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Friday, 24 August 2012


Even after the partition of India and Pakistan over 65 years ago in the wake of the independence of the Indian sub-continent from British Raj, Hindu and Muslim of both Pakistan and India continue to live in anger and revenge against each other! Was the partition of India and Pakistan as separate country was wrong step or the the seed of  divide and rule of the British Raj of population of both the community continue to seething in anger of killings of over three lakhs both Muslims and Hindu in both the countries just after the independence? The incidents of the last 65 years in both the countries have brought only miseries to Hindu in Pakistan and Muslims in India!

 The demolition of Babari Masjid in Ayodhaya led by Hindu fanatics from BJP, RSS, Hindu Mahasabha, RSS etc and subsequent killings of  huge number of Muslims  in India because of scores of communal riots including Mumbai communal riots , Narendra Modi Gujarat government -sponsored   communal riots in Gujarat  and Bhagalpur riots  in  Bihar etc , killing over ten thousands of Muslims has added new dimension to the deteriorating relations between Hindu and Muslims in the sub-continent.
Not only that in Pakistan, Hindu, Sikh and Christian - minority , which consists about three percent population of Pakistan  have also suffered a lot-apart from killing of many of them for not converting to Islam as well as rape, abduction of Hindu women, specially girls and forced them to marry with Muslims and convert to Islam have also worsened the plight of Hindu -Muslim relation in both the countries. Comparatively Muslims , who were around 12 percent of total population of India at the time of partition have increased to nearly 18 percent in India!.
More over India has been facing persistent threats from fanatics Islamic organisations and their terror activities in different parts of India. In this connection, one must recall the Muslim invasions on India during Medieval period when the Hindu had to suffer because of barbaric and atrocious acts of Muslim rulers in India-those days witnessed demolition of many temples and religious places including Vishwanath Temple in Varanashi, Somnath temple etc by Muslim rulers and Muslim fanatics. Even after these things, relations between Hindu and Muslims remained cordial when British India company and later British Raj enslaved the entire Indian sub-continent.

The recent ethnic clashes between Bodo, an aboriginal tribe in Assam and Muslims, mostly migrated from Bangaladesh, killings over 100 and  over three lakhs people flee their home and stationed in refugee camps in Kokarjhar areas of Assam have stunned the  people of the world and particularly of India. In a recent article The Times of America has commented, " In the world's largest democracy, fears of pogroms and ethnic violence have highlighted just how fractious febrile India's social make up is.............."
Here it will be proper to mention the social and political structures of Assam in eastern states. Earlier , Assamese had problem with Bengali speaking people and Bangles and in the process Bengals settlers in Assam had to suffer a lot. Thereafter, the Bodo and other tribes of Assam had made targets to of Muslims. And the time is getting on . And the recent ethnic riots Muslims were made real targets in the name that they were Bangala Desh settlers-although both Bodo tribes and Muslims suffered in the ethnic clashes, but Muslims are more sufferers in comparison ot Bodo persons! Bodo indigenous tribe clashed with Bengali Muslim settlers. Thousands of Muslims fled away from their houses. Such clash and attack on Muslims in Kokarjhar areas of Assam gave rumours of Muslim reprisal attacks on  North-easterners in Banglore, Mumbai, Chennai and other big cities in the country.

Taking into account these developments in the last 65 years , I reminiscences three quotable quotes of three stalwarts- South Asia's iconic poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, the founder of Pakistant Mohammed Ali Jinnah and  the chief architect of gruesome partition of India and Pakistan, exercising the policy of divide and rule and the then prime minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill..

In an article in the Pakistan Daily Times, a progressive international writer Lal Khan, has mentioned, " South Asia's iconic poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz had termed the independence of the sub-continent in August 1947 as blighted dacon to his famous poem-Morro of Independence................Blood massacres during partition on religious line..............It was perhaps biggest genocide in modern history. Independence became harrowing nightmare for the oppressed masses of the sub-continent sixty five years on........today the condition of the masses in India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh are atrocious......the celebration of formal independence by the ruling classes and their toady petty bourgeoisie are an insult to injury for the millions chained in capitalists slavery......the region contains more than one\ffth of human population yet almost half of the world's poor reside in this region. .....misery, poverty and deprivation have worsened since 1947...health and education are luxury for a few........."
The second quote of Winston Churchill also reminds us about the the real truth of a New India and Pakistan after independence! Churchill had written, " Power will go into the hands of rascals, rouges and freebooters. Not a bottle of water not a loaf of bread shall escape taxation................these are men of straw.....".Although the sayings of Churchill are very objectionable, in some extend the affairs of India and Pakistan sub-continent are being run by the successive rulers in messy situation!
Last but not the least, the anguish feeling and sentiments of Mohhmed Ali Jinnah in the wake of thousands of people killed in Hindu-Muslim riots in both India and Pakistan as well as huge number of people fleeing from each other countries had put people of the world aghast! A recent book released---BEYOND THE LINES: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF veteran journalist, Kuldip Nayar, has referred, " One day When Jinnah was in Lahore Iftiikhar-ud-din, Pakistan's rehabilitation Minister and Mazhar\Ali Khan, editor of Pakistan Times, flew him in Dakota over divided Punjab. When he saw streams of people pouring into Pakistan or fleeing it, he struck his hand on his forehead and said despairingly" "What have I done??" Both Iftikar and  Mazhar vowed not to repeat the remark. Mazahar took his wife Tahira into confidence and told her what Jinnah had said, and she communicated Jinnakh's comment to me long after her husband's death......" Again it has been cleared that Jinnah was architect of partition of India and Pakistan sub-continent because of so many reasons, particularly the obstinacy of Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru not to allow Muslim League to join UP government in 1937 following the conspiracy of Purshottam Das Tandon.

