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Saturday, 11 June 2011


Much media-hyped chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar's China visit , beginning tomorrow is being welcomed by the People of the state except the toiling mass of rural areas, who are far away from any source of communication and are indifferent what is happening in the country!
Nitish is going to China with a strong continent of delegation for week-long visit of China, mainly for encouraging Buddhist tourists from that country and also to know-how technology for agriculture development in that country. Bihar is  completely based on agriculture because of so many constraints like acute electricity scarcity to set up new industries.Only long and repeated announcements of Nitish will not suffice the need of the people of the state, lagging for development and considered one of low-rate states in the country in respect of development. Of course with the advent of Nitish Kumar as the chief minister of the state over six years back in coalition with Hindu party-Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP), law and order , which was at the lowest ebb, has been considerably improved. People are gradually feeling secured to some extend!
But as regards the developmental activities and also creating infrastructures, the work, which was being paced fastly in the first five years of his rule, has gradually slowed down. But his other schemes like cycles to students, kanya vivah yojana, fifty percent of reservation to backward, dalit, women in panchayat and local bodies elections are to be praised-In the second tenure of Nitish Kumar, I find only announcements to bring moon in Bihar by making a lot of announcements not only by Nitish but his ministerial colleagues also. In ground realtyy , nothing tangible is being done to convert these announcements in reality! Of all transport sectors and road communication have also improved to little bit. But rural roads, connecting even the block headquarters throughout the Bihar are completely in mess. Dream of new industries and bringing corporates or capitalists to invest and set-up industries are yet to see the light of the day. Electricity is biggest problem in Bihar. Recent announcements of Nitish Kumar to set-up power plants even nuclear power plants for ample of electricity will take at least ten to twelve years by than Bihar will have to give stress on agriculture and agro-based industries.
On education and health front, Nitish government has failed to bring desired development! Initially, on both these sectors, improvement was witnessed and much fan-fare was created-but later  his measures slowed down. Illiterate teachers on fake marsheets were appointed at primary, middle and secondary level! Any body could expect the imparting of education in rural as well as urban areas in these schools! Sadly , the higher education is the worst causalities. Functioning of all the universities are paralysed for the last three years mainly because of tug of war between governor-cum-chancellor of universities and the Nitish government!Students are migrating to other states for higher education and even for middle and  higher education;Nitish's much hyped impatrting of technical education  by opening institutes also remained on paper only and only a few lower level polytechnics were set up without any infrastructures.
Interestingly, Nitish kumar's Agriculture advisor Mangla Roy, has also informed at a recent seminar on development organised by a national Hindi daily that farm sector is the only hope right now to bring some development. For this he has suggested agro-based industries and fish, goat, chicken rearing and also preparing for cold chain to export vegetables and seasonal fruits, which are grown in abundance in Bihar, to other states. Thus , this process will continue for 10 to 12  years till new power plants are erected and start power generation-only than prospects of big industries could be achieved in Bihar!
Situation is not so bright in Bihar on developmental aspects. His visit to china can bring a new hope for Bihar! Nitish and his delegation should find prospects of immediate generation of electricity besides knowing know-how on agriculture in  China. One should keep in mind one thing that energy from nuclear energy will gradually turn into thing of past because of mishap in nuclear power plants in Japan and before that in  many other countries and also mainly nuclear -induced serious ailments like cancer and other deadly diseases and last but not the least escalation in cost in erecting nuclear power plants .. Most of  European countries have already decided to say good bye to nuclear power plants. China has abandoned the plan of electricity from nuclear power plants and Germany did also the same thing. America, the main propagator nuclear energy, is also giving serious thoughts over the issue because of escalated cost as well as danger from nuclear power plants. ON the other hand surprisingly America is encouraging countries like India to set up nuclear power plants to market its  plants and machinery of nuclear system in crores of dollars!
Surprisingly, till now only 13 percent of total electricity produced in the globe, comes from nuclear power plants.World nuclear power plants capacity has stagnated as per an article in the FriontLine.Nuclear power output has declined by two percent over the past four years.Nuclear capital cost has surged high. In India it has been estimated that nuclear power plant cost for generating electricity has gone up five thousand dollar a kilowatt, compared  with over one thousand dollar per kilowatt for coal based power and under one thousand five hundred dollar per kilowatt for producing power from wind. Renewable energy is growing rapidly throughout the globe.China is rapidly converting its plants to generate electricity from non-conventional sources like renewable energy, wind energy, hydro carbon energy etc.China, which has frozen its all nuclear power projects, already has 4.5 times more installed wind power than nuclear capacity and thus will bound to generate more electricity from wind power than nuclear power schemes.Non-conventional source of energy is gaining popularity throughout the globe
Moreover, Nitish Kumar and his delegation must know the technical know-how of producing wind energy and also from renewable energy from China and adopt the same to Bihar. Technicality for generating electricity from wind and renewable energy is not so difficult and .costly. Apart from agriculture based know-how and attracting tourism in Buddhist circuits in Chinsa, Nitish should approach China leadership for providing technology for generating electricity also.

by K K Singh, a journalist based at Patna after retirement as chief reporter of The Times of India.
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