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Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Recent power trippings in 21 states and union territories in India, affecting over 648 million Indians, said to be the one-tenth population and one of the biggest blackouts of the world bring me back to the memory lane of about 30 years back.One of the magnificent cities of the  globe- New York in the United States of America plunged into darkness, unexpected in America, because of serious power trippings for hours together.
 However the electricity was restored after long hours of wait in New York.Americans , basically believe in research and studies. Some reputed organisations started research on power trippings and subsequent  affects on human beings.
 In the year-long research and studies on these subjects, researchers found that darkness gives sexual stimulation among male and female! To substantiate their studies, the researchers found that on the day electricity failed in the New York City, sexual appetites were at the highest level among both male and female.
Hundreds of women gave birth to their  babies after conception on that night sexual engagements as per the records of the almost all hospital records of birth of babies after nine months. Apart from that, almost all hospital records show the abnormal increase in abortions by girls , particularly teen-aged in  subsequent months in   New York city
This not for comparing the situation of new York city with recent grid failure in as many states, resulting into complete darkness for hours together in India. But of course for unmanageable and irresponsible management of electricity production, its transmission, supply system to consumers in India!
 Although in India , that is Bharat in ancient period had based their researches in the famous book-KAMSUTRA- that darkness stimulates sex among male and female, which is most practical in India. By nature male and female cohabit during night in India!
One trippings of electricity because of grid failure in northern India had occurred on Monday late night, which remained till noon on Tuesday--another failures of  north, east and north-east grids simultaneously  tripped around one pm on Tuesday, plunging the major parts of in darkness, which remained till late evening..Now the people will guess about the sexual appetite among  persons  of the affected areas because of remaining a few hours in darkness. Only researchers of India like America could find out exact fall-out of these sudden and surprise black-outs!

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