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Krishna Kumar Singh, also known among friend circles KK and among close relative Krishna; Matriculation from Mithila High School Balour, Darbhanga in 1959, Graduated in Political Science Honours from C M College, Darbhanga, Bihar University in 1963; Joined post-graduate in Political Science the same year but dropped; joined Naxal movement under Charu Mazumdar, Kanu Sanyal, Satya Narayan Singh and Umadhar Singh in between but circumstances compelled to join literary work, clerk, proof readers etc in different publishing houses for livelihood; Finally joined journalism as career in different English newspapers and before my retirement from active journalism, I worked in The Times of India for about 19 years and retired as Chief Reporter  a few years back; continuing in journalism-reading more and more, writing more and more and praying to Almighty more and more-currently writing for different national English and Hindi dailies and magazines..

Thursday, 30 June 2011


For the last few months I am passing through agonising moments about the activities of Maosis or Naxalites and governments' and enlightened self-interest people condemning their activities! I am surprised and at the same time shocked over action  being launched against the Naxal activities by union and various state governments.Why this? Are they not fighting for causes of poor and tribal, being exploited by state power , capitalists, industrialists, neo-rich classes, multi-nationals etc? Are they not the Indian citizens? Have they no right to fight injustice,? Cannot they raise their voices for right to life of people, guaranteed under the Indian Constitution and also raise their voices against suppression of freedom of expression? Yes , they have all avenues to raise their voices against exploitation of poor,,tribalsand deprived lots.Than why this  state terror and so called Salwa Jud um, private army of Chhatishgarh government to suppress and kill the Maoists or Naxalites! One must remember that Naxal operation is major component of left forces and activities to highlight exploitation in the Indian Society-this movement  came out in early 1960s from a  West Bengal village under the heroic leadership of late Charu Mazumdar and Kanu snyal. Trade union rights to agitate still continues in statue book!This movement flourished  and many even after becoming martyrs joined this pious movement to change the system and many living comrades are fighting for injustices! And the system to some extend, changed also. At the same time exploitation also reached at its zenith. An edit page article "A Need To Be Fighting FIT" by a retired police chief Prakash Singh in The Times of India on June 30, obviously to provoke union and state governments, affected by naxal activities, to take effective measures to curb naxal menace,  rather stirred my conscience and I thought better to speak now about the so called problems of Naxalism.
Prakash Singh has spoken many things , reminding the union home minister Chhidamabaran  for lack-lustre approach to "eliminate" Maoists. In the process, Singh reminded the decision of the government to start operation against Naxalites  by the plan of "clear, hold and develop" in the worst affected  areas of Chhatishgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, west Bengal and Maharashtra to eliminate the "naxal menace"in two to three years! The operation "clear. hold and develop" to eliminate Naxalism appears to have many follies. In my opinion, there is urgent need of development in the affected regions  by soothing the injured feelings of poor and tribal, who are now being saved and rescued by Maoisists from further exploitations. Development should come first. The government must come forward through heavy dose of development schemes in affected areas with sympathetic approach. The chalked out  strategy of union government and affected state governments are bound to rebound and Maoists programme will take deeper root and spread to different other parts of the country as well as urban centres very soon , a member of Maoist politburo arrested recently in Bihar told intelligence officials in course of interrogation. Naxalites are fighting to save and rescue poor people and tribal in forest areas. Almost all forest areas in the country are being mortgaged by respective governments in the hands of capitalists, industrialists, multinationals, corporates etc to set up industries  by uprooting home and lands and Forest covers in the region. Are these measures proper to uprootot poor tribal? If not then why not Naxalites not help the affected people from exploitation. Sadly , union government has become silent to these naked drama  of fascits -type action of different state governments! Naxalites must not keep silent and save the poor from state power clutches also to save their homes ,lands, forest cover in tribal areas and also for the sake of conducive environments in the country. Moreover, it appears surprisingly that only tribal belts are suitable for setting up industrial units and not the plan areas. Forest rights of tribal are also being deprived and they are also not paid proper and adequate compensation for taking over their lands.
Capitalists' out;look and measures in the last ten to 15 years have made the situation more complicated and in the name of industrial units and markets , poor are being deprived of their due share. In plan areas , lands are still concentrated in the hands of few people and  the neo-rich people in the society. Except west Bengal, nothing tangible has been done for land reforms and land for landless. Almost all the state governments and union government are keeping mum over such serious issue of land reform. Not only that over hundred year Act of land acquisition are in operation and government' specially centre is silent not to amend the act or fresh land acquisition act for land acquisition for public purposes.
Land grabbing , water grabbing, forest resources grabbing mafias have become active throughout the country and major encouragements on their activities have government support and the government has itself become land grabbers of poor in the name bringing moon by setting up industries in the tribal and plan areas of the country. But there are many right thinking politicians including Congress leader Digvijay Singh, West Bengal chief minister, Mamta Bannerjee, Bihar chief minister, Nitish Kumar (now Nitish has changed his track-initially he was for development and sympathetic approach to tackle Naxlites activities) and even left oriented mode of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi appear to have a different approach to tackle naxalism not through state terror. They are also of the opinion of heavy dose of development and due rights to poor , farmers, industrial and other workers and their trade union rights. Also sympathetic treatment to poor and tribal and to bring them in national main stream by providing them education and health factlities-and naxal ism or Maoism will gradually go down. Naxalites or Maoisits are not fighting to overthrow the government or Constitution but they want overhauling in system , which has become decadent and exploitative.
Interestingly, the union government has announced a Rs 3,300 crore integrated action plan for 60 naxalite-hit districts across nine states to ensure overall development of these areas, setting up schools, health facilities, roads and access to safe drinking water etc, Prakash singh has said in the write-up. But strangely , Praksh Singh is unnecessarily blaming the political leadership of different states either of non-serious or indifferent to the Maoist problem or making hey while sun shines. Strangely and sadly Prakash Singh has praised the Chhatishgarh BJP chief minister Raman singh for taking up Maoist head-on, obviously for eliminating Maoists or killing them or  nabbing them under well planned so called salwa judum and state terror!Raman singh has taken tyranny at its zenith to kill or eliminate Maoists.
Now the tactics of Raman Singh is being replicated by his Bihar counter-part Nitish Kumar, who has also support of BJP,. Over a dozen important veteran naxalites and members of central politiburo of Maioists party , have been arrested from different parts of Bihar in recent past  under "well planned conspiracy hatched between Raman Singh and Nitish Kumar", a top naxalite source said. Not only that Nitish government is torturing Naxalites and their supporters and sympathisers in different parts of the state. An important Politburo member, who has been arrested by Bihar police recently, has confirmed that Maoists will spread their activities in urban areas and its consequences will be worst in Bihar, intelligence sources said.
Main reasons of not carrying development in naxal-affected areas in different parts of the country, specially in Bihar is half-hearted development measures in the affected areas. Apart from that, corruption in implementing development programme in affected areas, mainly in tribal belts and rural areas is also proving stumbling bloc in implementing development schemes in affected areas. Power-that-be or ruling politician elites, bureaucracy and power brokers are hand in glove to thwart the implementation of development measures and bulk of money are gobbled up by them! Prakash singh has also mentioned such menace in his writings and said that fruits of development are not reaching the intended beneficiaries. In Bihar such nefarious practice is much much more and least said is better.
MY SYMPATHY WITH MAOIST AND NAXALITE COMRADES FOR CHANGING THE SYSTEM. K K SINGH, Journalist, After retirement from TImes of India as chief reporter is based in Patna and writing , writing,more and more, reading , reading more and more and praying , praying almighty more and more..

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