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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I must talk about Muslims! Sadly, Muslims in the world are called terrorists in view of large scale terror activities in a number of nations in the world. Strange situations are prevailing in the world countries, the entire Muslims community are feeling themselves isolated and unsafe despite the facts that Islamic religion has best tenants in the globe as well as their cultural and literary contributions have great impact.There are general perceptions that the community is being used for enlightened self-interests throughout the globe, particularly in India!
In this nefarious game, the super powers of the world have played sinister games for using and misusing Muslims countries in the world. And after their enlightened self-interest, these super powers have discarded them and given them bad names. It all started about one hundred years ago when Europe and America had come in the Gulf and Arab World as well as Muslim -dominated countries to discover oil. In the process, they grabbed not only their prime natural resources but also imposed upon them their supremacy. America has surpassed in these misdeeds!Except Iran most of the Muslim-dominated gulf and oil countries of the planet had fallen in the traps of America and Europe!
Later they started playing each other Muslim countries against each other. Such story is old -but happenings of about 20 years exaggerated the problems for Muslim community in various nations , dominated by them. To gain  economic power bases in the oil countries, America and Europe did not lag behind in maligning the community. In the process, they played their games to instigate Iraq against Iran, Pakistan against India and Afghanistan , Afghanistan against Russia, formerly USSR and many other Muslim countries \against each other. Osama bin Laden was made a king-pin by America to create anarchism throughout the world. And later after serving its interest, America sent Osama in the waste paper baskets ,
One must know that unethical and bad practise do not exist for long. Osama finding himself and the Muslim community in lurches as well as being disgusted with the attitude of Europe and America definitely incited their community for revenge mainly because of denigratin their community in the eyes of the world. From there Taliban , a dreaded terrorists' organisation was formed and its activities spread in the entire world. America was taught a lesson. Taliban under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden meticulously planned attacks on important centres including WORLD TRADE Centre in America and not only ruined these centres but gave warning signal to US and Europe that Muslims community are not going to tolerate denigration of community more now.Thereafter many terror activities, initiated by Muslim terror organisations were given shapes and many nations including India and even Muslim countries like Pakistan were made targets. Much have happened in different parts of the globe.
Such circumstances made Muslims as a whole suspicious in the eyes of the world. Although Muslims are considered one of the largest contingents in respect of populations in the planet, natural resources as well as cultural heritage in the world, today they are finding themselves in helpless situation. and crazing for space to spread their influences And because of that, I strongly feel, they have adopted the path of terror to show their might and also in an effort to restore their glorious past.
A recent two parts write up, published in the fortnightly of India-The Frontline, by an independent Pakistani writer Raza Naeem on the 100th birth anniversary of well-known Pakistani Urdu writer Saadat Hasan Manto has dwelt at length not only the contributions of Manto but also exposition of America by him to the Muslim world, particularly Pakistan in the past years.For elaborating his points on Manto, the writer has referred beautiful few lines written Majjeed Amjad in Manto, "I have seen him; on the cleanest roads in a dust covered amazement; in the gathering storm of blind, overturned cups; when he says throwing away the empty bottle: O World! Your beauty is ugliness; then the world stares back at him."
Discrimination to Muslims are reminiscent since long .Here we must mention, Raza Naeem, who has written about Manto for his plain speaking and writings. Raza says, "A collection of Manto,s stories, essays and sketches translated into  English, by his nephew Hamid Jalal just a year after his death was quickly censored and withdrawn from circulation. Looking at the list of some of the luminaries who received the Nobel Prize in Literature between 1936 and 1955-the period of Manto's intellectual efflorescence-one can feel sorry that some unknown such as Roger Martin du Gard, Frans Eemil Sillanpaa, Johannes Vilhelm Jensen, Par Fabian Lagerkvist and even Francois Mauriac received the award and Manto did not. It would have been a different story had Jalal's translations reached the Nobel Committee samizdat (and Manto would surely have heartily approved if the long arms "Uncle Sam had taken some time off from something democracy in Pakistan to help smuggle these to Oslo, as happened later in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's case. But may be Manto was on the wrong side of the Cold War).Surely, Winston Churchill, one of the history's greatest warmongers and 1953 Nobel laureate in Literature, might have been overlooked in favour of Manto that year for it was the irresponsible policy instituted under Churchil's leadership that led to blood bath of Partition and deaths of close to 1.5 million people and which Manto the consummate artist he was; he was perfect example how  poetic justice would have ideally been served. And Manto would have been a worthy successor to the only prior winner from the subcontinent of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Sir Rabindra Nath Tagore..................."
