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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

USA and its President Barack Obama have militarist mindset for Global dominance

'Prematurely acclaimed' Nobel peace prize winner Barack Obama is gradually proving more dangerous and aggressive than any of his predecessors to create the America, a 'emergency state' as well as rapidly militarising the country for moving towards destruction in the name of 'global dominance' of  the country. In the process, Obama has been keenly 'eyeying' developing countries in the South-East Asia (SEA). A  noted columnist A G Noorani, while reviewing the book in the Frontline, a fortnightly, published from Madras, "The Emergency state-America's pursuit of Absolute National Security at all Costs, written by David C Unger, has aptly said, "The United States Supreme Court, packed by successive Republican presidents, has often departed radically from its own earlier rulings. Those rulings bear recalling today because the records of the Supreme Court of India on the Terrorists and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA), the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA), The Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) and the like issues has been worse than pathetic precisely because they are laced with eloquent rhetoric on freedom, while curbing freedom."

The Book David C.Unger,, editorial writer of The New York Times for over 30 years and teacher on the courses on American foreign policy at a prestigious university and a member of the Council of on Foreign Relations, has exposed the militarist mind-set based on  foreign policy of Obama while accusing him for violating civil liberties. The America has  always considered itself a 'super power' and its eyes were "set on global dominance" To spell -out the least about Obama, according to the book; he always carried "prosecuting the government whistle blowers" for speaking the 'truth'. All these actions of Obama have been very rare in the history of America. About the draft of the 'Defence planning Guidance' Noorani has said, " the draft Defence Planning Guidance set ambitious goals in almost every corner of the globe. Rest assured the US will not countenance a powerful  India." Thus US has never played any positive role in the world affairs!

'Barrack Obama is no better'. Unger  writes: Three years into Obama administration, emergency state thinking and habit con5inues to damage our democracy, weaken our economy, and poison our international relationship. As candidate Obama talked eloquently about the importance of the Presidents acting in accordance with the Constitution and the rule of law and promised a new relationship with the world. But as President Obama has addressed only a handful of Bush's most flagrant constitutional abuses while building his core foreign policies around the familiar' emergency' state model. The assumptions and institutions of America's emergency state have been nurtured by 13 successive presidential administrations. seven Democrats and six Republicans. Its practices and values have been sustained, and continue to be sustained by glib overreaching formulae for national security that politicians and foreign policy experts have trained voters to demand from all candidates for national office."

More over , Noorani has said that the state uses conflict for political mobilisation at home and the people inflamed by official propaganda and chauvinistic media, develop a seige mentality. This is true  of the US today for creating cold-war like situation to harm civil liberties and also of the states of South Asia., Noorani  added.When one trace the history of America, a strange but logical thing have come out. The London Economists, representing influential opinion in Britain, wrote on September 16, 1944, "The American prejudice against imperialism-British, French or Dutch- has led many post-war planners to assume that the old sovereign ties will not be re-established in south -east  Asia and that some form of international control or transfer of the imperium to local people, will take place of the old authority exercised by western nations. Since this attitude exists and is even backed by the most widely disturbed Americaan journals and newspapers, it is time that future intentions of British, the French, and the DUtch were frankly and fully explained. Since none of them has any intention of abandoning its colonial empire, but on the contrary regards the restoration of Mlaya to the British, the East  Indies to the Dutch and the French Indo-China to the French as an essential part of the destruction of Japan's co-prosperity sphere, it will be inviting the worst sort of misunderstanding, and even accusation of bad faith, if the three nations allowed any doubt on the matter to continue in the mind of their American ally."

Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru, in his Discovery of India, has rightly said, " America is a curious mixture  of what is considered hard-headed realism and a vague idealism and humanitarianism. Which of these will be dominating tendency of the future or what will result from their mixing together?' Perhaps, the prophesy of Pundit Nehru about America has resulted into' hard-headed realism'! But one thing appear very clear that many of the western civilisations like America have 'fascism and Nazism' outlook.Pundit Nehru  had also predicted, " whatever the future may hold, it is clear that the economy of the U S A  after the war will be powerfully expansionist and almost explosive in its consequences The U S A and the Soviet union seem destined to play vital part in the future.They differ from each other almost as much as as any two advanced countries can differ and even their faiths lie in positive directions. All the evils of a purely political democracy are evident in the U S A; the evils of the lack of political democracy are present in the USSR.And yet of them much in common........."

In his Book Unger, has traced, "the emergency state 'in America took on its present contours in the days of Franlin Roosevelt, Henrry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower.. I agree with the opinion of The New York Times of March 8,1992, titeling "U S strategy Calls for Insuring No rivals Develop in a One-Superpower World" that the "US has no time for equals. It wants subordinates. Hence its resentment of China's rise".More over , the Obama administration's curb on civil liberties is taking a great toll to the Americans. Elimination of whistle blowers by the Obama administration is bound to result into keeping the American citizens in dark about what is happening in the country? People of America would have never known Abu  Ghraib prisoner abuse scandals on the National Security  Agency, warrant less wiretaps. and also about coming to surface Pentagon papers. Significantly personally vets papers, targeting assassination. by Barrack has taken no action against officials under Bush administration for crime committed in that administration.. On various fronts including Afghanistan , Libiya, affairs , the Obama administration has failed miserably.

Unger writes, " We Americans have built the world's most powerful military. Yet we now we live in greater fear of external and internal dangers than before the World War two. We have recorded the world economy to the American specifications. Yet globalisation has fed out fears of outsourced jobs and inassimilable immigrants. We have filled our malls with more consumer products than previous generations could have imagined. Yet we enjoy less economic security than our parents, and we worry, with good reasons, that global competition will mean fewer good jobs and relentless downward pressure on our children's living standards. We have fought repeated wars to preserve the world's freest democracy. Yet the seven decades we have been yielding our most basic liberties to a secretive, unaccountable emergency state-a vast but increasingly misdirected complex of national security institutions, reflexes and beliefs that so define our present world that we forget that there was ever a different America. But there was and we could have it."

"America's emergency state was originally designed to wage hot war against Nazi Germany and cold war against Soviet-led international communism.. Its institutions and the outdated world view they embody, are not good at protecting us against today's most dangerous international threats as the events  of 9\11 and the wrongly targeted and disastrously mismanaged wars that followed painfully  demonstrate,"Unger book informs..

And the USA is moving for 'absolute securty' Henry Kissinger had said, " absolute security for one state is absolute insecurity for all."

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