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Thursday, 3 January 2013


Is the India, the country of over 120 crore population, heading for alienating the majority of population from the national main streams? The facts appear very much like-the-same when I take a glance of the 'functioning' of the successive union governments as well as the 'say' of the people of  States of the Indian Union like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatishgarh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra,Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Maharshtra, Uttarakhand , Himachal Pradesh etc on important matters of 'governance and policy decisions' at the national-level.

Not only that, reports, emanating from union government's in Delhi, are seldom taken into 'considerations seriously' by the people of politically alienated states in South India and Eastern States like Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal, Assam, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland Odisha, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Tripura, West Bengal, Andmand and Nichobar, Chandigarh, POndicherry, Lkshadweep etc ! Rather the people of these states feel that they are 'not the citizens' of India. Their languages, culture and traditions are far different than the people of the mainstream states of 'cow- belt' like North India , Central India and West India. They consider their problems independently although mired in problem-galores.People of these states also 'consider' the people of the mainstreams states as 'of India'. They have their own 'India'. People of many eastern states ' want cecessation' from the rest of India because of their continued neglect.

 Media bias from mainstream centres like New Delhi  is also considered main factors for such 'story' of alienation of these states. After all India is country of Indians than why ignoring south and east in striking balance in the country in the dissemination of news and views! However, respect of the Constitution in respect of adult franchise goes smoothly and after all these alienated states have 'faith' in parliamentary democracy. But taking into account the hegemony and supremacy of mainstream states over southern and eastern states will continue for how many years for the nascent democracy in India?

There are wide gulf between rich and poor in India. Over 78 percent population of the country are under acute poverty. They have no house , no lands. Tribal, living in the forest areas are the worse neglected. Over 15 crore population living as 'khanabadiosh' in hills, ocean belts etc are yet to be brought under national mainstreams. They are yet to see the light of the day of Indian democracy! (my blog topic :- over 15 crore population in India yet to come under national mainstream, September 06, 2012)

Considering the back -ground of these facts, I want to trace the history of India. I strongly feel that differences of opinion among the mainstream states and alienated states are mainly due to the 'Indus Valley civilisation' of Aryan culture in medieval and ancient Bharat'. This Aryan culture, which entered 'Bharat land' from the central Asia, had discriminated Dravidian population of Bharat. In this game, the aboriginal population of the  India, mainly' black' living in  hilly region and extreme south, who are said to be the ' original inhabitants' of the ancient India, were continued to be ignored to create supremacy of Aryan culture and civilisation. At the cost of a'aborginal', the 'foreigners-Aryans' are ruling the country although it is facts that  Aryan culture also penetrated the south Deccan areas!  Eminent historian A L Basham, in his book-The Wonder That Was India- has said,  " While in northern India the standards of  Hindu culture declined somewhat after the  Gupta age, in the Deccan they flourished and advanced.By this time Aryan influence had penetrated the whole of the Peninsula, and the contact of  Aryan and Dravidian produced a vigorous cultural synthesis, which in turn had an immense influence on  Indian civilisations as a whole."

To substantiate further about the contribution of shaping 'Indian Nation' as a whole by Southerners, Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru, in his book Discovery of India,, has pointed out, " The repeated invasions of North India did not affect the south directly. Indirectly, they led to many people from the north migrating to the south and these included builders and craftsmen and artisans. The south thus became a centre of the  artistic traditions while north was more affected by new currents which the invaders brought with them. This process was accelerated in later centuries and the south became the strongholds of Hindu orthodoxy."

In my opinion problem of north-south-east tussles mainly cropped up during the East -India Company domination of British Raj period Britishers played games to divide each other and without any substantial work of development and solving problems in India. The 'Raj" only ruled the country for their enlightened self-interest of imperialism. Real division and differences of opinions among Indians started from that point under the instigation of Britishers. In the process creation of Pakistan and "seed of discord' among Hindu-Muslim came into fore. And the country is facing a host of problems !

