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Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Recent uprising and protests among Muslims of the globe is justified in the wake of the release of the hate video, "INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS". Such protests have virtually  engulfed the West Asia and North Africa and the entire muslims community in India and the globe. More than 20 countries including Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt,, Iraq, Algeria, Yemen,, Jordan, Morocco have recently witnessed street fight and protest, killing many of the Muslims while trying to enter US and other Western embasies to protest blasphesy of Islam. India also did not remain untouched from such protests by Muslims throughout the country. Many of such countries, which had recorded serious protest over the issues, are close to imperialist  and authoritarian  America ! Sadly, such hienous crimes against Muslims and their religion are not new in at least Africa and Latin Amnerica as well as some countries of the Arab world where articles, cartoons etc have appeared lampooning the  Islam and the Prophet. There appears virtual war cry against Muslims in the world including in India when we go through the records of the Indian government towards treatment  to Muslims in the name of being terrorists! I had written a comprehensive story on July 17, 2012  on my blog www.kksingh1.blogspot.com under headline, " MUSLIMS IN THE GLOBE VIS-A-VIS IN INDIA", depicting atrocity on Muslims in the pretext of being them terrorists  in the world.. Are the Muslims of the world not human beings; do not have they cultural and literary history  as well as do not they  make the world , place for peace and prosperity?

The President of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) Barack Obama, has , sadly no words of remorse over these ugly happennings including killings under his  open eyes because of US drone missiles  attacks in Muslim -dominated countries. Obama had, in his speech in the United Natation General assembly had said, " US protect the right of all people to express their views that  we profoundly disagree with.". Obama cotninued to delivering threats to Muslim countries, particularly Iran. About recent violences, Obama used the language of his predecessors George W Bush, who had initially started smear campaign against Muslims of the world! Tension between US administation and Muslim countries appear to be escalating in view of insult to Islam and the Prophet. Fear and hatred towards Muslims, who are one of the largest population in the world! The US is creating Islamophobia in the Indian sub-contoinent, which is directly influencing  the Indian government to victimise innocent Muslim youths.

Least said is better about successive Indian  governments in recent years about treatment towards Muslims, the Islam and their religious places in India. It all started from 1980s when a fanatic mob led by the senior BJP leader and the party's prime ministerial aspirant Mr Lal Krishna Advani demolishing the Babari Masjid in Ayodhaya. In india Muslims are fear-ridden because of the continued neglect of Muslims towards their  poor socio-economic status. The Sachar committee, appointed by the Union government of India,  has  pointed out the reasons of backwardness among minority community and had suggested many measures to uplift them.

Moreover , in India, a strange  development is taking place. Muslims are framed in criminal cases because of their alleged involvement in terror activities!Many  Civil Society organisations have complied facts about their innocences in the terror activities.. Intrestingly , it has been fond in most of the cases that Muslims, framed in terror and sedition charges are released after living behind bars for months together because of non-substatiation of charges against them. A fortnightly Front Line in its recent article," STRAINING TO BE HEARD" has written, " At a time when Muslims across the world have been taken aback by the hate-inducing depiction of the Prophet MUhammad in the derisively tilted film, "INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS", such fabricated cases point to a larger trend of anti-Islamic propganda, perpetuated particularly by the United States and its allies." In India context the Frontline article has further said," The community's socio-political environment is marked by its own insecurity and the Indian state's indifference to such fabricated cases."

To substantiate the evil design of India governmet under the patronage of U S Administration towards Muslims of India, just I am pointing out the few glaring instances of concocted anf fabricated cases against Muslims and mainly their youths in terror activities related cases. While protesting anger against film, hoodwinking and lampooning Islam and the Prophet, the agitationist-Muslims have aptly incdicating the American influences on  Indian government's policy. Such indication amply cleras that India is sadly deviating from its non-alingmenment policy and in blatant manner following the footsteps of imperialist America in its foreign policy.

