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Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Poverty, hunger,malnutrition , unemployment are  not confined to a particular country on the globe! Almost all countries of the continents are afflicted by these dreaded pproblems, and crores of people in the world are in the grip of such evils.America and European countries are worst sufferers and people there are mainly groaning under poverty and unemployment in the wake economic upheavals in the regions. Less said is better about other parts of the world countries! Crores are dying because of non-availability of food in different parts of the world.Bane of poverty is not only in the poor countries-it has spread its tentacles in rich and capitalists countries also.There are wide gaps in equality in America.Economic growth is powered by and large consumed by the wealthy few.Federal tax money continues to be siphoned off to pay for wars from Libiya to Afghhanistan.An IANS report, quoting United Nations, published in various websites including Yahoo news today has said that over 7.50 lakh people in east Africa are on virtual death traps due to famine. UN report has said that 12 million people of across the region and four million in Somalia are alone in need of food. Over 60 percent are malnourished in southern Somalia because of violence, drought and famine. Kenya , Ethiopia, Djibouti are badly affected because of famine in the region!
Exhaustive reports and expert comments in Washington Post, NY Times, the Economist,BBC news and its electronic channels , Frontline Hindu Business Line, Economic Time s, Business  Standard , different news agencies in  international media are full with reports of poor economy and poverty in the countries of the world!Apart from richest America and European countries to developing countries including China, India are badly affected by rise in poverty and unemployment in the respective countries. Situation has worsened to such great pass that communist countries like China, Cuba, Vietnam are also facing strange situation on poverty front and they have been compelled to deviate from their principled stand and principles of Marxist economy because they failed to implement Marxist economy in proper and suitable manner.
An Opinion column in the Washington Post, published on August 19, 2011, by Joel Berg, Executive Director of New York City Coalition Against Hunger and author of "All You Can eat: How hungry is America", has said that after Clinton regime in US, welfare measures are gradually being restricted -only thing that care is middle class and rich people. He has further said in the article that 44 million Americans are badly affected because of poverty. Over  four million people are  receiving cash welfare each month-now do not exist. Welfare reforms have become forgotten goal in America after the regime of Clinton. From 2005 many more restrictions are being put on welfare. People, receiving cash assistance nation-wide declined from 12.3 million in 1996 to 4.4 million in 2010. In 1990s, during strong economy in America-both overall poverty rate and child poverty rate had decreased in Clinton's regime. Gradually from 2007 economy of America worsened and between  1996to 2009, number of people in severe poverty climbed 36 percent from 14 million to 19 million-highest in decades-now 50 million Americans live in food insecurity zone and also in homelessness. Like India ultra rich flourish in America.
Various other articles in Washington Post, New York Times, The Economists etc have exposed the claims of America, specially conservative and status-quoits of Republican party for poverty aggravation in US.Unnecessary wars by America in different parts of the world have broken the back-bone of economy of that country and people are sufferings because of poverty and unemployment. Similar condition prevails in entire European countries. In America and European countries- no concrete new jobs have been created to tackle unemployment. In an another articles by various writers in the same Washington Post- Writer Greg Jaffa has said that radical ideologies, new technologies, cheap and powerful weapons have led to persistent conflict in entire Europe and America- a decade after constructing a common currency, Europe has been unable to build an integrated economy to match, said Anthony Fariola in the Washington Post. On September two 20011 issue of the Washington Post, it has been pointed out that it is for the first time since February 1945, the government has reported a net job change of zero and the unemployment rate is 9.1 percent. A detailed report has been published in the New york Times on august 19, 2011 by a group of journalists, describing debt crisis in America and consumer price inflation and also drifting of treasury bonds. Today America is in the grip of debt of $14.4 trillion mark! To bail out from financial and economic crisis, there have been substantial increase ON the global debt.A Frontline report  has said that according toMckinsey Global Institute, the total amount of debt incurred by governments across the world rose by by staggering $25 trillion to $41.1 trillion over the decade ending 2010.
A Frontline  has said when we compare the economic crisis of 1929 and 2007, we find one thing common the outrageous level of inequality (both in terms of income and house-hold-to debt ratio)- in both cases middle shrunk and poor despaired.
The recent explosive situation in Britain is perhaps result of socially and economically excluded outburst of the citizens of that country!UK government empathy towards poverty and unemployment led the people, mainly youths to rise in riots and vandalism. Likewise voices of people are rising far and wide in  Arab world , Middle East for right to assert against the monopolised and atrocious governments in the regions, resulting into inequality, poverty, unemployment, corruption etc. In particular case in India-people of middle classes along with rich and capitalists are fighting to end not only corruption menace but also rising poverty and wide gap between 20 percent rich and 80 percent poor , mainly of rural areas , and non-development trend in rural areas !

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