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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Mahatma Gandhi's truth and non-violence has still a big meaning A small country in the Planet! , .known as Iceland , is the "most pecaeceful country in the world". Whereas Afganistan, Sudan, Iraq, and the  Democractic Repoublic of Congo are most crime-prone and violent countries in the world. India ranks 142 worse than China, Italy, United Kingdom,, Cuba, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangla Desh, Iran, etc, according to an authenticated survey under Global Peace Index (GPI) , published by the Institute of  Economics and Peace (IEP).
According to GPI; peacefulness has returned to approximately the level seen in 2007 butmeasures of peacefulness have improved, There has been rise in "internal conflicts".This is particularly noticeable in the rise in fatalities from terrorists'acts which have more than trebled since 2003 in many of the 158 nations surveyed. The indicators range from a nation's level of military expenditure to its relations with  me neieghbouring countries and the level of respect for human rights. The index has been tested against a range of potential "driven" determines of peace. including level of democracy and transparency, education, and national well beings. The index also finds the monetery cvalue of peace, they estimate that if the world had been completely peaceful in 2011-equal to the size of Germany and Japan's economic combined.!
The smallest population of any NATO member state-Iceland, is elusive country, which state of affairs known as peace on the earth..Iceland is one of the best progressive nation on the Planet: its welfare system offers health and higher education for each of its 320,000 citizens. Significantly Iceland is the fiirst country in the world to legalise gay marriage .While the country has hit some thin ice-in 2008 it basically went bankrupt, promoting public riots and in 2010, an unprecedented Icelandic volcano wreked travelchaos across the north Atrlantic-its general repetation as a pleasant environment put it number one on the list. Iceland is followed by Denmark and New Zealand, which tied best second place in peacefulness in the globe.
Out of 158 countries listed, the war-torn East Africaan nations of Somalia came in dead last while Syria,, which the UN says has developed into civil war, dropped more than 30 places in the rankings."Iceland is once again ranked the most peaceful country in the world followed by Denmark and New Zealand while Suyria has biggest drop in margin failing over 30 places to be placed at 147th. The UK has fallen three places behind to the 29th position, meaning it is the first year the U K placement has not risen in the list..The top fallers are Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Oman and Malawi. The middle East is now amongst one of the least poeaceful countries reflecting the turbulence and instablity created by events of the Arab Springs.
Sri Lanka, Zimbabe, Bhutan Guyuna and Phillipines are the top five risers on GPI-2012 including three of the top five rises. Asia's pacific region's overall score improved by the greatest extent from 2011. However India has slipped to 142 position from its earlier score of 136, 128, 122 in the preceeding years in respect of peacefulness and at the same time rise in criminal activities!
Accotding Steve Killilea of the IEP; Afganistan, Sudan, Iraq and Democratic Republic of Congo make up the bottom five. Sub-Saharan Africa is no longer the least peaceful region in the world for the first time GPI began. Situaation in China is also not good. Currently, the China is at 89th position in comparision to its earlier rankings in  the preceedings years..
Crime rates in the United States has also increased sharply. Currently it is ranked 88 position. But reports , emanating from the US ; the killing rises sharply in its prestigious city-Chicago by 38 percent per year..Chicago is considred third largest cities in the US-there homicides are up by 38 percent a year ago and shhoting incidents have also risen considerably. However, killing is steady or dropped in New York, Los Angles and some other important cities. As of June, 17240 people have been killed here in the United States this year, mostly in the shooting incidents, 66 more than the corresponding period in the same period in 2011. Chicago is located magnificently near Magnificent Miles near the Lincon Park. All these criminal actvities in Chicago are because of gasngwarfare!
While Iceland is number one peaceful country in the world, Japan's rank five, Austria-sixth Czech Republic-13, German-15, Bhutan-19, Malaysia-20,, Australia-22, Singapore-23, UK-29, Italy-38, France-40, South Korea -42, United Arab Emirates-46, Kuwait-47, Indonesia-63, Cuba-70, Greece-77, Nepal-80, Barazil-83, US-88, China-89, Bangala Desh--91, Saudi Araboia-106, Egypyt-111, South Africa-127, Iran-128, India-142, Syria--147, North Korea-153, Iraq-155, Afganistan-157, Somalia-159( These figures of rankings do not include all 158 surveyed nationss).

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