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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Dear viewers\readers, Now I am back after sabbatical-my blog:
Nitish Kumar vis-a-vis Bihar!
Many things are happening in Bihar in the last over fifteen  days. People are at a loss and sad. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is keeping mum. His government machinery and ministers are engaged in different games! After return from his China 's goodwill visit, Nitish perhaps is dreaming only China and smiling! Reasons best known to him. But some time Nitish speaks gospel truth.!People like me think what  has gone wrong with Nitish! Strangely for every bad things, Nitish and his ministers as well as ministerial colleagues as well as BJP, JD(U) party men blame centre and previous governments for all the prevailing maladies. Forget past and build Bihar slogans do not appreciate present Nitish government!
Nitish was away in China and his health minister Ashwani Kumar Choubey away in Gujarat to take a lesson or two from Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra modi for elimination of Muslims from Bihar when killer disease is rampaging Muzaffarpur 's Tirhut region and police firing in Araria village where six persons were killed including a pregnant woman and a child,
So far over 60 children have died of killer disease in Tirhut region in the last twelve days. Although doctors initially diagnosed the disease encephalitis ,Later  it proved wrong.Pune lab of virology also disclosed that disease is not encephalitis! And dying spree is going on .Children from poor start a are the victims and the disease has spread in entire region. Many poor have not tunrned up to Muzaffarpur hospitals because they cannot afford treatment and  in the process many boys and girls died crying. Almost all hospitals including private and SKMedical college hospital , Muzaffarpur are crowded and flooded with patients. Doctors have raised their hands. In many cases it was detected that parents of children, who died of disease while in treatment in government hospitals, were not given bodies-and cruelty and inhuman treatment crossed all limits in Nitish Kumar government! Moreover, now  the Pune virology lab wants of brain swab to detect the disease after test in the lab-but the state government has  becme motion less. Nothing tangible is done! Only death reports are pouring in apart further spread of Kala-azar in the region in which over half a dozen have died, Nitish government is yet to make arrangements to airlift experts from other parts of the country for proper treatment of the children!
Apart from that, state has also witnessed one of the worst police firings on innocent Muslim villagers in one of the villages in eastern parts of Araria district. Police firing killed six persons including a pregnant woman and a child of Muslim community. Villagers were protesting the sealing of approach road to the village for opening a starch factory by the son of the BJP legislator. Matter was not a big deal-it would have been thrashed out amicably. But police opened  unprovoked and unjustified firing. Government machinery and ministers of Nitish government reportedly put pressure on Araria district administration to clear the villagers f or starting work on starch factory. Deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi had blessings to open starch factory by the son of the BJP legislator! Strangely , instead of giving compensation to police firing victims like such compensations to police firing victims in recent past in different parts of the state, Nitish Kumar ordered for judicial probe and announced that compensation ,if any ,will be given after the report of the commission. It appears discrimination because victims belonged to minority community. Hindu outfits and Nitish's alliance partner BJP reportedly put pressure on Nitish for not announcing compensation to victims!
Sadly, the matter was put under carpet for days together. Newspapers, news magazines, specially urdu dailies as well as electronic media did not take care to highlight such brutal and cruel incident for days together- this is how the media are under undeclared censorship for the last six years during Nitish government! Even a popular Urdu daily, having largest circulation and one of top beneficiaries of advertisements revenue of Bihar government kept the matter censored for days  together to highlight the  incident with Muslims in araria village. In this way media are supposedly in the pocket of Nitish government! Significantly, even media from outside state did not take up the matter when international media like BBC had reported the incident with full coverage.
Matter started only hotting up when a few activists from Delhi and eminent film producer Mahesh Bhatta visited the village and hear sad tale of villagers and saw the actual condition in the village. When Bhatta called the firing unprovoked and unjustified, he was abused and lambasted by BJP leaders and Hindu outfits Thereafter, chairman of the National minority commission Wazahat Habibullah air dashed from Delhi and visited the village for on the spot study. Wazahat also termed the police action and firing unprovoked, killing innocent Muslims. He also held discussions with state government officials. Strangely, Wazahat, who wanted to meet Nitish, to have first hand information about Araria incident was not given incident. Cries of people are subsiding in cacophony of Nitish's announcements galore!
Many things are to be written please wait for next blog!
K K Singh, journalist, after retirement from Times of India as chief reporter, based at Patna.

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