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Monday, 28 May 2012

Mamta is mass leader, Nitish is a manoeuvrer

In the last recent years, two regional straps-Mamta Bannerjee (West Bengal) and Nitish Kumar (BIhar)-have emerged powerful politicians  in eastern India out of" negative votes of the electorate in both the states, being disgusted with the misrule of left front government led by Buddhdeo Bhattarya in west Bengal and also Laloo-Rabari "so called Jungle Raj" in Bihar".But there are differences in "negativism" in West Bengal and Bihar. Mamta Bannerjee had been fighting continuously in West Bengal  in the last several years of her own and alone while in Bihar Nitish Kumar was working against the Laloo-Rabri misrule along with Hindu saffron party-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
 In one aspect Mamta Bannerjee had started anti-left campaign mainly through principled stand of land acquisition  from poor farmers mainly in Singur areas for Tata motors  as well as  atrocity by left brigades in West Bengal for the last 34 years. In the process, she took support of "negative votes" of urban middle class". One thing also went in her favour in dethroning left front government, her clean image and honesty  and  at the same time wide support base among  common masses including Muslim community, which constitute overr 28 percent in West Bengal and alliance with Congress in the last assembly elections in west Bengal  about one year back.
Moreover, Nitish Kumar, who upset Laloo-Rabari regime of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) over seven years back and took over the rein of Bihar government, had only "negative votes" against RJD Situation in Bihar had gone bad to worse. But some how or other major chunk of vote banks of national president of RJD remained intact. Laloo was mainly defeated over seven years back with the support of upper caste votes consolidating against him and also militant attitude among upper caste to get Laloo anyhow humiliated. In the process, Laloo lost the support of dalits, poor, other backwards and  muslimsas as well as  even some chunk of votes of upper caste like Rajputs, who remained with him earlier. Practically , there were outburst against Laloo Prasad Yadav for creating mess in Bihar  during his rule in 15 years in Bihar. Nitish proved more tactful in managing these splinter votes along with bulk chunk of votes of miltant upper caste in both the assembly elections with the support of his alliance partners-BJP.
Like Mamta Baneerjee , Nitish could not be described as mass base leader! On the front of proven integrity, Mamta Bannerjee is at high pedestal-there have been no finger raised against her for accepting money or creating corrupt bureaucracy. In this sector, Nitish excelled many political leaders. During his regime of over seven years, corrupt practises have increased mani-fold in Bihar. Rather people of Bihar are groaning under corruptions right from panchayat and block level to secretariat level of Bihar government.
Not only that, there are no complaints against Mamta Bannerjee that she had given seats to industrialists or capitalists for Rajya Sabha on the consideration of money. But in Bihar, it is open secret that Nitish Kumar and his alliance partner-BJP have sold seats to industrialists and money mafia. In the process, Nitish Kumar from his JD(U) quota has given Rajya sabha seat twice to one King Mahendra of Bihar, a medicine producer allegedly  in lieu of money. A retired controversial  IAS official Mr N K Singh was admitted in JD(U) fold and made Rajya Sabha member from Bihar by JD(U) of Nitish Kumar, reasons best known to him. Singh was in no way connected with JD(U) any time in the past! In this respect Mamta had given her party nomination to a few journalists of proven integrity.
Mamta, having all political qualities, is not so shrewed like Nitish Kumar. Once Laloo had described Nitish Kumar that "Nitish has teeths in his  stomach (Nitish ke pet mein daint hai)"! Mamata, who has become targets of media in west Bengal because of her frankness while Nitish kumar has controlled the media by  practically declaring "undeclared censorship on news papers and news magazines as well as electronic channels" through his manoeuvrings in distributing advertisements indiscriminately  and also through pulling up owners of newspapers and electronic channels!
One factor is also marring Mamta's prospect in West Bengal despite her mass support base, Mamta appears all alone in carrying the responsibility of running her government without any vocal support from her party leaders in Trinamula Congress as well as Ally-Congress party. whereas Nitish Kumar has array of leaders both in his party-(JDU) and alliance partner-BJP to highl;ights the things unnecessarily. I find while Nitish Kumar making only announcements of developments in the last over seven years more and his colleagues in alliance partner and his own party more vocal in highlighting achievements and developments in Bihar-that are not true!
Unlike Nitish Kumar, Mamta has strong base among  Scheduled Caste,Scheduled Tribes and Minority Muslims (Muslims alone constitute around 28 percent of the West Bengal electorate). Although Nitish Kumar in Bihar has also initiated certain measures among Muslims, particularly Pasmanda (backward and dalit Muslims) to woe the minority, the muslims are still feeling not so secured in the hands of Nitish because of saffron party-BJP, being his alliance party in Bihar and at the  central level also. Muslims as a whole are not happy with Nitish Kumar for dividing Muslims as backwards and forwards Derfinitely, Nitish Kumar has implemented reservation for women and mahadalits for their upliftment for having biggest share of chunk of development measures. But these measures are already in vogue in West Bengal well before the installation of Mamta Bannerjee government in West Bengal! In this respect Mamta is in advantageous position because she has been beating left front from their sticks in the changed political scenario.
On land reforms measures and stopping of forcible land acquisition, Mamta Bannerjee had long back pulled up the carpet from left front government led by CPI-M in West bengal. Before coming to power Mamta had vigorously opposed the land acquisition move in Singur and Nandigram against the left government policy of land acquisition for industrial purposes. She put the left front on wrong box as harbourer of industrialisation by snatching land of  poor land owners, she presented herself as fighter for for the right of farmers. after assuming power in West Bengal she outmanoeuvred the left at its own game. She adopted firm stand against foreign direct investment (FDI) in retail, creation of special economic zone (SEZ) in West Bengal,. She also opposed Pension Fund Regulatory development authority bill at union level, which the left parties had made their own agenda. Similarly she had opposed  Lokayukta clause in the Lokayukta bill and has practically held to ransom the move of the centre on the National Counter Terrorism Centre notification under Unlawful Activities Act. She had been harping seriously on a three -year moratorium on the interest on loans taken by the west Bengal government in successive yrears from Union government.
