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Friday, 28 October 2011


After 9\11 devastating terror attack on the World  Trade Centre, killing over 2000 Americans, the course of history and political scenario not only changed in US and Europe but the entire globe, particularly India and Pakistan in South East Asia. In both these  countries, terrorists activities have increased many-fold in the last ten to 13 years. Both countries have become victims of their own follies in supporting openly against the terror attacks on America. Hate Muslim community campaign throughout the world and also to capture oil in gulf and other Muslim -dominated countries by US in the name of fight  terror activities and in the process attacks on  Iraq, Afghanistan and Muslim countries  in  Middle east and Arab world by US security forces and other allied defence forces, the situation had impacted very much the world countries, specially in India and Pakistan..While Pakistan is being considered in the world as a stooge of Washington on every sphere of developments, India, which had  glorious history of non-aligned country and for adopting socialistic pattern of society policy in the globe, has been carrying with the pro-US policy and has gradually surrendered to US interests by signing agreement with America on nuclear deal and civilian nuclear liability bill  under the prime minister ship of Manmohan Singh. Foundation of such nefarious deal with US was laid during the NDA government led by Atal Behari Vajpapee to teach Pakistan a lesson by aligning with US-but it could not materialise that time.Now  US surreptitious and strategic support to India reflected in black and white during the present UPA government led by Manmohan Singh.Now US is encouraging each other by its patting and economic power, furthering more animosity.
Strangely on the eve of commemorating the 9\11 tragedy, the Pakistan government placed an advertisement in the Wall Street Journal of America to show its solidarity on rooting out terrorism. such advertisement of Pakistan has detailed that Pakistan had to pay heavy price to counter terrorism along with America. The advertisement said, " Since 2001, a nation of 180 million has been fighting for the future of the world's seven billion. Can any other country do so? Only Pakistan.".the advertisement also cited many examples of sacrifices the Pakistan has made on war on terror.Over 21,672 Pakistani civilians have been killed since September 11, 2001. In the process 3,486 explosions including 283 suicide attacks have taken place in different parts of the Pakistan. Over 3.5 million people have become homeless and economically Pakistan lost $68 billion apart from 2,795 Pakistan army men killed and 8,,671 injured. The Editor of The Dawn, a popular daily of Pakistan, Rafia zakaria has said that Pakistan suffered more than half tragedies in comparison with America during fight against terror.Many Pakistan people lament that Pakistan was totally a different country ten years back but with open support to US, the country has slipped into death traps as this country is now being considered most dangerous nation in the globe.It economy has gone down to the drains. People are in secured. Government expenditures of Pakistan has showed that Pakistan has spent rs 1500 in the first half of the last financial year, which has increased by 31 percent since 2001 when the figure was about rs 163 billion.Economic survey report 20010-11 of Pakistan said,"the event that trans[pired after 9\11 worsened the security envioronment. this has affected paakistan's exports, prevented the inflows of foreign investments, affected the pace of privatisation programme, slowed overall economic activity, reduced import demands, reduced tax collectin caused expenditure overrun on additional security spending and domestic tourism industry sufferred."
On the other hand India has different terminology to support America on war of terror.Terror in India appeares to be mainly becuase of American Support by the country on various matters, forgetting its past history of non-alingned spcialiostic psattern of society. apart from this , discrimination in society is also said to be only of the main causes of resentment and increase in terror acivities-whether it may be Islamic terror attack on vital instalments of India or Maoists or Ultra Marxists attack s on state power and feudal to protest atrocities on poor and tribal in different parts of the country. Minority community Muslims are being discriminated and randomly called terrorists if any attacks took place in India. Apart from that bad governance, encouragement of communal ism by certain Hindu based organisations are also likely causes for rise in terror activities. One of such examples is demolition of Babri Masjid in Uttar Pradesh's ayodhaya by communal elements over ten years back and worst -ever communal riots in Gujarat state of India in which thousands of Muslims were killed by Hindu fanatics in connivance with Hindu fundamentalitalist chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi. Such happening had hurt the Muslim  Sentiments and some time they become revengeful.
More over there were 25 major terrorists attacks in the country in the last ten years. apart from major attack on Indian Parliament in house in December 2001, bomb explosion in busy Sarojinini naganr market in New Delhi in October 2005, Mumbai blast in in July 2006, Mmalegaonbomb explosion in September 2006, samjhauta express bomb explosion in February 2007, Hyderabad mecca masjid attack of may 2007, ajmer dargah blast of octber 2007 and attack on mumbai in most heinous manner in november 26, 2008 had taken place in different parts of india.Curiously in all these incidets muslims were arrested and held responsible for attack, which later in course of deeper investigation tuned untrue. all thse were result of anti-Muslim mind sets of the successive governments at the union and state level. there were many cases in which it was later found that Muslims aware not at all associated with many such incidents. ne of such incidents is Hyderabad mecca masjid attack. initially over 60 Muslims were arrested and out on trial but later on intensive investigation resulted that it was the handiwork of Hindu fundamentalists. Maharashtra police had detected that Hindutva groups had committed this crime in retaliation of jehadi terrorism by Muslims. Many Hindu fundamentalists including Pr Ms Pragya singh thakur, Assemanand of Hindu fundamentalists organisation were later charge sheeted in the case.Demolition of Babari Masjid was an eye -opener when thousands of Hindu fundamentalists mob led by the  former deputy prime minister of India Lal Krishna advani demolished the masjid in ayodhaya and criminal cases were under progress against them.Case of Gujarat riots had different tales-many Muslims were butchered by police and Hindu mobs under the direct supervision of the chief minister Narendra Modi. Many cases were pending in different courts of the country.Muslims of India have genuine complaints that discriminatory treatment of government and majority Hindu fundamentalists m have made life miserable to minority community in India.Not only that poor and tribal in India were being deprived of equal right and they were being uprooted from their lands and houses in the name of setting up industries in the wake of new economic liberalisation policy.In this manner India's rulers were serving the interest of America, resulting into rampant increase in terror activities in the country

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