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Sunday, 5 May 2013

INDIA IS PASSING THROUGH CRISIS AFTER CRISIS, Thanks to Manmohan Singh's silence !

What are happenings in India ? Everyday, one listens a new thing, worse from the earlier one ! Apart from deteriorating relations with our neighbouring countries like China,Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, the country is  sick of present political dis pension at home fronts. Scams, corruptions, failure of governance etc have become order of the day. Still the people of India are tolerating all these non-senses. It seems that we have entered  into a decadent society where nobody appears concerned about the ills in the country. Such deteriorating situation has camouflaged to camouflet the entire system in India by political classes of all hues ! Poverty is growing fast. Education and health have gone down to the drains despite huge expenditures since independence. Simmering discords in eastern states like Mizoram, Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura etc are posing threat to the unity and integrity of the country. Southern states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Puduchery, Goa have altogether different ways in running the affairs. In Tamil Nadu, atrocity on dalits is rampantly on the higher sides ! With regards to central ,north and western states in India like Madhya Pradesh, Chhatishgarh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh , Gujarat,  are working on altogether on different tunes as if all these above mentioned states do not appear parts of the Indian Union. Bihar and West Bengal are on different wave-length where politics is taking driver's seat instead of development.

India has one of  the weakest leadership as Manmohan Singh in the last nine years. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seldom speaks on the burning issues affecting adversely the country. An indecisive Prime Minister quitely watch uncertainty at almost every level.His ruling United Progressive (UPA-two)  led by Congress has become silent spectators of all these naked drama. Opposition political classes, specially the National Democatic Alliance (NDA), led by Hindu front BJP  are fishing in troubled waters. Instead of showing off and embracing the ruling UPA combine for messing up the situation, these opposition political classes appear more interested in grabbing power by any means. Fruitful discussions in Parliament never happen like earlier occasions. The current parliament has notoriety of minimum working days in the history of parliamentary democracy in India  because of walk-outs and boycott of the session by the opposition leaders. in the last four years. Of all countrymen are watching the melodrama with keen interest but helplessly.

Almost, all organs of the government-legislature, executive and judiciary  seem to have dithered away and crippled. These organs have no coordination among each other. Such signal is giving eminent threat of anarchy and chaos in India. Strangely, if any thing serious happens, only thereafter, a solution is found in jet-set speed on pressure from various quarters. There are many cancers in all the organs of the government.

Recent killing of the Indian RAW personnel in Pakistan jail Saranjit Singh is recent example of dithering approaches of the Manmohan Singh government. Except "jaan ka badal jaan", an Pakistani national Sanaullah Ranjay, languishing in Jammu  jail , was injured by irate inmates and Ranjay is in critical condition in the hospital. Is it not be called anarchy in India ? Eminent journalist M J Akbar has rightly said in the Times of India, " India has become a joke in Maldives , a foe in Sri Lanka ,, a doubt in Bangladesh, a shrug in Nepal, a snigger in Pakistan and a taunt in China. Every neighbour has tested India and discovered that this government walks on its knees, India has never seemed as helplessly weak as now Foreign Minister Salman Khursid  thinks China's incursions into Despang is acne which will disappear-perhaps after an application of a multinational creams."

Few ministerial colleagues of Manmohan Singh and their close relatives  are involved  in neck-deep corruption as well as misdemeanour. Every day there is one story of corruption. The latest one is involving the Railway Minister Pawan Bansal. Bansal's nephew and son have been raided by the CBI for giving favour in prize and moneyed postings in the Railway Board. Specific evidences have been found against Pawan Bansal for propping up such scandal in the railways ! It all started in UPA-2 of Manmohan Singh with TWO-G scams by the then telecommunication minister Raja, gobbeling up over Rs 1.75 lakh crore. Thereafter, Commonwealth game scam was surfaced. Subsequently AUDITOR and Comptroller General also examined various flagship programmes i like MANREGA and detected huge bungling of funds And finally selling off coal blocks, worth Rs 1.85 lakh crore was detected.  All these cases are being investigated by the CBI and being monitored by the Supreme Court . Union government's interferences in the affairs of the CBI has also come to light. Union Law minister  Ashawani Kumar reportedly poked his nose over the status report of the CBI to the Supreme Court. Kumar was caught napping by the court but politicking is going to bail him out Huge uproar were witnessed in the country over all these issues but our Prime Minister is maintaining golden silence over the issue.

Thanks to the outside support of the left parties to UPA-ONE government, the first term of Manmohan Singh government made some remarkable achievements. People's angers are growing. Next Lok Sabha elections is due early next year. People will have the last laugh. But the way , development is going on in the NDA over prime ministerial nominee of much-maligned Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and NDA is on the verge of split with JD(U) leader and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar opposing Modi's candidature, Citizens of India have been left on tenterhook without any alternative !

One quotable quote , the writer Chetan Bhagat has written in The Times of India about "the so called empowering of slaves" and has compared the CBI as slave of successive union governments in India. Bhagat sarcastically writes, " Once upon a time. a king committed a grave mistake. He stole the state's money and destroyed national wealth. Angry citizens clamoured for justice. The King agreed. He appointed his pet slave to investigate the matter. The pet slave felt the King had done nothing wrong. The case was closed. Life went back to normal." This is what is happening in the Indian system, likening CBI as 'pet slave'!.

Our executive branch is said to be one of the corrupts organs in the world. Nothing moves without bribe in the government offices. Not only the senior officials succumb to the political pressure for tailored-made opinion and decision  of course on money considerations in connivance with their political masters.

The Judiciary in India has different story. Although , the Supreme court of India has largely escaped systematic criticism, beneath the surface one finds an institution that many court -watchers believe has strayed from the mission and may even unintentionally be undermining the rest of judicial system. There are many examples of intellectual and corruptions by the judges of the  high courts and the Supreme courts. Least said is better about the worse scenario of corruption in lower judicial organs at the district and sub-divisional levels.The  high courts and the Supreme Court disproportionately spends thousands of hours hearing the cases of wealthier litigants situated in and around Delhi and from more affluent states. non the other hands, dozen of vital pending Constitution Benches matters have waiting to be heard for decades. For instance, for many years the court has failed to hear a pending Constitution Bench case to examine the definition of 'industry' in the key piece of labour legislation, creating uncertainty for employers and millions of workers. There is no question that the courts continue to be the last resort of the poor in their quest for justice. But courts are not as forthcoming or responsive as they used to be in defending the causes of the poor.

Like much of the rest of the judiciary, it is overwhelmingly Hindu upper caste (roughly 60 percent of the Supreme Court judges today; but the average representation of Hindu upper caste tends to be higher-closer to 70 percent) with currently no member  of the scheduled caste, only two women and very little representation of the Other Backward Classes (hardly ten percent).

Are we Indian are impotent in this decadent society ?

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