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Monday, 4 June 2012


For the last four days, Bihar, which is well known for feudalism and atrocity on weaker sections of the society, has once again gained more and more notoriety with the killing of the founder of the Ranveer Sena, a private army of landlords, conservative people and their upper caste tags, Brahmeshwar Singh Mukhiya in the suburb of Ara town by unkown assalaints. Apart from violences in Ara, damaging public property, arsons, loot  and assaulting poor and weaker sections of the society, the trouble spread to the state capital-Patna- where his body was cremated nearby Bansghat funeral site where the first President of India and apostole of peace and non-violence  Dr Rajndra Prasad was also cremated over 45 years back.
 The long processions of a particular sections of society, added and abeted by their caste's senior leaders, with the body of Mukhiya, known for murders of over 459 dalits ,muslims including children and women, specially in Bhojpur, Gaya, Jahanabad, Ara,  Arwal, Aurangabad district in late 1970, 1980s, 1990s reached Patna and created vandalism, violences, loot, anti-government slogans, and  strangely glorifying banned Ranveer Sena and Mukhiya.
 FREE FOR ALL AND  WHO ALLOWED CREMATION IN PATNA?::-It was free of for all of them. Police were no where to prevent any untowards incident. In the process, the arsonists with the body of Brahmeshwar Mukhiya, spared none, burnt police and private vehicles,, assaulted pepole on the main streets of Patna without any rhyme and reasons. And the police, under the command of the Director General of Police Abhayanand remained a silent spectators! Entire government machinery were found cripilled. In this critical hour. The chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar was away from the scene in the state capital on his sewa yatra tour of Bhagalpur and Kishanganj districts. His deputy chief minister and a senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sushil  Kumar Modi and other ministers and senior officials on whom Nitish Kumar bank for so called good  governance were conspicuous by their absence to control the situation!
With all these developments, a big question arises, "who allowed the funeral procession and cremation of Brahmeshwar Singh Mukhiya, who was killed at Ara, about 60 km from Patna, at the bank of Ganga river at  the Bansghat cremation ground"? Is he Abhayanand to appease the banned Ranveer Sena activists and their political associates including rebel JD(U) member of the Lok Sabha from Munger Lok Sabha seat  Lalan singh , the former union minister Akhilesh Singh,  of  then Rashtriya Janata Dal, now of the Congress , state unit chief of the BJP Dr C P Thakur?
FEUDALISM IN BIHAR:-Feudalism and caste war  are not new for Bihar. It all started in late 1960s vogorously in the state, in which it is said that over 20000 people, majority of them from dalits, muslims and poor among firward caste were killed. Initially it started with  socialist movement in Darbhanga and Madhubani under the CPI leader Bhogrendra Jha and Socialist leader Suraj Narayan Singh. Both Socilists and Communist parties fought for land to land less in these two districts by capturing forcively Darbhanga Raja lands and distributed them among landless.Later ultra left movement in Bihar started  raising voices against atrocity by feudal upper caste people  and finally culminated into caste and calss war by private armies of almost all upper caste people to suppress the voices of haves-not. Resultantly,at least two private armies-Ranveer Sena and Bhoomi Sena were formed in  late 1970s by land-owing fedal Bhumihar and backward Kurmi caste "in the name of protecting lands and farming from ultra left and dalits in central Bihar districts including Patna, Nalanda, Nawada, Gaya, Jahanabad, Ara, Rohtas, Aurangabad,Arwal ditricts etc  Kurmis' bhoomi sen wasmainly to protect their lands from ultra left and upper caste landloards! Subsequently intense fighting between these senas of vested interests in one hand and MCC (Now CPI-Maoists),and IPF (now CPI-ML)  and other naxal organisations started in these districts! By that time ultra left organisations had launched agitation for lands, home for homeless and stopping of atrocity on weaker sections of society  by feudal land-owing classes and caste.
