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Thursday, 23 February 2012


Sanskrit is most scientific literature of the world! Once upon a time, we Indians were leading the entire globe in science and technology. The concept of zero was invented by our ancestors.The Arabs borrowed it from us and the European borrowed it from the Arabs .Our numerals is expressed  in numbers  in astronomical terms.
Markandey Katju, a former judge of the Supreme Court, in his lecture delivered to non-resident Indians in California in June 2011, has dwelt at length these scientific terminology of numbers and alphabets, discovered by our ancestors. Remarkably Katju's explanations about the zero  is wonderful- for example, Katju has said," one thousand requires 1 with three zeros, add two more zeros it becomes one lakh, add two more zeros it becomes one arab, two more zeros one kharab, two more zeros one neel, two more zeros one sankh, two more zeros on mahasankh etc. Each of these large numbers has names."
Notably, Arabian, Persian and Urdu are written from right to left, but you ask any of writer of these languages to write any number randomly, say, 152 of 1,085, he will  write it from left to right. What does it indicate? It indicates that these numbers were taken from language that was written from left to right, and now it is accepted that decimal system was invented by Indians, who could conceive very high numbers unlike the Romans, Kattju has said.
One more example will substantiate the arguments and logic of Katju. It is believed that Kaliyuga, in which we are living, has 4,32,000 years; according to Vishnu Purana.. The Yug (age) before Kaliyuga was Dwapara yug, in which Krishna lived. That was twice as long as Kaliyuga, therefore it was of 8,64,000 years, Before that there was Treta yuga, in which Ram lived. It was thrice as long as Kaliyuga. And before that there was Satyyuga, which was four times as long as Kaliyuga. One Kaliyuga+one Dwapara yuga+one Treta yuga+one Satyuga is known as Chatiuryugi and one Chaturyugi is hence ten times as lons as one Kaliyuga (1+2+3+4=10).Katju has said that that means one Chaturyugi is 43,20,000 yerars long. Seventy-two Chaturyugis make one Manvantara. Fourteen Manvantaras make one one Kalpa, and 12 Kalpas make one day of Brahma. Brahma said to have lived for trillion of years. When traditional Hindu do their sankalp every day they have to mention particular day, the yuga, the Chaturygi, the Manvantara and the Kalp and the date changes daily. It is believed that out of 72 Chaturyugis, half have passed and we are in the second half of the Vaivaswsata Manvantara."
While concluding the topic,  I must mention that one must look at the flight of imagination of our ancestors about Sanskrit language and literature. In the various field of Science, for instance medicine, we made great advance. Shushrutu did plastic surgery 2000 years ago but the westerners discovered it only 200 years back. Indians are far ahead of the westerners in medical science. Similar is the case with the astronomy, which I have dwelt in my earlier write-up in the blog.END

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