Such discrimination to Muslim, in the words of Manto himself, in a satirical short story titled "Progressive"", in which Manto assailed the notion of progressive writing as not having any relation to real life, he elaborates on his definition in the follow-up following words:"Amrit Kaur asked," what is this dreaded progressiveness?Joginder Singh gave his head slight movement along with his turban and replied:" Progressiveness-you wont understand its meaning straight way. A Progressive is one who like progress. It as a Persian word, In English a progressive is known as \radical; those short story writer who want progress in story writing; they are known as progressive story  writer.At this moment in India there are only three or four Progressive story writers, of whom, I am one............."
Not only that Manto lamented in his Letters to Uncle Sam" depicting about creating hegemony by Europe and America in the Muslim world to destroy their culture , history, economy as well as using Muslims to serve their interest!Manto has also blamed Pakistan and Muslim countries Mullahs, who were openly and shamelessly adopting pro-American..Manto, in  critical but straight forward writings, had offered some of equally subversive remedies for America's financial crisis, remarkably prescient if one look at the state of affairs of that country today as well as of Europe.................",Raza adds.
Without shedding light on horror of India-Pakistan partition on the eve of independence, now one must see the plight of Muslims in India. In both partitioned countries-India and Pakistan- minority community ,Hindu in Pakistan and Muslims in India are continuous victims of atrocity by the majority people in their respective countries.In India, Muslims are always used as vote banks  by almost all political classes. After vote, they are neglected like anything and nothing tangible is done to improve their deteriorating living condition!Here I must elaborate a few facts about discrimination to Muslims in India, pushing them to terror activities under the umbrella of various terror organisations. In India, there were many commissions and committees were formed since independence to ameliorate the living conditions of Muslims. Last but not the least we must refer the Sachchar Committee report, from which many measures were implemented by India and various state governments to salvage the pitiable conditions of Muslims in India without any fruitful results.
 Even today Muslims are worse neglected lot in India! They even lack basic humane facilities-what to speak of education, health etc. For this reasons appeared divisive forces in India like Saffron brigade led by Rashtriya Swawm Sevak Sangh (RSS). After independence it all started with demolition of  historic Babari Masjid in Ayodhaya led by senior Bhartiya Janata Party leader and prime ministerial aspirant Lal Krishna Advani and subsequent Hindu-Muslim riots in different parts of the country. There are a nother gruesome communal riots in Gujarat under the chief minister ship of Narendra Bhai Modi (he continues to get heroes welcome by majority sections of fanatic Hindu led by saffron brigades).. Practically various towns and cities as well as urban areas and rural areas of India witnessed bloodbath. In Mumbai alone, the attack was organised by Shiv Sena, a Hindu organisation under the patronage of RSS. Truth and non-violence preached by the Father of The Nation Mahatma failed to click!
Since 1967, 58 major riots were witnessed in different parts of India in which Muslims remained the worst victims. It happened like this: ten  communal riots in south;12 in east, 16 west, and 20 north India. Total death  toll in these communal riots remained 12,829 (official figures-but unofficial figures count them over 25,000). death figure region-wise are like this:-south-597, west-3426, east 35 81and north -5274..In Gujarat alone over 2500 Muslims were butchered under Modi's patronage!
For all these killings of Muslims, one must blame Hindu fanaticism!
As I belong to Bihar-I think I must mention communal riots in Bihar also. First communal riot took place in Bihar in August 1967 (183 illed);Jameshedpur-April 1979-120 killed; Biharshariff -August 1981-80 killed; October 1989 Bhaglpur-1161 killed, October 1990-Patna , state capital of Bihar--18 killed, October 1992-Sitamarhi- 44 killed, March 2001-Biharsharif-(Nalanda)-eight killed. These are official figures of killings-but unofficial figures count the death of more t han 3000. Except a few most of the killings were of Muslims. Moreover Muslims , perhaps of their neglect and isolation among world community, are becoming terrorists under Muslims' fanatic organisations either to restore their condition or to grab their lost supremacy, once mattered in the world!

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