Feudal mindest of upper caste grouped and regrouped under the over-all leadership of Ranveer Sena , formed by Baramhshwar Mukhiya. Under the gangloard ship of Mukhiya, upper caste people engaged in mass annihiliation of dalits, muslims, backwards, poor from upper caste in central Bihar districts. And Ranveer Sena activists under the direct  leadership Barhmeshwar Mukhiya started genocides in central Bihar districts and killed over 600 dalits, muslims, backwards, poor among upper caste to revenge the armed revolution of ultra left parties and killings of upper caste landed atrocious and feudal landlords and their family members in old Gaya and Arungabad districts.
KILLING SPREE:-Thereafter, killing sprees of dalits started and  over 300 of them were killed in massacres by Mukhiyas and his army members in late 1980s and in 1990s in Bathani toila, Lakshmanpur-Bathe, Nagari, Sidani, Ekwari, Haibashpur, Miyanpur , Panchkouli aaAkopur  and various other villages in  the central Bihar districts.
It all started from Congress rule and Laloo-Rabari rule in Bihar mainly. Mainly because Laloo Prasad Yadav, who on his height of mass populariity, had given voices to the weaker sections of society to resist and protest atrocity on them by rich , feudal upper caste in Bihar. Thus gravitation of killing spree  by Ranveer Sena \and his founder in central Bihar Barhmeshwar Singh took full form, Laloo Prasad Yadav had banned Ranveer Sena And a serious hunt to arrest Mukhiya was started during his regime..Laloo-Rabari tenure in Bihar had also constituted a judicial enquiry commission  led by Justice Amir Das to enquire into role of private armies, particularly Ranveer Sena led By Mukhiya in giving results of massacres after massacres in BIhar.
 The commission had spotted many active politicians of BJP, Congress etc of a particular sections of society in encouraging Ranveer Sena and its head Mukhiya. Being affarid of exposition, many such politicians had demanded scarapping of Amir Das commission. And at last , with the installation of  Nitish Kumar of NDA rule in Bihar, the chief minister Nitish Kumar, without assigning any reasons, had scrapped the commission, to utter surpricse of the people of Bihar! Its head and founder Brahmeshwar Mukhiya went underground and remnained elusive for over eight years. Ultimately Brahmeshwar Mukhiya was arrested from Exihibition Road house in Patna and put on trial in over two dozens massacres cases.
 Even during underground period, Brahmeshwar Mukhiya used to meet mediapersons and secretly mainly in Kankarbagh areas. Once during morning walk, this writer had by chance meeting with Mukhiya through common acquintances, morning walkers! I asked him why he is killing children and women of dalits. His instant reply to me during morning walk was that "our Sena and myself eliminate children as after growing they will become naxalites and raise their voices against upper caste" . About women, his reply was ,I and my sena activists  target them as they give birth to children, who would become naxalites to teach lessons to upper caste landowners." I was stunned with his such statement in early 1990s when Brahmeshwar Mukhiyta\had surfaced during morning walk in Kankarbagh areas with some of my and his common acquintances!
KILLING OF MUKHIYA BECAUSE OF GANGWARFARE:-Latest killing of Brahmeshwar Mukhiya, in my opinion, is the result of gangawrs among activists of  banned .Ranveer Sena as well as fight for political supremacy among higher caste, specially dominant Bhumihars among the legislators of NDA coalitoon government , comprising JD(U) and BJP in Bihar. Apart from that, one more reasons could be cited recent acquital of all the accused persons in a massacre case of 23 dalits including women and children in Ara district including Mukhiya , who were awarded capital punishment and  life  sentences by the district and session judge of Ara, had been declared null and void by the division bench of the Patna high court. Instead of appealing the case in the Supreme court, Nitish Kumar government showed dithering attitude to appease a particular upper case and his dominant alliance partner-BJP.. I think this must have antagonised concious and elightened people and they would have thought to give instant justice to Mukhiya by killing him.
