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Sunday, 16 October 2011


 I strongly  feel Prof Amartya Sen has become senile because of his old-age as told by him in a New YORK meeting recently that he wants to opt out from the active functioning of the Nalanda University as NU Governing board-cum-mentor group chairman and instead want advisory role in the university. Later addressing a meeting in New Delhi, Sen changed his pats and blamed officials for delay in releasing fund for smooth functioning of the university. In the same meeting Sen had also said that  the former President of India Dr A P J Kalam has not dissociated from the university during his talks in Delhi while he (Sen) met him. Sen did not speak even a single sentence about controversy in the appointment of Gopa Sabharwal as Vice-Chancellor of the university, unauthorised opening of the university office in Delhi instead of at Nalanda where theuniversity is to be located, did not give any inkling of meeting of the GB-CUM-Mentor group in Beiging in next few days , about the statement of the minister of external affairs E. Ahmed in Rajya sabha that no V-C has been appointed in the NU etc.Sen came and vanished, telling the people that he was going back to New York, putting a million dollar question over the fate of the NU, which was to be set up as world standard university on the ruins of the ancient Nalanda university, in Nalanda in Bihar!
Now the meeting of GB of the university and discussions over allied matters  concluded on Saturdayiin  Beiging. There Sen's misdenmur had tuched a new height. at a meeting in thePeking university, he used abusive languages against Biharis and Bihar not giving any definite and substantive arguments and logic over the appointment of Gopa as vice-chancellor of theuniversity.Academicians pointed out to Sen that petty Gopa, who speaks good English, that might not be the criteria for appointing her as V-C. In trun Sen spoke in his arrogant style when  Indian academicians in the audiences wanted to know the controversy surrounding the appointment ofGopa sabharwal as  the V-C of the university as well as dissociation of the APJ, who had concieved the idea of the university initially in Nalanda. according to newspapers reports, published in the indian newspapers.
Reports say that Sen appeared flaggerbasted and told the audiences that local media should be blamed for this controversy. Local media reports are not correct," sen told the gatherings and  in the process Sen did not even spare Gopa Sabharwal while replying to the questions of the audiences. Sen further told the audiences  that among top  200 universities in the world, Indian and its state-Bihar state figure no where. He furrthjer said that Bihar is a parachial state. "we wanted to give Bihar NU of the world class but if the people of bihar want to live parachial life than We cannot help." About APJ dissociation from NU , Sen pointed out that He talked to APJ during his recent visit to Delhi on phone (Not met APJ personally as told by him in Delhi meeting) and APJ  told him that He (APJ) is ready to guide us. Sen further blamed the External affairs ministry of India government for not contacting him (APJ)  in the last six months.APJ advised me to send Gopa  for further discussion on NU.Sen admitted that Gopa is handpicked V-C because of various reasons including carrying university affairs in smooth manner. Moreover ,earlier Sen had humiliated eminent historian Prof D N Jha and many other eminent scholars on NU affairs. Sen , however, said that surreptiously Gopa shifted the office of the university in New Delhi..Earlier Sen had called the Bihar acdemicians hierarchia and caste ridden at a meeting on NU in New York  when some of them had raised the issue of appointment of the vice-chancellor and the manner in which funtioning of the university were  being carried out!
Now I consider the union government is mainly responsible for all the ills in the NU. Enacting an Act for developing a wrorld class university in Nalanda on the pattern of theancient Nalanda University and constituting a mentor group-cum-governing borad of the university do not mean that centre has no responsibility-definitely It has all the  responsiblities to frame guidelines under the ACT to  start the university with the cooperation of Buddhhist intrest countries like China, Japan, singapore etc. Prime minister Manmohan singh and union external affairs minister S M Krishna are keeping mum over the issues and Sen not only blatantly humiliating officials but the media and people concerned over the setting up of NU in Bihar.  at least Centre should ask explaination to the mentor group led by Sen that the group had to submit report on infrastructures and other thinfs in nine months-why the group has taken such a long time of over five years in not submitting the repor? Lapses on the part of union external affairs ministry have also come to surface in the recently concluded meeting of GB in Beiging. Embassy of Indiain China has depicted in its credentials that Gopa is V-C of the university when the union external affairs ministry does not consider her V-C of the universityas he had stated recenty in the Rajya sabha that no V-C has been appoiintedin in the Nalanda university! Such type of falacies have created worse type of confusion.
