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Sunday, 10 July 2011


(This story relates with starvation death)
Once a sage asked his disciple, which is most worst and distressful thing in man's life, without any pause the disciple replied starvation (death without food or grain) is the most distressful thing in the world!
This is evident from mentioning in almost all mythological and religious books in the entire globe like Geeta, Ramayana, Vedas, Upanishads, scriptures, Koran, Bible etc. In every religion one find such remarks this is what happening in the world. Many are dying without food alone daily and nobody is there to take care of starvation deaths. There are many areas on the globe, which are yet to be discovered and their people live like primitive age people and many of them die without food and shelter.And we people of the world are claiming of most scientific and human advancement in this 20th century -what a cruel joke with men-kind!
Food mean prepared of grains. Grains are fer tiled and cropped in lands.Cropping of grains are gradually goindg down throughout the world. People of even advanced and developed countries least bothered about farming of land and do not grow grains from lands-vast tracks of fertile lands are vacant but nobody is there for cropping in almost all countries. Lands are concentrated in few hands. Over 80 percent people on the earth, who are landless in the globe! Only because of these factors, now even food grains are being monopolised. Gradually, food or grain production are on declining trend. Whatever grains are available throughout the world are sold on high prices. Result: Grains are not available in abundance and starvation death is increasing on the globe, specially among poor, who constitute over 80 percent in the world besides inaccessible places where men-kind live.
As per a recent survey of The United Nations' Food and agriculture Organisation (UN FAO)and Organisations for Economic Cooperation and development,OECD) ,published in a Madras based magazine-Frontline, the food price will soar up over 30 percent in next ten years.Currently the food price has risen by 40 percent over the past year. It would have a devastating impact  on the poor of the globe.Such will be the ominous sign for the world countries, and ultimately lead to political unrest, famine and starvation. People are being forced to eat less or cannot provide food to carry their life, resulting into many more starvation deaths!Cost of cereals is likely to increase by 20 percent and price of meat, particularly chickens may soar up 30 percent very soon.Global food price hit by a record high in February, promoting demonstrations across the world. The last extreme food price rise in 2008 led to riots in 20 countries across three continents
World food price is bound to increase in coming years and already a record high as droughts and flood threaten to seriously damage current year's harvest.Global harvest is in critical condition and warned that price would continue to rise. The slowdown in production comes amid new forecasts that the global population will climb to 9.2 billion by 2050, compared with previous estimate of 6.9 billion, the report of FAO and OECD adds and further says that agriculture production would have to increase by 70 percent to match the expected rise!
This what happening in the world on food front and availability of food grains to starving people! Once China and India were called most starved countries of the world. Starvation deaths were beyond imagination in these two countries. In China, the situation has eased to great extend. China has adopted novel way of farming by removing its previous law of state farming . Now China government is giving bulk of farm lands to individuals for agriculture purpose on lease by taking certain quantity of grains in state coffers. Apart from that, China has also succeeded in controlling its population growth. But in India, situation is very grim. Lands continue to accumulated in the hands of certain people. Over 90 percent population of India are landless.Land reforms measures have been initiate in half-hearted manners. Vast tracks of farm lands are unutilised. In India pace of farming is very very slow. Even government is not taking effective measures on agriculture fronts! Strangely subsidy on agriculture is gradually being withdrawn whereas subsidy on industries are increasing by leaps and bounds under neo-liberal economic policy, resulting into concession of lakhs of crores rupees to industrialists, corporates, capitalists etc. Farmers are keeping their fingers crossed and in many instances farmers suicides are increasing throughout the country because of their being in heavy debts.
Result: agriculture production is going down year to year in India Shortage of grains have become evident. India has even today to import food grains like wheat, pulse etc from foreign countries. Such in differences of the government is giving alarming situation in the country because of shortage of food grains. Innovation in agriculture sector have become matter of the past in last 15 years. Slogans of Lal Bahadur Shastri" Jai Jawan-Jai kisan" has become bygone slogans. On and average three of 100 deaths are taking place in India daily of starvation  and matter is suppressed  by the government . In the entire globe such death are 15 of one hundred daily in different developed and under-developed countries in the world, as estimated by authentic international body survey , taking into ground realities in the different countries. Sadly , nobody in the corridor of power , specially in Delhi is bothered and to think to increase agriculture production in the country, specially India being an agricultural based country in the world. Worst are the condition of farm labours, who are suffering without any work in the agriculture field as owners of the lands have put their lands in barren condition.
Strangely most of the advanced and developed countries of the world  do not grow to create artificial  but they keep their lands ready for farming.Europe, America, Latin America, Africa, Australia and many other continents and countries, food are grown in abundance. But in many cases, they dump their produce in sea to put pressure on food price rise and export the remaining quantity on high prices to scarce country of the world. In some cases, in America, Americans put ready their lands for agriculture purpose always but do not grow-.When the prices of food grains increase worldwide they grow in abundance and export their produce at high prices.
Ominous sign for starvation deaths throughout the world!

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