On these scores, Nitish Kumar had lagged behind in vocally raising the issue. On land reform measures for implementing bataidari right and surplus land to landless, Nitish is yet to fulfil his promises despite the facts that  he had constituted Bandopadhaya committee on much fan-fare . Bandopadhaya committee's recommendations on land reforms if gatherinmg dust. To please upper caste vote banks and his alliance partner-conservative BJP, Nitish put the entire land reform measures in cold storage just on the eve of the last assembly elections to please the  vested interest vote banks! Unlike Mamta, Nitish is gradually acquiring lands for setting up industries for investors in Bihar.
Both have similarity in at least one aspects-that is wiping out opposition voices through political violences. In Mamta regime in the past one year more than 90 persons have been killed in political violences, mainly from CPM rank and file. Nitish Kumar also weakened the opposition voices in Bihar and has become allegedly instrumental  political violences , over 200 persons were killed in the last two years In Bihar-recent one is a liquor trader in Gopalganj district by his party MLA Pappu Pandey, against who a case has been registered for murdering the liquor trader a few days back. Opposition voices and suggestions are ignored by Nitish Kumar and practically thrown into waste papers baskets right from Assembly proceedings to government level.
 Mamta had different approaches from Nitish to refute her failures in governance. She used to tell entire thing has been "shajona (staged)"-right from Park street rape case to attacks on media, suicides of framers and agriculture labourers. On the other hand Nitish Kumar government in Bihar does not take notices of all these failures in authoritarian style although Mamta Bannerjee also believes in tackling her failures in authoritarian style. Mamta always sees the spectre of the CPI(M) behind any embarrassment to the government. In this game Nitish Kumar has unique style of silencing vocal opponents like Ram Bilas Paswan and Laloo Prasad Yadav, by reminding the people the past misdeeds of both these leaders.
Both Mamta and Nitish have to some extend achieved  success in tackling Naxalite or Maoists problems. While Mamta , who had got maximum support in dethroning left front government by Maoists, had forgotten all those things in "realpolitik". she discarded them after coming to power. she successfully combined armed forces operation against naxalites militants, fighting for advasis along with promise of development in the naxal-infested zones of Pachim Midanapore, Bankura and Purulia etc in the zone where Maoist violences, prevalent since 2008. Nitish Kumar, who is also in agonising moments because of intermittent naxal violences in  different parts of Bihar, specially in Champaran and Juamui region, has also played his card very cautiously and like Laloo Pradsad has made naxalites and their organisation his friends for temporary truce. His government, although, has even failed ro modernise the police forces and initiating development measures in naxal-infested areas in Bihar despite the facts that union government has pumped huge funds on this score.
Mamta has interestingly faced Gorkhaland problem by signing an accord with Gorkha Janmukti Morcha for the establishment of a larger autonomous Gorkha Territoral administration and in initiating anti-land acquisition for industries through a move to put on the investors themselves for acquiring land for setting up industries themselves, who have promised investment proposals of over Rs 80,000 crore in the first nine months of her tenure. In Bihar Nitish Kumar had  has not succeeded in preparing any blue prints for setting up industries in Bihar by investors although the Bihar government has received such proposals\worh over Rs 60000 crore in the last two years.
On the moratorium of interest on loans from union government, Mamta is fighting tooth and nails with the centre and also for adequate fund for the development measures for West Bengal and she has been given patience hearing by union government on this score , Nitish Kumar, who is raising persistent campaign for special status to Bihar, has been rebuffed by the Planning Commission that Bihar could not be put under special category quota. However, the long fight of Nitish has extracted assurances from union government and planning commission that special assistance's might be arranged to Bihar from central government!
Now the question is of mass appeal of both the regional stalwarts from eastern states. Mamta has clean image!
There used to become many ups and down for Mamta in West Bengal-but when I visited the many parts of West Bengal in March-April, I found that Mamta Bannerejee has definite mass appeal throughout the West Bengal!  Even her worst critics, never deny her courage, fortitute and financial integrity!She has proved that she is the credible leader in West Bengal against left parties.. She is the lone face among women leader, who without any tacit support of anybody, particularly male politicians, has succeeded in ending the 34 year rule of left front government in West Bengal. Many political obituary and epitaph have been written on Mamta but she proved that she is the mass leader of West Bengal without any black-spot. And After Jyoti Basu, Mamta Bannerjee has only appeal among masses of West Bengal. Here I must compare her with Laloo Prasad Yadav of Bihar, who had such tremendous mass appeal in touching the hearts of rural poor and in giving the poor the voices in Bihar in  late 1990s and early 2000s. Like Laloo Mamta , in her oratorial skill, speaks voices of people in West Bengal like Laloo in his typical style, used to speak the voices of poor in Bihar
Nitish Kumar of Bihar, who had given hopes and aspirations to the people of Bihar for rebuilding a new Bihar, has developed many ifs and buts.  Enlightened people had seen in Nitish Kumar, an able and efficient administrator like first chief minister of Bihar Dr Sri Krishna Sinha! But hopes and aspirations are bellying!His authoritarian and dictatorial style apart from his dependence on bureaucracy have cost him heavily and dented his public image. His image has taken down-turn specially in rural areas because of non-implementations of his  promises at the time of elections. Situation has come to such a pass that now the people have stated demonstrating against him and pelting stones on him during his various yatras in rural areas!.


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