Many loopholes in the NU affairs have come to surface as per replies of the union external affairs ministry under Right to Information Act on various applications of Indian citizens. Gopa has appointed one of her saheli Anjana Sharma as officer on special duty and has appointed many officials and staff for the university in illegal manner. One of appointees Parwez as coordinator of the university at Nalanda is a mediocare and has been appointed under the influences of one of the JD(U) MPs of Rajya Sabha. Parwez is just a typist and does not know abc of university affairs. Parwez appeared helpless when I visited the site of NU a few days back. Parwez told the mediapersons before me that he has not even a register to write about any thing-just he has been appointed and sent here without any work. Parwez   appeared to be a mental case- he was more concerned about his newly wed wife which he had married recently at the ripe age after divorcing his earlier wife and  deserting grown up childrens.
 Such things are not new for NU. Even prof Sen has  three or four marriages-divorcing his earlier wives and childrens and married again and again in United States of America. And this Prof sen is giving us lecture on the culture and civilisation of Biharis and Bihar and calling us parachoal.I do not like to react on the statement of Sen on Bihar because of our culture and civilisation but I must say one thing to Prof Sen he is himself a great parachial. ignoring the claims of the Indian academicians of repute and  Sen became instrumental in appointing as many as his close men including one of his relations "one Sen" working with Amartaya in the same university as member of the GB  -cum- mentor group pressurising uninion government and keeping other foreign members in dark. Sen has  also succeeded in appointing handpicked V-C Gopa of the university, violating the Nalanda university ACT, enacted by the Parliament. and also keeping in dark other  foreign members of the board.
Intrestingly there is surprise   among people of india , particularly Bihar over the silence of the Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar over the entire issue. Nitish used to be very sensitive over the lapses of the centre and used to be past master in criticising union government over drop of hats. But centre's lapses and Amartya sen's humiliating approach towards Bihar have been surreptiously silencing Nitish Kumar. Kumar must intervene so that Bihar must not be deprived of prized opportunity of a world class university. More over his close party colleague and MP N K Singh, a seasone d former bureacrats and efficient politicians mustrspeak about the misdeeds in the university. N K Singh, pouplarly known as Nandu Babu in his close circles had replied my e=mail and informed me that he would raise the issue about controversial appointment of Gopa as V=c in in the next board meeting. But wheather Singh had raised the issue or not- I am waiting for his reply. Let us hope for the best from Singh, who is the loner r from Bihar in the governing board-cum-mentor group of the NU.
Perhaps Sen is after keeping secret his mistakes in all these matters and get provoked and abuses Bihar and Biharis. Sen has not explored opportunity for right candidate of V-C taking into account academic excellences etc. Sen's suspicious approach towards APJ also raises many questions as APJ is considered one of ther top stalwarts on the Indian scene for right action throughout the country.But one thing is  appears very strange , Sen does not lag behind in praising Nitish Kumar and Bihar government on the university affairs instead finding some time to meet  Manmohan Singh to apprise him of  all the related problems and bottelnecks at central level to start work promptly for the university infrastructures in Nalanda. It is on records that Sen had started many NGOs including Pratchchi, which have been assigned lot of jobs and research work by Nitish government worth over Rs 50 lakhs. Such work have been provided by another NDA government led by the BJP government led by Arjun Munda in neighbouring Jharkhand.
By K K SIngh,Columnist, Analyst, based at Patna (Bihar)

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