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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


The recent revelation in details about circumstances leading to spotting  of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and subsequently the killing of Osama in the raid and execution of Hussein  by American security forces has not only created flutter in entire America and Europe but has put a big question mark over capability and actuality of successive administrations of United States of America (USA) in eliminating these two big names in the Globe!
The Guardian, UK and the Washington Post have recently prominently carried out stories about these leaders and the circumstances they were apprehended and killed subsequently.A report from Dawr (Iraq) dateline in Washington Post  has given vivid description about the capture  of Saddam Hussein. and tortures to his .saviours in "The  Hole", known to the world as the " Spider hole" in the tiny underground bunker on Alaa Namiq.s farm! In another report, both The Guardian and the Washington Post have vividly described the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden in  air raid on Abbottabad residence of the fugitive.While the report in Washington Post from Dawr (Iraq) is in conversion of the man, who gave shelter to Saadam in "The Hole" with an American journalist, the report both in The Guardian and the Washington Post have dwelt at length about Osama bin Laden on the basis of a book----" No Easy Day: The First hand Account of the Mission that killed Osama bin Laden written by a U S commando involved in the Navy Seal raid "-to be released on September 11, 2012, creating stir in US administration and politics just on the eve of the Presidential elections.
Both these incidents were held in piquant situation in the respective sub-continents in the world. Both the capture of  Saadam and subsequently his hanging and capture and killings of Osama bin Laden had given much relief to America on terror front as well as revenge of 9\11 attack on World Trade Centre and Pentagon by Osama bin Laden and company terrorists although both the incidents also drew sharp reactions on human right fronts in the entire globe!
Sipping tea in the modest little restaurant he opened this summer. a couple of foot-ball fields away from" the  hole" Alla Namiq seems "willing to say American reporter some thing about the capture of Saadam by American security forces.Washington  Post report says,"  Alaa Namiq narrates , he (Saadam) came here and he asked us for help and I said yes. He said, you might be captured and tortured, but in our Arab tribal tradition and by Islamic laws, when some one needs help, we help him. I dug the whole for him", he says his eyes. burning with pride. The  hole known to the world as the" spider hole" is the tiny underground bunker on Namiq's farm where former Iraqi dictator Saadam Hussein was captured on December 13, 2003. Namiq and his elder brother Qais have rarely spoken publicly about how they helped hide most sought-after fugitive for nearly nine months after the US-led invasion," the Washington report said.
"But now, sipping tea in modest little restaurant, Alaa must have felt may be enough time has passed. May be a few have asked. But for what ever reason, Namiq now folds his tall, broad-shouldered frame into plastic chair, tugs on a cigarette and talks about hiding the his family   had known for decades. Hussein was born in  a village near Tirkit, just north of this little town on the banks of Tigris river. When the US military was searching for him, it became convinced, correctly, that he would find shelter among his Tikrit clansmen in these lush green orchards of date palms and orange and pear trees.., The Washington Post report added.
On the flutter  on   book on Osama bin Laden's capture and killing,, the Guardian said, " the book recounting Osama bin Laden raid surprises  in U S military. The book  will be  finally released on September 11, 2012, coinciding the 11the anniversary of the Al-qaida attacks on the U S , caught Pentagon and intelligence napping. The publisher, a subsidiary of the Penguin, less said-no easy day. The first had -six who  was one of the first men through the door on the third floor of the terrorist hideout and was present............ A blow-by -blow account....of the assault, beginning with helicopter crash that would have  ended author's life straight though the radi o calls contrary the bin Laden's death, the Penguin and its subsidiary, publisher of the book  said the account is an essential piece of modern history.....No easy day is to be published under Pen name, Mark Owen. But Fox News said it was established the identity of author,-he is 36 year -old from Aska, who also took part in SEAL raid in 2009 that rescued the captain of American  merchant ship by Somali pirates-he retired from military last year--------What ever its tone, the account is likely to be caught up in the attempts by a group of right wing former military and intelligence officers with ties to Tea Party movement and the Republican Party accuse Obama of claiming much credit for hunting down bin Laden. The group, the special operation OPSEC education fun, last week released a 22-minute video  accounting the president of taking intelligence and military secrets-including the role of Pakistani doctor in providing the al-Qaida leader, details of virus attacks on nuclear programme ands Obama's pact in deciding a "kill list" of targets of Drone strikes in Pakistan-for political gain.. In the video many of military and intelligence retired officers say of Obama is wrongly taking credit of bin Laden's death although there is no evidence that they have special knowledge of the situation.......Abbotabad raid was one of the most important in the United States of America's history..."
While expressing apprehension over final release of the book, The Guardian has said, " In 2010, the defence department had stopped the circulation of of a book written by a former intelligence official in the interest  of national security. The Pentagon paid  $47000 to destroy 9500 copies of the book , called Operation Death Halt Skycraft and special operation on the frontier of Afghanistan and the path to victory, written by Anit Shaffer........."
