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Thursday, 5 July 2012


At least twoi chief ministers- Nitish Kumar of Bihar and Narendra Modi- in the country appear past-masters in building their own image not only in the name of the "so called development in their respective states but are  reportedly projecting themselves as "so called real messiah of poor", obviously with their eyes fixed on the prime ministership of India in the wake of the Lok Sabha elections , scheduled in  2014. In the process, both of them were engaged in the war of attritions to malign each other.While Modi is blaming caste leadesrship mainly resonsible for Bihar's backardness, Nitish Kumar, accusing Modi of creating communal divide in the country, specially in Gujarat.
Amid the shrewdness of both these regional leaders, there are certain crude facts about their  role in their respective states, which could raise eyebrows of people of the country. Both of them are claiming themselves as "vikash purush (Development men)" for bringing their respective states to new zenith. But recorded facts and statistics smashed the myths of "Vikash purush".
According to official records, the GDP growth increase rate  in the country during the period between 1994-95 to 1999 , which was  06.09 percent , was rose by on and average 07 percent during the period between 2001-2010.
Taking into consideration the average of national GDP increase in the past several years of India as a whole, the growth rate increase durng the same period like 1994-95 to 1999, the growth rate of Gujarat, which was eight percent, had increased to average 8.68 percent between 2001 to 2009-2010. Although Gujarat is considered a rapid developing and developed state since its bifurcation and  inception from greater Bombay state ,now  Maharshtstra .Clearly during the rule of Gujarat chief Miniuster Narendra Modi, the GDP , on and average , has increased by only point 68 percent in comparision to such figures of previous regime.Such is the  one aspect of the so called "Vikash Purush" of Gujarat Narendra Bhai Modi.
More over such figure of Bihar under the stewardship of another so called "vikash Purush"-chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar- is also astounding! In between the period , the GDP of Bihar had clearly and definitely jumped  to attractive level!between the period 1994-95 to 1999, on and average, the GDP of Bihar was 4.70 percent. The GDP of Bihar surprisingly jumped to  8.02 percent during the period between 2001 to 2010 .However these period should be shared by  five years each by both Laloo -Rabari regime and the present chief minister Nitish Kumar.
During the same period, GDP of other states of the countryt also started jumping -Chhatishgarh (2.88 percent to 7.98 percent),Haryayana (5.96 percent to 8.95 percent), Uttarakhand (3.22 percent to 11.84 percent), Odisha (4.42 percent to 7.95 percent), Maharashtra (6.30 percent to 8.13 percent).
When these growth rate is taken into considerations, economic performances of other states were not bad in comparision to the "so called majic figure of GDP of Gujarat and Bihar". It does definitely mean that other states of the country are also developing at good pace but not like faster pace in Bihar and Gujarat. But Gujarat has long history of adequate development in the country unlike Bihar, which was considered a "Bimaru state" in the country.
According to Anand Pradhan,, associate professor of the Indian Institute of Mass communication; the myth of Gujarat development is that its economic development and per person SDP, "sakal Gharelu utpad" had remained at the top in the country since long-not during the period of BJP of Narendra Modi 's regime.Gujarat remained  among  the top of ten states in the country in the SDP zone per person in the last 40 years in the country. At some time Gujarat remained on fifth or sixth position and once at fourth places in comparison to top ten developed states of the country! Modi has not initiated a magic wand to improve  Gujarat's GDP to beat Haryana, Punjab, Maharshtra, Tamil Nadu like developed states in the field of the SDP per person. There are many instances of such myths of GDP growth in  Gujarat.
With regards to Bihar, GDP increase during Nitish tenure, the increase rate is 2005-06- 0.92 percent, 2006-2007-17.75 percent, 2007-2008-7.64 percent, 2008-2009-14.58 percent, 2009-2010-10.42 percent, 2010-2011-13.37 percent definitely looked like magic band-but these figures and statistics appear to be  attractive art of presenting datas of GDP! In fact, according to Pradhan, Bihar's economic management had remained at the most small level, which is called "base effect" in Economics.Bihar's economy was at lower level and its increase level was also minimal. as soon as the economy started  looking up in Bihar, it started showing attractions in sudden increase level of GDP.
According to Pradhan; the economic management of Bihar and recent spurt in GDP appears to be unitary and have many anomalies-it meant that economic development in certain sectors has brought big jump in the GDP of Bihar. For example it must be noted down that  sudden increase in the GDP in Bihar  has taken place because of sudden boom in the construction of roads-bridges-real estate. Sharp increase in GDP has not toughed upon core sectors like agriculture, industry etc. Notably   per capita income of in Bihar per person, which was Rs 8341 on and average in 2005-2006, has also sharply risen in 2010-11 by Rs 20069 per person!. If such per capita income is compared with developed states like Haryana, which has percapita income per person is Rs 92387, Punjab- 67473, Maharshtra- Rs 83471, Tamil Nadu- Rs 72993, Bihar is far behind to these developed states.If such trend continued in respect of GDP growth anamoly, Bihar will take 20 years to reach at the level of developed states.
Sadly, Bihar has not developed in its GDP because of lack of industries, particularly manufacturing, primary sector agriculture ,  and creation  of basic infrastructures in the field of electricity, which is in worse position presently. Farm sectors' economy is not upto mark because the Nitish government is reportedly not paying proper attention to this sector in view of its importance in rural areas and masses dependent on this serctor, economic experts lamented .
Lowest human index ratio in at l;east two states -Nitish Kumar's of Bihar and Gujarat's of Narendra Bhai Modi- have made little impact. Mases in both states are still groaning under starvation,lack of  proper fruits of poverty elimination programme, health , education, housing , employment etc  Malnutrition and hunger are  rampant  in both Gujarat and Bihar as per reports of various international and national bodies like WHO, UNO as well as reports of union government. In this respect , Bihar is at the lowest ebb of three worse affected states in the country on these scores.
Pradhan , in his report to Hastak-kshep, has painted 'shameless situation on these scores in Gujarat". In the instances of  hunger, Gujarat , which  whose "Raja Narendra Modi "claims shining Gujarat, is on the lowest ebb as human index reports incomprision to other developed states. Gujarat is bracketed with Bihar and Odisha, where hunger among poor class are common. Gujarat is not better than even Uttar Preadesh where such incidents are very common with regards to human index figures!
Inequality and creation of regional imbalances as well as discrimination towards  Muslims and adivasis dominated areas in respect of spreading development network. are said to be the main reasons of not reaching the fruits of development to these majority sections of society in Gujarat, the hman index reports of WHO and UN say., adding that in respect of malnutrition, Gujarat and Bihar surpassed all records to tackle hunger and malnutritions incomparision to other developed states. Thus the situation is far worse in both Bihar and Gujarat on these scores! Friuits of development are not reaching to Muslims and Adivasis in Gujarat because of discriminatory attitidue and "undeclared economic discriminatory economic  policy of Narenbdra Bhai Modi government in Gujarat", said Pradhan.
Pradhan further highlighted the lacunae of both Nitish Kumar and NarendraModi and alleged that both the "self-styled stalwarts are encouraging no-liberal policy bypassing poor in their respective states, resulting into not percolating the fruits  of GDP increases in their respective states to common  masers. And both of them are engaged in putting the blames on union government to divert the attention of general masses towards these maladies".
While Nitish Kumar, who is said to be the main beneficiary of central assistance as per reports of India government in successive years, is harping continuously on "special status to the state", Modi is well set and accusing the union government of the UPA and its leadership for" ignoring the masses of the country  and self-praising his extraordinary role in developing Gujarat to score his points among masses"! END

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