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Monday, 3 December 2012


It is not that I am not a believer and exactly remember the fanatic crowds, belonging to Hindu organisations, led by former union home minister and Bharatiya Janata Party Leader, Lal Krishna Advani , demolishing the Babari Masjid in Ayodhaya ,20 years back on the noon of December 06,1992 . Top Hindu leaders including Advani, Murali Manohar Joshi, Uma  Bharati, Ritambhara, Ashok Singhal, Vinay Katiyar, inciting the huge crowds to demolish the Babari Masjid, adjacent to Lord Ram temple. And they succeeded in demolishing the structures of Babari Masjd! Had these Hindu leaders taken inspiration from the Lord Ram to demolish Babari structures? or they were ought to ruin the secular fabric of India in the name of 'politic'? As far as , the epic- Ramcharitmanas ( RAMAYAN)- written By Tulsi Das on the direct 'inspiration' of Lord RAM and SHANKAR- is concerned , the MAHAKABYA , praising the character of Lord RAM had no where differentiated between religions of the world; it only teaches us 'adarsh grahsath jeevan, adarsh bhratprem, supreme bhakati, knowledge, sacrifice, vairag and sadachar'. But today in the name of Lord, they (Hindu) leaders ruined the masjid and striving hard to consolidate Hindus against the MUSLIMS-my humble submission to them,"RAM KA NAN BADNAM NA KARO".

No doubt, the demolition of Babari Masjid 'under planned conspiracy' is the greatest shame for India since its independence!In the after math of of Babari Masjid demolition, hundreds of people had also been killed in communal riots in different parts of the country! In the process, such fanatic action of the Hindu organisations is gradually destroying the democratic and secular fabrics of India. TWENTY years of the heinous crime elapsed and the perpetrators of the crime led by Advani are moving free, thanks to the incompetence and inefficiency of Judiciary and government machinery! Villain of the pieces Advani, a shamelessly shameless politician on the Indian political horizon, is still keeping prime ministerial aspiration as shrewed operator in the BJP! Are we Indian are really shameless? (MY blog-www.kksingh1.blogspot.com)

Advani had hatched conspiracy to demolish Babari Masjid as back as  in October 1990, which culminated in ultimate demolition of the masjid in 1992. Hindu organisations have srange connotation and they say that Babari Masjid was constructed on RAMJANMBHOOMI by Meer Baki about 1500 years agio. In the process of creating hatred towards MUslims in the country, Advani had toured throughout the  country , particularly from Somnath to Ayodhaya to create atmosphere of hatred and ultimately destroying Babari Masjid in Ayodhaya. While touring the country, Advani had asserted before the huge crowds led by Bal Thakare in Dadar areas of Bombay ,now  Mumbai that on Babari Masjid site, they would construct 'RAM TEMPLE'. After touring on his so called "Rathyatra" Advani finally came to Ayodhaya in Uttar Pradesh where Kalyan Singh government of BJP was in power.. On December 05, 1992, Advani held a secret meeting at the residence of his another colleague Vijay Katiyar in Ayodhaya and hatched  conspiracy to demolish the 'masjid'. Moreover Advani announced at the Masjid site that 06, December, 2012 will be the last date of' Karsewa' by Hindu fanatics. Not only that Advani incited the fanatic Hindu crowd to block Faizabad road from where the central para-military forces were moving to stop untoward incidents. Ultimately , they blocked the highway and did not allow the central forces to enter Ayodhaya. Advani , even, called them to become martyr  to construct 'Ram mandir' at Babari Masjid disputed site by demolishing masjid if the central forces advanced towards at masjid site! Such action was openly floated by Advani to make 'secular India" , a Hindu Rashtra! Kalyan Singh government , even after undertaking to the Supreme Court, to save the situation, did not act and left the field scot-free to demolish the masjid!

Ultimately, amid inflammatory speeches by Advani and other Hindu leaders, the 'karsewaks' demolished the masjid in no time on December 06, 1992. Thereafter , legal formalities started and altogether 49 cases were registered by the police. Apart from special cells of Uttar Pradesh CID, the CBI also took up the cases \.Charges sheets were filed February 1993 against Hindu leaders led by Advani under Sections 153A,153B, 105, 147, 149 of IPC and many other Sections of the Cr-.P.C. And from there , all criminal cases under various sections of IPC and Cr.PC entangled in the judicial cobweb right from lower courts in Rai-Barailey and Lucknow to Allahabad High Court and Supreme court. In between, 10 accused persons and over 50 witnesses have died. And now finally, the admission for the  starting of proceedings in all these cases against Hindu leaders led by Advani are pending in the Supreme Court for the last few years. Incidentally, the Supreme court has fixed on December 06, 2012 , the same day of demolition of Babari Masjid in 1992, to hear the appeal of the CBI. All the cases are lingering and culprits are scot -free! This is what our judicial system-Judges , right from lower courts in Uttar Pradesh to Allahabad High court and Supreme Court, are playing games with such serious nature of cases in the annals of the history of the country. From the very beginning, all these cases are shuttling between Lalitpur lower courts to Barailey and Locknow lower courts and subsequent stays after stays by the benches of Allahabad high court and the Supreme court.

Advani and other accused pesons are taking advantage of loop-holes in instituting cases and transferring it one lower court to other courts,. The allahabad High court and Uttar Pradesh successive governments, specially of Mayawati had  faltered in clubbing the cases and start proceedings against the accused persons even after taking cognisance against the culprits. In the continuation, one judge of Allahabad High court had stayed  proceedings against Advani and others on May 20, 2010. One judge , in a separate appeal, on July 06,2005 had remarked that there were prima facie evidences against Advani and others and criminal cases hearing must start at the earliest. Ultimate , the CBI hasd moved Supreme Court on February 09, 2011 for its directive to start proceedings against Advani and others without any further delay.

Are these things not posing million dollar questions on our judicial prudence and efficiency of our government in the country? I strongly feel the judiciary and government are saving the culprits from such heinous crime-but Lord is witnessing the naked drama of Indian politicians and judges in the Babari Masjid demolition cases. And a time will come when-" hohi yohi jo Ram Rachi Rakaha------------"


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