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Sunday, 7 October 2012


India is the most uneducated country in the world! Its literacy rate is 74.04 percent. Kerala is the most literate state in the country with 96 percent of that state are literate while the Bihar , which was once place of ancient learning and education, has lowest rate of literacy with 63.8 percent people are literate. In over 1.20 cores population in India, hardly two to three percent population has college or university degrees in the country.

 While the nations of the globe are spending more that 25 percent to 35 percent on education in their respective countries, the successive governments of the union and the states in India hardly earmark three to four percent budget on the education! Much-publicized fund for literacy programme are going down to the drains with rampant corruptions at every level and illiteracy is increasing year to year what to speak of college and university education to the students.

Sadly in India the most important components-education, health and food are practically not subsidized while subsidies are given on with open heart on kerosene, diesel, LPG and petrol, which mainly concern the upper strata of the country. It is a fact that entire world countries understand that poor must be subsidized but not in the manner, the Indian people are subsidized on diesel, petrol, LPG and kerosene oil. Instead of subsidy on kerosene to poor in India, the Indian government must subsidies, the poor should be given solar lantern to light up their houses and help the poor children educate themselves in evening hour by providing electricity charge at important points in the rural areas! Paradoxically, the two important political parties in the country-the Congress and the BJP are undergoing a geographical shrink because of their wrong policy to run the affairs of the country and regional parties are taking definite shapes and there appears to be upsurge to run the affairs of the country by adopting proper policy to educate people and other upliftment measures to wipe out regional imbalances and poverty  in the country.

Now I must place some instances about the world nations, which are doing tremendously well for educating their respective countrymen. Despite ongoing financial crisis throughout the globe, p[particularly Europe and America, the investment of adequate money  for college education  is still worth investment. Developed countries are most educated countries and there are chains of high learning centers.

Based on a study conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and displayed on 24\7 Wall St., the 10 countries are with the highest population of college educated adult residents. Topping the chart of most educated country in the world is Canada- the only nation in the world where more than half of residents can proudly hang college degrees on their walls.  In 2010, 51 percent of the population have completed a tertiary education, which takes into account both under-graduate and graduate degrees. Canada also commanded the top spot in the last study in 2000 but even still has shown serious improvements. A decade ago, only 40 percent of the nation's population had a college degree-thus Canada is most educated country in the world!

Surging the number two most educated spot was  the Israel, which neared the Canada by five percent increase, the Japan, the US, the New Zealand, the  South Korea, the UK, the Finland, the Australia, the Ireland. All ranked more than 40 percent citizens having a higher education degree. College graduation rates continued to surge despite world during recession. The percentage of adults with the equivalent of a college degree rose by more than 30 percent in 2010.. IN  U S , more than 40 percent, which is the highest in the world, population have college and university degree! However, the improvement in higher education is higher to achieve in developed countries. Most developed economic courtiers have most educated population.

OECD-education at a glance-2012 report calculated the proportions of residents with a college or college equivalent degree in the group's 34 member-nations and other major economies; based on the report 24\7 Wall St. identified the ten percent with the highest population of adult with a college degree. The majority of countries that stand the most on education have the most educated population.

In an interview with 24\7 Wall St. OECD chief media officer Matthias Rumpf explained that educational findings appear to have  a strong relationship to how many residents pursue higher education, private spending on educational institutes relative to public expenditure is much larger in the countries with the highest rates of college equivalent education-OECD says further average private spending is 16 percent. In the US, 28 percent of funding comes from private sources.

But in the case of India, what to speak about college and university degrees, even literacy is worse aspect. Children, who start education at infant level, hardly reach primary level and if they reach, do not complete middle education! Question of secondary does not arise in most of the cases. College and university education are far cry for them because of acute poverty in India! Apart from  that, government spending on education is lowest in the world in India. Over 30 years back, most of the college and schools were managed by private persons and teaching were high class-But the day union and state governmements nationalized the colleges and schools, teaching had gone to the drains. None of the union and state governments are paying adequate attention on education! But now with leliberalisation in economic policy, some very good educational institutions have come up and those institutions are providing learning of excellence!

Today in rural India, one has to walk for two to three miles for even primary, middle and secondary education. There are no networks of schools. Besides acute shortage of teachers , appointment of semi-literate teachers have made the situation beyond imagination in India's rural and ur, some NGOs are working good work in rural areas for imparting education to rural folks!. Students-teacher-school ratio in India are awfully low.

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