ORIGIN OF NAXALWAD IN BIHAR:-In 1970s, over a dozen instances of killings of landlords and feudal forces had taken place in north Bihar. It all started from Musahari village in Muzaffarpur district where four landlords were killed by naxalites while carrying out their direct annihiliation theory, propunded by top -ranking naxalites- Charu Mazumdar and Kanu Sanyal. There after a seriors of murders of landlords and feudal people, having vested interests had taken place in Darbhanga district, specially in town areas. The then dreaded naxalite Umadhar prasad Singh, who was product of Naxalbari movement under the leadership of Charu and Kanu, killed a landlord Balani, who created atrocity among weaker sections of society in Darbhanga town suburb, and one Prasad of Mirzapur areas of  Darbhanga town, and known for investing money on high interest rate to poor and torturing them in case of non-payment, were killed by Umadhar Singh in direct action of Naxalites.Later Umadhar Singh had told mediapersons in late 1980s that ultra left had now chanmged their strategies because they could not get peoles' support for whom naxalites are eliminating feudal and landloards. Umadhar Singh later became three times MLA from Hayaghat assembly constituency and even today he is formewr naxalite but working for success of  naxal movementin the country leaving lonely at his Darbhanga town residence where on a few uyears ago before his death Kanu Sanyal was a regular visitor. Recently, I personally went to meet Umadhar Singh out of courtsey and sauw a host of present and pastMaoists at his residence chalking out strategies over a cup of coffee! Umadhar Singh was also key organiser in giving result to Musahari killings in Muzaffarpur district!

BHOJPUR TURF:-More over later, war of turf shifted to Bhojpur and Gaya zones of Bihar where under the stewardship of Veteran Naxalite top ranking leader Satya Narayan singh had given shapes to annihiliation theory of Naxalites at many places in these areas. Satyanarayan Singh, a resident of a nearby village of Ara town, had spent his whole life in Telegana\ areas in Andhra Pradesh for harbouring the naxal activities in that state. In his early 50s, Satyanarayan, who remained underground in Telegana areas, fell ill in the deep forest of Teleganana while underground  and before he was gven treatment, he died. It must be recalled  that his body was brought to Calcutta just after emergency during the regime of Morarjee Desai and his cremation took place on the confluence of Ganga-sea in Calcutta. His funeral procession was unique in the sense thar being from Bihar, worked whole life for ultra -movement throughout the country , specially in Telegana areas, was well attended. Thousands paid floral tributes to him. His funeral procession was four-kilo meter lomg,
After that mantel of ultra-left movement in central Bihar went to IPF , led by Vinot Mishra and MCC , now CPI-ML (Maoists). Their presence were significant in  late 1970s and 1980s and 1990s in Bihar. But at later stage, the IPF , who had gained most popularity among masses, were converted into a political Party-CPI-ML. Practically the CPI-ML had beeen left lone voices of masses in Bihar as one of the viable communist parties in the state. CPI-ML (Maoists) are also concnentrated in Bihar's Gaya, Jahanabad, Muzaffarpur, Champrans, Aurangabad, Jamui, Nawada, Sitamarhi, Raxoul, Purnia, Saharsa, Darbhanga etc areas in Bihar. Of late these naxal organisations are giving shape to spread the movement in different parts of Bihar by spreading its network. Earlier Laloo Prasad Yadav had sympathetic corner with Naxals and Maoists now Nitish Kumar has also applied same theory although during Nitish regime, many hardcore and senior naxal leadrs had been arrested and put behind bars!
In the background f of all thse developemnets in Bihar, the killing of Barhmeshwar Singh Mukhiya must not be taken seriously. But Nitish Kumar will have to answers many questions with latest developments in the wake of killings of Mukhiya and vilolences and vandalism in Ara, Patna and other placres of the state with tacit support of his  administration. Nitish Kumar, who is striving hard to build new Bihar and during his stewardship Bihar has started looking up on almost all fronts, must bev facing the worse challenges of his political life. Nitish will must to take final call!

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  1. Is incredible how the fight start, the murdered without justice, the injustice with dalits .... I can understand that is one caste very slow but still are persons, if they come live to my country they will be normals and will have right for everything; still dont understand what some countries have justice and others not; i have faith that someday all this will be changed, for one India with justice for all and not just for brahmans and others high caste....