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Thursday, 6 December 2012


Perhaps, the world nations have forgotten the consequences of use of lethal weapons used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki , killing lakhs of people and destruction of the unprecedented scale. Not only that, recent wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East countries etc , spearheaded by imperialist America, have killed thousands of people and destroyed the economic structures of the affected countries. Moreover escalation of tensions on the borders of many countries are giving ominous signals of further loss of human beings.  Manufacturing of sophisticated weapons like Drone and targeted missiles  have become very common for world countries apart from having nuclear bombs, chemical bombs like hydrogen  etc.Will the manufacturing , acquiring  and of all exporting of destructive weapons by various nations, particularly U S , China, Russia, France and others to various developing and developed countries put the entire globe under perpetual threat of destruction throughout the world?

China's military spending has been rapidly spiralling and the growing amounts are unnerving the Beijing's  Asian neighbours and policy planners in the Pentagon.And they are wary about the China's long-term 'intention'. On the other hand, the United States of America have significantly increased the manufacturing and sales of arms in the 'world arms bazzars'. In both the cases, such heinous tendencies of these two big powers have been exposed in various newspapers, periodicals of the world including Washington Post, New York Times and various periodicals of India! (My three blogs in the last one years-Scar of Sino -Indian War!, October 22, 2012; US; World's biggest arms manufacturers and India , globe's biggest arms importers- September 08, 2012 and Fight for expanding territorial boundaries in Sea, Island and Islets in Asia- August 13, 2012, have dwelt about weapons race globally)

According to a report of the annual survey of the U S Congressional Research Survey (CRS); a policy research arm of the U S Congress; quoted by eminent columnist John Cherian in tte Frotntline; American arms manufacturers sold a staggering $ 66.3 billion worth of weaponry in 2011. Most of sold arms went into the disturbed countries in the West Asia region. The CRS survey has put the "U S far ahead of other major arms exporters such as China, Russia and France."

To assess the massive manufacturing and exporting weapons by the China is difficult because much  of  it is "the opaque and off the books", such as "the People's Liberation Army 's spending on research and space exploration", say reports of the Washington Post and New York Times. Although the United States still spends four times as much on its military. But if one looks by same account, China is on course to surpass the United States in total military spending by 2035! China's military programme spending increased as allowed by the PLA and it has embarked on a sweeping modernisation programme that in cluded new long-range cruise missiles, a new fleet of J-10 and S-11 fighter jets, an experimental stealth J-20 plane, a refurbished Soviet-era aircraft  carrier and a growing space programme, which includes China's own satellite navigation network. The PLA has also launched on a long-term campaign to improve the inter-operability of its various ground, naval and air forces-long a weak point for the Chinese military power.

Significantly, Washington has signed 77 percent of arms agreements globally last year. US weapons sales have registered phenomenal growth  in 2011 compared with $ 21.4 billion  in 2010. Russia  , has globally, imported 5.6 percent arms sales last year.. Quoting Russian President Valadimir Putin, John Cherian has said that his country's arms sales in the first half of 2012 had crossed the $ 6.5 million mark.. This is 14 percent more than the sales in the corresponding period last year.

More over, India, which was until recently imported most of the defence requirements from Russia, has interestingly turned towards the U S and Western Europe. In 2011 alone, Russia used to fulfil the defence requirements of India for  more than 50 percent India's arms imports.. Such figure was around 80 percent in the previous decades. Russia has now found new 'arms bazzar' in Latin America and also other parts of the world. Iraq has issued new orders of weapons supply and military hard wares. Russia has inked  a deal of worth $ 4.2 billion with Iraq in October 2012.. In this way Russia will be counted as second biggest arms supplier to Iraq after U S. During Saddam Hussein region, Russia was the biggest arms supplier to Iraq. Not only that Russia is also supplying arms to beleaguered Syria., Algeria and Iran. They buy significant of weapons from Russia. After the ouster of Muammar Qaddafi, the lucrative Libyan arms market is being monopolised by U S .

Meantime, China's critics, specially its neighbours, are definitely alarmed over huge expenditures of China on weapons, which, the critics, describe, China's more assertive stance over long-disputed, unhindered islands in the South China and East China Sea. Specially Japan,and Vietnam are more disturbed over such weaponry tactics of China because, they, call, unauthorised interferences of China in Japan's sea territory. Some of them also say China's growing military might shift the balance with American armed Taiwan, which Chinese leaders consider a renegade province to be reunited with the mainland! Apart from that , India also seems disturbed over growing military strength of China! The scar of 1962 war of China against India is still haunting India because the China has been persistently claiming more and more territories like Arunachal and NEFA region. Of late some visa action of China to Arunachal Pradesh, a state of Indian Republic, has also been giving agonising moments to India. Chinese map shows major parts of Himalayan areas , particularly Arunchal Pradesh of India as their territory! The Chinese buildup has caused Japan and some South-East Asian countries to seek assurance from the United States that they would not be abandoned, although Chinese diplomats, have  accused the U S of meddling in what are essentially regional disputes.

Major-General Luo of the China Military Science Society has said outsiders need not be concerned. China's military spending  only "reflects the newly booming economy". He further added that the country's "is simply playing catch-up after years of neglect."Actually, our rapid spending increase in recent years  is more like compensation for the past", Luo said and added, " second the huge increase  our budget is because China faces a lot of threats, traditional and non-traditional. We have a lot of land occupied by other countries. We are also one of the countries in the world with the most neighbours." Luo also said " while other sectors are enjoying the fruits of reforms, the armed forces should not be neglected. It is important that a person not only grow his bones, but also his muscles and the military is the muscles."

Both the China and United States are criticising each others for military build-ups. India , which is the biggest weapons importers in the world, has pacted a deal with United States worth over $ 6.9 billion for weapon supply  and more such deals are under pipelines.Beijing  has criticised a deal of  U S  with Taiwan for purchasing Patriot anti-missiles batteries for over $ 2 billion, China has signalled that such deals will escalate tension in the region. China is entangled in territorial disputes over marine boundaries with many of its neighbour. Military tension is increasing in South-East Asian countries because of  abnormal increase in the sales of weapons in  Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. China has been wishing the reunification of Taiwan with China since 1949.

Andrew Shapiro, the Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military affairs, told U S media in August  2012 that 2012 "is already a record-breaking year for foreign military sales. We have already surpassed $ 50 billion in sales in fiscal year 2012."( The fiscal year of America is from October 01 to  September 30). Such bulk of weapon shipments have gone to developing countries. Shapiro, however, said that the earnings from the sale of military hardware are estimated to be only around one-eleventh of the total American expenditure, totalling around $ 766 billion  Major buyers of American weapons are Gulf monarchies of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, .

According to a latest report of Globalisation Militarisation INdex (GMI), released by the Bonn International Centre for Conversations (BICC), Israel is the top most militarised nation. Israel is attacking blatantly hapless people of Gaza. The second place in militarisation is of Singapore, a close ally of the West. Six of the nations in the GMI list of ten top militarised nations are Syria, (3); Jordan (5), Kuwait (7), Bahrain (9) and Saudi Arabia (10) in the West Asia.. Militarisation is gradually spreading to the central Asian countries also..

India, which is also militarising itself, has been at the rank of 71 while China is ranked 82. The US is ranked 29. Thus rapid militarisation by the countries of the world is giving sleepless nights to peace loving people of the earth.

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