The political development in the Indian polity in the last 25 years should also be considered jolts after jolts in keeping the country united. It all started with demolition of 'Babr Masjid' demolition led by forces of Hindu Parivar of RSS, VHP, BJP. Since the demolition of the 'masjid', a clear battle line has been drawn between secular and communal forces in the country. Bunch of Muslim population have also started feeling discriminated! Subsequent to Gujarat riots , killing thousands of people in Gujarat and other parts of the country, the so called 'icon of saffron brigade Narendra Modi' has aggravated the politics of communal ism, Hndu nationalism and the society in India has been badly divided. The 'hat-trick' winning of the Gujarat assembly election  by Narendra Modi, who was an architect of  eliminating Muslims in Gujarat 2002,is aptly reminds the 'demonstration' of Modi to formalise the electoral victory in the line Hitler, who too came to absolute power through ballot and later became a 'fascist'.A political analyst of Patna, Surendra Kishore has said, " Since the advent of policies of globalisation and liberalisation these sections of socially and economically advanced, who are active in social media networks such as Twitter and Facebooks,  have been getting more and more vocal to protect their own narrow interests and at the same time deny the right of crores of the poor and the marginalised"

Thus, emergence of Narendra Modi is bound to have significant impact on the national political scenario in the wake of 2014 Lok Sabha elections. In the BJP circle Narendra Modi is widely expected to lead the BJP at the national level as prime ministerial candidate in the Lok Sabha elections.Modi's third victory has also proved that now a days , elections are not fought on issues like corruption, misgoverning, and administrative misdemeanours but stress is given on 'personality cult'- that happened with Modi, obviously to put Modi, a potential prime ministerial candidate.. Modi,  is being considered in Hindu organisations, a potential leader to polarise votes on communal  line throughout the country.The BJP leadership including national president Nitin Gadkari, party leaders like Sushama Swarajya, Lal Krishna adavani, have, however, certain reservation over the prime ministerial aspirations of Modi and they are opposed to bigger role of Modi at national level. Apart from that Sangh Praivar like RSS including its Sarsanghchalak' Mohan Rao Bhagwat are of the views that Modi will not make a good prime ministerial candidate.

But recent tacit move of Modi like his speech in Hindi (  in Gujarat , Modi never speaks in Hindi but only in Gujarati , but on his election in recent assembly elections, he addresses huge crowds in Hindii) after his victory in assembly election appears a significant signal at the country-level. Modi's apology for 'mistakes' any during his rule in Gujarat also indicates his design to mend his ways in days to come. Not only that slogans , of party men at different places, notably in Delhi,  for projection of Modi as prime ministerial nominee in the next Lok Sabha elections  is also taken seriously in political circles. Projection of Modi as prime ministerial candidate is also signalling break-up in NDA because its major partner -JD(U) led by the Bhar chief minister Nitish Kumar has opposed Modi as prime ministerial nominee. Rather , Nitish has said that prime ministerial nominee must have secular credential! In all tussles in NDA and its partners, particularly in BJP circles, are bound to be hot up in days to come over Modi issue.  Modi's authoritarian way oif functioning had alienated RSS and host of party leaders .But general cadre in saffron groups are hell-bent to bring Modi at national level! Prof Ghanshyam Shah , an eminent social scientist, who has mastery on minority population of India, has commented , " It will be a disaster if Modi goes to Delhi. He has personified the RSS and VHP ideology. Given the cynicism in the country and the phenomenon of risng middle class, he will have support-this class looks for authoritarian personalities in leaders.."

Thus nascent democracy is under serious threat. We Indian must for work unity and integrity of  the country to alienate one sections from another sections in the name of region, culture and of all communal ism. India must remain like the Preamble of our Constitution," The people of India having solemnly resolved to constitute into a sovereign, socialist, secular DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC AND TO SECURE ALL ITS CITIZENS:.......................................................................

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