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Friday, 10 August 2012


Bengal is land of revolutionaries!, sage, saints, academics, culture and what not? Gaur Mahaprabhu, Ram Krishna Pramhans, his disciple Swami Vivekanand had  brought revolution in spiritual field throughout the world.. In literature, Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore brought laurels to Bengal in particular and India in general by winning Nobel Prize in early 19th century. Many great things and deeds are cited as examples to put West Bengal at the top.First left front government in Bengal under dynamic leadership of Jyoti Basu for the welfare of the masses although some wrong measures brought the down fall of the left front government after over 30 years.The well-known and prestigious college of Calcutta-Presidency College- has produced finest quality of political leaders and literatureure as well as pro ponders on Marxism and also many progressive thoughts in once decadent society of Bengal!
Now the Bengal is known for the first woman chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee in West Bengal after much-publicised the so called misdeeds or deeds of the left front government. Now Mamata is seen in Bengal for all the wrong reasons with curbing freedom of media to her level to fulfil the high expectation to the masses to make in a new Bengal and her  government is  aggravating the poverty since she had taken over the chief minister ship of the state.
Latest one is horrible picture of the West Bengal with regards to atrocities on women including rape, kidnapping, abduction, dowry deaths, molestation, sexual harassment and trafficking under the stewardship of women chief minister Mamta Bannerjee! A recent revelation of atrocity on women in West Bengal by the union minister of state for home affairs Jitendra Singh   in Rajya Sabha while replying to a question has shocked the people of entire country. While citing the figures, released recently by the National  Crime Records Bureau(NCRB), the union minister has informed the house that the West Bengal has topped among the states in the country in crime against women. The west Bengal has reported 29133 crimes against women-the highest number of cases registered among 28 states in 2011. Just after West Bengasl, Andhra Pradesh has registered with total 28246 cases of crime against women and Uttar Pradesh has followed by 22639 case of crime against women.The NCRB, in its report, has revealed that West Bengal has surpassed all states in registering crime against women with regards to rape, abduction, kidnapping, dowry deaths, molestation, sexual harassment and trafficking etc.
Is not this figure about West Bengal on crime against women during the chief minister ship of a woman chief minister Mamata Baneerjee shame to Bengal and particularly to Mamata? More over instead of regretting and controlling such menacing increase of crime against women in Bengal, Mamata is placing strange logic beyond imagination. For every wrong deeds of her government, she puts blame of on left parties!
Such statement of Mamata Baneergee has made women most vulnerable in west Bengal. cities of Bengal are being compared with five worst states of United States of America-Kentkucky, West Virginia, Arkansas, Oklahome, and Mississippi, which have been described worst state in America in atrocity against women in America  in  latest reports and published in the New York Times, Washington Post and Times (America) recently.
Will Mamata take a lesson from such serious issues like atrocity on women in Bengal or she continue to adopt her mercurial behaviour and fickle style of functioning in running her government in her own fashion or she would be known as women baiter in the annals of Bengal ?

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