The Washington Post has also written  by and large similar report and has written " If the description is true, the book would shatter the secrecy maintained by members of the team of Navy SEALs involved in the bin Laden's compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan. It could also raise legal and political issue for the Obama administration, which has carried out an  aggressive crackdown on leaks even while it has been accused  of offering access to journalists and movie makers to exploit the success of the bin Laden operation.. The raid was carried out by the elite and the secretive U S Joint Special Operation Command under the authority of the CIA, Pentagon and CIA officials appeared to be caught off guard by a spokeswoman of Dutton's announcement of the forthcoming book  The book is titled "no Easy day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that killed the Osama bin Laden. The author's name is listed as Mark Owen, which Dutton acknowledges is pseudonym.. The author has pledged to donate the majority proceeds to charities that support families of slain Navy SEALs. Officials indicated that neither the author nor the publishers had cleared the book's content with Defence department or the CIA, a step ordinarily required by former service members or spies seeking to write about classified information operations. THE CIA spokesman Preston Golson said as far as we can determine, this book was not submitted for pre-publication review. Pentagon Spokeskesman Goerge Little said he as unaware of that anyone in the department has reviewed it. White House officials said they knew nothing about the book.'" the Washington Post report concluded.
The Washington Post has also written very very interesting things about Saada Hussain arrest operation. The report has said, " Namiq says , over and over, during the course of a couple of hours. Some day I will say all I know.May be I will write a book. May be a movie. But I will not tell you every thing. However Namiq says his family, mainly he and Qais (who declined to be interviewed) helped  move Hussein among various houses in the area after the March 2003 invasion. Hussein never used a phone, he says, knowing that Americans were listening for his voice. Namiq says that Hussein read and wrote extensively, prose and poetry, and that his writings  were confiscated by the U S troops. who captured him. Namiq says Hussain wrote to his wife and daughters but he never saw them. His only visitors were his sons Uday and Qusay- Namiq says he helped arrange their secret meeting trip to the farm.Hussein released several fiery speeches during the time he was hiding, exhorting his supporters to fght the Americans. Namiq says he and Hussein recorded them on a small tape recorder. Knowing that Americans would be analysing the recordings for clues to Hussein's whereabouts, Namiq says he once drove 10 miles to the city of Sarmera, parked on the side of the road and recorded the sounds of urban traffic. I wanted to feel Americans feel dizzy and confused,Namiq quoted Saadam as speaking and doing! Namiq clearly still  reveres Hussein, who was hanged in 2006. Namiq says Saadam knew there would be a day that he would be captued and executed. In his heart, he knew every thing was gone and he was no longer president. So he started some thing knew-Jihad against the occupiers. He sacrificed evetry thing he had, including his two sons, for the sake of the country.Namiq says that when he was held at Abu Gharaib, U S soldiers-including a female interrogator who told him he looked like actor TOmSelleeck-questioned him daily about weapons of mass destruction and the hiding places of of top aides of Hussein. He says that cell was kept dark 24 hours a day and that guards threw in buckets of wa ter to keep it constantly wet. He says he was hooded and beaten, and bitten by guard dogs. He was submitted to mock execution, he says, and constant, deafening rock music. I endured the dogs and the torture, but I could not stand.that music, Namiq says, without a trace of humour in his deep voice.............................."
The Washington Post further elaborated the interview of Namiq and has said, " Hussein's attorney, Khalid Dulaimi, quoted the former director dictator in a 2009 book as saying that he had known the Namix family since 1959 and that they had hidden him. In the book, Qais Namiq is accused of eventually tuning Hussien in thew U S  troops, which Alaa Namiq vehemently denies.................The Namiq family has become some thing like royalty in Dawr for sheltering a local tribesman who is still ido lised by many here. We consider it a heroic act, the report quoted Col. Muohammad Hassan of Iraqi National Police, who is stationed in Dawr.. This act does not concern his family only but it represents all the citizens of Dawr because this ciity embraced Saddam.. Now Nmiq family commands respects and appreciation even more than before.......Hussein was buried just up the road of Auja, the village where he was born. Aware of the former dictator's enduring popularity around here, prime minister Nouri al- Maliki has ordered his grave site closed to the people to keep it from becoming a shrine.....On the farm where Hussein was captured, the spider hole sits at the base of a date palm tree, covered with a four-foot-square concrete cap. largely forgotten beneath dirty cages filled  with doves and park parakeets. Chickens and dogs roam the grounds, the huge orange carp swim in two ponds. on a  midsummer evening, the trees are so full that with every storng breeze, small yellow pars fell like rain drops. Namiq finally says he and his brother Qais were arrested along with  Hussein and spent a miserable six months in Abu Ghraib prison. Once a driver  and aide of Hussein, he has spent the past few years driving taxi, finally  saving enough to open hisfamily restaurant a few weeks ago......................."
These reports in important dailies including The Guardian and the Washington Post have practically nerved the Americans and Europeans. It is said that the US President Obama was not so serious about capturing and killing Osama despite reports  intelligence reports and it was  Ms H Clinton , who pressed Obama to take the drastic steps to capture and kill Osama in Abbottabad in Pakistan. In Iraq also Americans and Europeans are bearing the burnt . the  peace still eludes Iraq and US 's hegemony is still there and people of Iraq are unwillingly tolerating Americans!..

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