUALS and the UNITY and INTEGRITY of the NATION; (In our CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY ASSEMBLY THIS TWENTY-SIXTH DAY OF NOVEMBER, 1949, DO HEREBY ADOPT, ENACT AND GIVE TO OURSELVES THIS CONSTITUTION:
DAYS are passing by since our independence in August 1947 and adoption of the Constitution.Successive governments have assumed power in all these years-but for WE are going to dark age in all the spheres instead of implementing the dreams of an independent Hindustan!We continue to have a part of the 836 million people inthe country, living on less than twenty rupees a day, "the ones who starve while million of tonnes of foodgarins is either eaten by rats in the government warehouses or burnt in bulk (because it is cheaper to burn food than to distribute it to the poor people." Not only that there"are the parents  of ten of millions of malnourished children in our country, of the 1.5 million who die every year before they reach their first birthday. They are the millions who make up the chain gangs that are transported from city to city to build the New India. Is this what is known as enjoying the fruits of modern development?"
One must think, they are these people, about a government that sees fit to spend 240 billion rupees of public money (the initial estimate four billion rupees) for a two week-week-long sports extravaganza which, " for fear of terrorism, malaria, dengue and New Delhi's new super bug, many international athletes have refused to attend?" from these huge amount, enormous amount have been siphoned off by politicians and games officials- Iike eminent social scientist and and a well-known writer , ArundhatiRoy, feels that that "is why corrupt politicians in India never have a problem sweeping back into power, using money they stole to but election! Instead of thinking about their misdeeds, these political classes say, who MAOISTS NOT PARTICIPATE IN election to to protect poo rs  interest?"ll these action of misdeeds of political classes are being reflected in Bhumkal (earth-shaking like celebrations) among Naxalites or Maoists in deep jungles of Chhatishgarh, Jharkhand, Orrisa, west Bengal, Bihar, andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra etc states o the country.
Dignity of the poor are at stake in India! thanks to naxal  comrades for their courage and wisdom in fighting for years, for decades, to bring change or even the whisper of justice to their lives and sufferings masses, being exploited for years after independence of the country. "Whether people are fighting to overthrow the Indian State or fighting against Big dams or only fighting a particular steel plant or mine or SEZ, the bottom line is that the. are fighting for their dignity, for their right to live and smell like human beings. they are fighting because, as far as they are concerned the fruits of modern development stink like dead cattle on the highway.", says Arundhati roy in her recently published  book , "BROKEN REPUBLIC"
Interestingly , this is a story of a country-that is some time called Bharat, as mentioned in the Constitution  instead it should have been  called "Hindustan" as being demanded by some quarters of learned people of the country.Despite  having the second highest economic growth rate in the world, has more poor people in just eight of its states than in the twenty-six countries of sub-Saharan Africa put together. dreams of workers, artisans, farmers have brought the country where it is today. Instead of stakes of every citizens in building new India, majority chunk of people are living without life of honour and dignity and environment of peace and good will are elusive them.
More over, we the fellow citizens of the country, who are building a new India ,in which  "our 100 richest people hold assets worth over one fourth of our GDP".. Wealth of the country are being concentrated in a fewer hands in our present system. That is why the real democracy flows through the barrel of guns", as being propounded by naxalites and Maiosists, who are fighting for poor and tribal. Prime minister Manmohan Singh has very surprising background of reaching to the height of his career. India's economy was at the lowest ebb. according to an autobiography, "A prattlet.s Tale" by Ashok Mira,  the west Bengal's finance minister during left front regime,, has his story of how Manmohan rose to the height of his political career To sum up the facts, Mitra has said in the book that in 1991, when foreign exchange of the country's reserve were acute state of affairs, The P V Narsimha Rao government had approached International monetary Fund (IMF) for an emergency loan. The IMF put forward two conditions-the first was"structural adjustment and economic reforms; the second was the appointment India?.s finance minister of its choice- that man, says mitra , in his book was manmohan Singh. from that point Manmohan started  so called economic reform at the behest of IMF in India and gradually corporatised every things like water, power, mineral, agriculture, land telecommunications, education, health-no matter what the consequences. Later Vajpayee government, which was called pro-US,  left no stoneunturned to formalised rest of the formalities for a free run of free economy in the country. After the ouster of Vajpayee in the Lok sabha elections, AI CC president Sonia Gandhi, got instrumental in bringing back Congress in commanding position and formed UPA government under the leadership of Manmohan Singh,, knowing and unknowingly that Manmohan is pro-capitalists and he would wipe out socialistic pattern of society  a dream Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru. She wasat that time mired in controversy that she cannot be prime minister because she  is not India in original form! later his son rahul Gandhi also could not realise the follies of Manmohan and both mother and son are tolerating Manmohan at the cost of their earlier mistakes..I n between  Manmohan , who is himself honest man  and politician of proven integrity, was put in dock for defalcation of crores of rupees by his cabinet colleagues and this government was called "most corrupt government ever have in the country".
Now after enough is enough, both mother and son are on fire -fighting modes and Rahul became the first politicians among Congress leaders, who started fighting for tribals' forest right in Orrisa and opposed Vend ant move to set up bauxite factory and other  multinationals
setting up  such factories for steel, power generation in forest areas uprooting the tribal population. Rahul declared that he was a 'soldier for tribal people". He also raised voice for farmers right in Uttar Pradesh and his campaign is going on in almost all parts of the country-let us for the best? Change of leadership in the UPA led by Congress after the next general elections cannot be ruled out!
I have presented a few facts about the state of affairs in the country and plight of over 80 percent population living in rural areas and activities of Maoists and naxal comrades in fighting for poor and tribal.  I have also questioned the preamble of the Constitution, which has shown many dreams to toiling masses but these are yet to be implemented, depriving the poor their basic rights of dignity and honour.
A journalist ,Analyst, based in Patna, Bihar.

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