Another reference in Beyond the Lines, depicts the Jinnah's version! The book says, " Louis Heren, South -Asia Correspondent of Times, Landon, who was stationed in Delhi in 1947-48 had told me (Nayar) that Jinnah was not willing to accept the onus of partition...............Heren recalled Jinnah's words:" Had he (Nehru) agreed to the Muslim League joining the U P Government in 1937, there would have no Pakistan..............Jinnah's allegation, according to Heren, suggested 'that Nehru's judgement was impaired by Pushottam Das Tandon, a Hindu nationalist, who was a senior Congress leader in Uttar Pradesh'...........More or less Azad Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad said the same thing in his book , " India Wins Freedom" (1988).........."

Ethnic clashes in north-eastern states, a conglomerations of seven states, has strange story, specially in Assam. Most of the people of the north-eastern region usually migrate to big cities for earning livelihood. Specially the Bangala Deshi infiltrators , after entry into India, opt for big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore, Kolkata etc. They are lakhs in number-but nothing tangible is being made to send them back to their Bangala Desh country by various political parties obviously to garner support among minority community. Infiltrators are given voting right and almost all facilities knowingly or unknowingly by the north-eastern states , particularly Assam government. Now they have become gradually liability for the country as infiltrators have moved thorough out the country!  Only because of that Mumbai has recently witnessed vast protest meeting by Muslims in in Azad Maidan  to speak atrocity against Muslims by aboriginal Bodo tribes.Following incidents of ethnic strife in north-eastern state of Assam, mass SMSs e-mails, and posts on Facebook and Twitter warned of (and in many cases encouraged) Muslim reprisals attacks on north easterners in the holy month of Ramdan. Indian Officials predictably pointed fingers at Internet trouble-makers across borders in Pakistan. Some Hindu fundamentalists also shared in the nefarious games to encourage spread of communal riots in the country! Disillusionment has set in through out the northeastern , living out side their native lands! And heavy exodus of northeasters  took place  from big cities

On the Current ethnic situation, the Times , America, has written, " Every one says that central government is on right track to bring stability to the region, albeit belatedly. Its potential for hydro carbon could go a long way in addressing India's long-standing energy short-falls. New planned roads and rail lines could restore colonial era trade tracks that once threaded India with South- East Asia, turning a remote back water into continental cross roads. But beyond development., Ninong Erinmg , a member of Parliament from Arunachal Pradesh, other steps can be taken to better integrate the north-east with rest of India.. We all go to schools  and learn about Indus Valley and the Mahabharata, he says referring to south Asia's first urban civilisation and the ancient Hindu epic. But there should be some thing more in our education that makes people understand that Ok, the people of the north-east may look Chinese of Korean or what ever but they are Indians. And their stories are India also..........."

Nayar in his recent book has said, " The Muslims felt cheated, not having realised that they would have to pay the price of partition; a pronounced bias against them and the Hindus' demand that they go to Pakistan. Even today the same thing echoes in the ears of some of them. Muslims were  afraid  and confused, yearning to turn a new leaf  but the Hindus were too bitter and too hostile to allow them any quarter......".

There are many things to tell about Hindu-Musklim animosity in the Indian sub-continent. Even today efforts should be made to make a confederation of India, Pakistan, Bangal Desh, Burma, Afghansitan to restore confidence among Hindu and Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. This confederation should  be in line with European  Union for prosperity and communal harmony  in the sub-conitent!


  1. Mr. Krishna Kumar Singh, Hindu-Muslim Unity is not Possible because Quran makes differentiate between Muslims & Non Muslims,and If Muslim follows Quran then a true Muslim will go for Radical.Are you spoke person of Mohammad or Radical Islam.Go to Pakistan.You do not have any place in my BHARAT.

    1. Thanks Mr Awadhesh Singh Saheb for advising me to quit my mother-land! Please listen to my advice also- you please go through Geeta, Ramayan, Ved, Upanishad, Mahabharat and other Hindu scriptures as well as scriptures of Jain, Biudhism etc as far as possible for you- you will find the real answer of your ignorance-After that you read Quoran and find that where it is written in Quoran that where in Quoran any such thing is written that Muslims and non-Muslims has differentiate between human beings- there are nothing like that in Quoran, my dear friend nor in any religious scriptures of the globe-thanks, kksingh.