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Friday, 10 May 2013

3,09,000 lakh children die every day in India on the first day of their birth !

It is sad and tragic ! We cannot save our children and mothers. In India, babies die on the first day of their birth more and more than in many under-developed  or developed countries on the globe. There are appalling condition of the Indian health care exists in India. Over three lakh children in India do not see the  light of the day and do not survive the first 24 hours. Thus India tops in children mortality rate in the world , thanks to our health care system, envisaged by the successive union and state governments !

Sadly India is far ahead of Nigeria, Pakistan, China on this score. According to a report " State of world mothers", released by the "Save  The Children" ;; India accounts for 29 percent of the deaths of the children on the first day they are born, globally. Each and every year 3,09,000 children die in India on the first day of their birth. Nearly, 4,20,000 babies die on the first day of their birth across South Asia. It indicates almost one in every one minute. It is all because chronic malnutrition among expectant mothers.One million children who die each year on the day they are born, almost 40 percent of these are from India, Pakistan and Bangaladesh.

In India  one out of every 170 mothers face risk of their life  while in Nepal the risk is one in 190. In Nigeria, 89,700 deaths take place every day  followed by Pakistan-59,800, China-50,600 Congo-48,400, Tanzania-17000. Loss of children in India is more rampant in rural areas. Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh top the list of children death on the first day of their birth.Expectant mothers' delivery is not done properly. Delivery of expectant mothers are done by untrained rural dais instead of trained midwives or nurses. It is only because there is no network of health system in rural region of India. However there is some solace in Tamil Nadu where health care system are under the hand of well trained nurses-hence Tamil Nadu has no such deaths because of safe delivery.

By and large the entire India, specially rural areas, are poverty -ridden where  persons do not have two-square of meals. Over 78 percent of population do not have access to proper food, drinking water and health care system, Such scarcity results into malnutrition. In many cases , it has been found that if the children or mothers are escaped deaths during pregnancy or delivery time, they subsequently die of many diseases or many of them never remain or lead life of abnormal human beings because of diseases,

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