While poining out many fabricated cases against Muslims, a New Delhi based, the Centre for Policy Analysis, which conducted public hearings, has submitted instances of many fabricated cases , involving a number of Muslims in terror-related cases.The centre, in a statement, has said, " there is rising concern across the country about the large-scale arrests and harassments of Muslim youths by the security forces of the state. Young men are being picked up without explaination, taken into custody, beaten and tortured and eventually thrown into jail awaiting trial for years to end. Several have died in custody., the latest case being  a Darbhanga based Qateel Siddiqui who died in mysterious circumstances in the Yerwada jail in Pune. He was arrested last November and killed in a high-security prison for a case in which his complicity had still not been established. There has been silence about the disappearance of  another Darbhanga-based engineer FasihMahmood, picked up from in Saudi Arabia. Except for denying any knowledge of his whereabouts, there has been no response from United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government about efforts to trace an Indian citizen whose family is now running from pillar to post in search of justice. Urdu journalist Syed Kazami remains in jail on charges of terrorism, with the police still to file charge-sheetd against him." The Supreme Court, hearing the pleas of Fasih's family shown its helplessness in rescuing Fashih!

Another recent report of a civil society group, Jamia Teachers Solidarity Association (JTSA) has also revealed that  accused Muslim youths in 16 cases, in which the government police had been arrested and charged Muslim youths terrorism, sedition  and treason have been acquited by the court. THe report of the JTSA is titled as "framed, damned, acquited:Dossiers of a very special cell has come on the eve of the fourth anniversary of the Batla House incident, which has been described many persons as fake encounter." The JTSA had also released two such reports in the past on "Encounter at Batla House:Unanswered questions (2009) and the case that was never: The SIMI trial of Jaipur (2012). In both the reports, the JTSA says the Delhi police and the Intellignence Bureau had connived to frame  innocent youths.

In a series of third report, JTSA says, "When human right activists or families of those arrested in the charges of terrorism, allege foul play on part of the investigating agencies, the usual response is this: Surely, there must have been some involvement or elese why should the police arrest him, and not me?" The evidences that the report, presents show clearly that the acquitals were not simply for want of evidence ( a common reason cited by the polce when it loses the case). What judgement after judgement comments on is the manner in which the so called evidence provided by the police and the prosecution was tampered with and fabricated, how story afer as presented by the prosecution was unrealiable, incredulous and appeared as concocted." The JTSA, in the process of making its report public, has described  manoeuvring by the special cell for spreading Islamophobia following 9\11 world. The JTSA futher comments, " To those who say that there is no smoke without fire........the reason behind the police-----the special case in this case, but this could be true for any othe inverstigating agency as well- framing innocents can be many; to settle scores, to teach a lesson, to buy favours, to dispose of petty informes past their usefulness to help out colleagues in other parts of the country." The JTSA has also disclosed that in most of the terror related cases between 1992 to 2012, a large number of accused persons from amongst the Muslim youths had been acquitted and these facts had been revealed through right to information petitions!

Over enthuasiatic police and intelligence officials concot these cases against Muslims for terrorism with sole purpose to please their successive political bosses as well as for getting gallantary awards. Apart from this, the present judicial suystem in India had also many hicuups. Judges feel helplessly helpless. Huge time is taken by the police to file chargesheets against the accused persons in all these cases , resulting into victimisation and liguishing in jail of the Muslim youths in the country.

Now, the way hatred is being created in  India against Muslims in the name of terrorism , obviously to please US government by the UPA government led by Dr Manmohan Singh will rebound in destroying the secular fabrics of the country. Not only that there is million dollar question about deviating from our much-cherished non-alingment policy! Just US wants to create its hegemony on the Indian subcontinent when the India is growing economically. The US needs us not we need US! Surprisingly, why UPA government is suspicious about Iran, Cuba, and other South-East Asia countries, which have been India's age-old friends in pleasure and pain? The America  believes in imperialism and is in search of market in Asia and Africa to sell their junk goods and is showing us lolly pops!

Sources: Various websites including union Home ministry, New Delhi-based Centre for Policy Analysis, Jamia Teachers' Solidarity Association, The Hindu, The Frontline and some websites of Muslims countries as well as US president and US administration website, UNITed Nations website:

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