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Friday, 22 July 2011


"Kshit, jaal, pawak,gagaan,samiraa;
Panch rachit yaah adham sharira,"
(This body is built of five elements-earth, water,fire,sky, wind)
***Shree Ramcharit Manas--Tulsi Das.
I am not so great  scholar that I will tell you the philosophy of life! Just I am mentioning the crux of truth in life. More over , about plunder of natural resources by mafia or mafioso throughout the globe. Loot of water, mainly in entire Europe and  land loot in the entire universe, particularly in India in the wake of neo-liberal economic policy in the last 20 years have inspired me to say somethings on plundering of natural resources by people, specially mafia throughout the world in connivance with respective governments of the land. In this free for all exercises, important elements-like wind and natural calamities, specially earthquake and bursting of jawalamukhi in mountain terrain continue to beyond the control of men-kind , you may call it scientists, discovering many unbelievable things in the world., are yet to have any control over these disastrous things In this loot and plunder of natural resources, mafia are working hard inconvenience with the government of the land, in the entire globe. One must have read a lot of looting water resources in recent years , specially in Europe and America. It is not uncommon in other countries of the world, particularly India. And land loot for corporates, capitalists, industrialists, multinationals are also common. for setting up industries, ignoring agriculture in India, there are virtually land grabbing spree, ignoring the agriculture interest, forest cover, and uprooting of homes and lively hood of tribal and poor etc by power-that-be! Looters,,plunderers ,grabbers are working over time in connivance with government  to make India a so called economic developed country in the world where 80 percent population are hungry and wealth is accumulated in the hands of only 20 percent of rich people.Earth is meant land available to people for farming, housing etc are the main targets of grabbers and looters including government!
But the power-that-be and grabbers have not succeeded to deprive the people of air or wind, which is  available in abundance and everywhere.. This air or wind is so important that men or any living thing on the earth cannot live without it for even a fraction of a second .
But one thing is very much clear that grabbers, plunderers, looters etc do not lag behind in polluting the air specially. More over, they have full control over water and it is polluted weather the water of drinking or sea or rivers and under earth.
Sky has also been conquered by scientists- major portion of sky is jammed with different satellites, working as communication channels and other purposes. Sky stations have come up -recently American scientists have covered and returned after  successful mission of Atlantika. Scientists have also voiced fear that many satellites , stationed in the sky may fall and may cause disasters on the earth!
Strangely, fire is controlled -but it has such devastating effects that men-kind remain helpless when it engulfs the villages, towns, jungles, sea, rivers and many other areas. Under ground fires had engulfed Jharia coal belt areas In Jharkhand state of India for the last one hundred years-but scientists and miners did not succeed in controlling the underground fire in coal seams and it has spread to hundred miles in and around Jharia- Jharia township is under danger-Many areas are being evacuated!rThere are no takers of fire by grabbers and looters like land, water and other natural resources! Apart from this, there is no control over earthquake or jawalamukhi or cloudburst-such thing can happen anywhere on the earth-earth will shake and many residents will die and become shelter less-such has recently happened in Japan! Earthquake happenings are continuous chain of events throughout the globe and it happens very often anywhere on the  earth.Even the sea is not untouched with earthquake. Similar are the true stories of jwalamukhi burst in mountainous region in different parts of the world.Likewise flood waters also some time bring devastation after devastation-and people become helpless to such natural furry Nobody has control over such happenings!
More over people and scientist have every reasons to explore the things but must not be at the cost of destroying natural resources and ecological balances and making them hell for the living people and also other living creatures like animals, insects, birds , flora and fauna of the nature! It is true that they could not deprive people of air or wind but the demonic activities of men-kind can definitely pollute that air, disastrous for every living creatures on the earth.
Hey men, Almighty has given you all enough-be satisfied do not hanker for more and more- it will invite you only sorrow and pain! 

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