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Saturday, 28 July 2012


Little less than half of the total population of India (1.22 crore)-Women- are passing from shocking phases! Crime against the women in the forms of rape,dowry  killings, abduction, Khap and caste panchayats dictum to women, honour killings, harassment at work places, molestation, human trafficking, incidences of crime against female children, tortures etc, have practically made the life of women horrible in the whole of India. Gender bias is gradually is eating into the vitals of the country.All these incidents against women have exposed the lackadaisical manner in which these crimes are taken up by the authorities throughout the country. Such incidents give us the views on the so called globalised India's economic reforms since 1992. Crime against women  have escalated as per figures of complaints received with National Women Commission (NWC). Against the 122 complaints to the NWC in 1992,  coinciding the beginning of economic reforms, the complaint petitions to NWC have gone up to 13,190 in 2008.With regards to much-publicised equal partnership of women of all classes  in the governance and administration as well as fifty percent reservation to women in the Parliament and state assemblies are also hanging fire for the last several years, thanks to the gender bias attitude of male-dominated political class in the country. In respect of atrocity on women, India is even surpassing the records of Islamic countries' restrictions on women,, wave of violence including killings of women in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico and UN intervenes (My blog-Wave of Violence Swallows Women In Ciudad Juarez In Mexico ). In  China women are being forced to abort (My blog:Women of The Globe Becoming Most Vulnerable).
Besides many incidents of atrocity on women, the recent one in Assam that a 17-year-old girl was molested by about two dozen  men outside a pub in Guwahati''s main shopping area for 30 minutes on July 09, 2012  in full view of the public has shocked the nation.Such heinous crime reflects that there are no law and order and the constitutional provisions prevail in the country. Strangely in the hub of areas, police came after half an hour.It is said that the reporter and camera crewmen of a  local news channel of Rinki Bhuyan Sharma, wife of the health minister Himanta Biswa Sharma in Tarun Gogai government had incited the mob to target the girl. The statement of the Assam Director General of Police J N Chaudhary that the police could not be expected ATMs over the incident has also surprised the people.
Not only that, the role of the NWC, which had sent a two-member fact-finding team to Guwahati, led by the novice former youth Congress leader of Delhi , Alka Lamba has also created piquant situation. The team members, specially Alka Lamba had disclosed the name of victim girl, which is strictly prohibited in practise. More over, Lamba narrated  all these things before filing  any report to the chairperson in charge of the commission Mamta Sharma. Interestingly, the post of chairperson is vacant for over six months  and the union government instead of appointing chairperson of the commission has made Mamta Sharma  , who is a former MLA of Rajasthan, as acting chairperson of the commission. Later Mamta on behalf of the commission apologised for revealing the name of teen-aged victim girl..
The commission, which has assumed pro-active role  over the last one decades in term of conducting several facts findings and enquiry committees against violence against women, is a statutory body ,set up two decades ago to strengthen the legal apparatus to protect women. But the commission has failed to perform its core functions to protest the women. Even its chairperson In charge Mamta Sharma has been criticised for suggesting women should dress carefully . Later she, denied making that statement. Under the circumstances, many suggested disbanding of the commission. Instead many suggested to strengthening  existing  laws to stop atrocity against women throughout the country.
 Highlighting the enquiry into murder of Sister Valsa John in November last year in Pakur district in Jharkhand, allegedly by the mining mafia, a fortnightly has reported ," encountered with a senior police officer, who said, in connection with the rape of a tribal women, who was an associate of the nun and perhaps a witness to the murder, that police frequently did not register first information report in such cases. Worse, he said that rape was common among tribal people. the commission took an adverse view of the officer's comments and recommended that its observation be entered in the confidential service reports." But Jharkhand government led by BJP's Arjun Munda is yet to take any measures on this score.
.The way entire thing happened in Assam has become a blot on the face of eastern states' cities like -Guwahati. As per Crime Records Bureau figures, Assam has witnessed 11,503 crime against women-domestic violence-5,745, abduction-2998 and rape-2,011.A young Congress MLA Rumi Nath of Assam  Assembly was assaulted by a mob in June 2012  in full public view only because she had married second time with her government appointed assistant . Another glaring instance has been reported from Gujarat where a woman member of Parliament from Dahod was mercilessly beaten up for raising her voice against police atrocity. Any was this is fiefdom of Narendra Modi, who does the things on his own whims!
According to the latest figures of the Crime Record Bureau (CRB), which is keeping a record of all crimes committed in India including those against women and children since 1953,, released in June 2012 has disclosed that crime rates of all kinds have increased sharply , particularly against women and children in India. There have been 7.1 percent rise of crime against women from the year 2010. In 2011 alone, as many as 2,28, 650 cases of crime against women had been registered in India. Of these numbers of crime, rape cases alone have 24,206, an increase of 9.2 percent from 2010..Maximum number of  crimes against women have been reported from Triupura-37 percent, Assam-36.9 percent and Kerala-33.8 percent, Andhra Paredesh-33.4 percent, West Bengal-31.9 percent. Thanks to the efforts of Nagaland government, the state has lowest crime rate against women-1.9 percent. Only 38 cases have been reported in Nagaland.

Khaps and caste panchayats in western Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and a few parts of Punjab have different stories of atrocity on women. Recently a caste Panchayat in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh has declared a "farman" that the movement of women, specially young girl must be restricted within the village and also banned the use of mobile phones by them.. Surprisingly a highly educated MP from the areas Jayant Chadhary of Rashtriya Lok Dal justified the dictum. It may be recalled that this district is represented by union minister Ajit Singh. Many of the political class demanded amendment in the Hindu Marriage Act to ban marriages in same gotra.
Women are also forced to die in the name of honour killing in India. The Prevention of Crime in Name of Honour and Tradition Bill-2010, prepared by Law Commission is still pending with the union government for enactment in the Parliament besides a host of bills, proposing several amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) and the Indian Penal code (IPSC) for widening the ambit of the Acts relating to rapes and other atrocity on women  are languishing. However, the Parliament has passed a bill-Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Bill, raising the the age of consent from 16 to 18 has been enacted but many such bills to give equal right to women as well as protection against atrocity are  still languishing. Although the Supreme Court had issued a guidelines against sexual harassment of women at their work place, the government is yet to enact the Bill- the Protection of Women Against Sexual harassment  at Workplace bill, 2010.. Because of such lethargic attitude of  union government and different state governments, crime against women, filed under IPC and SLL, have gone up by 7.1 percent over 2010 and 23.4 percent over 2007. Economically advanced states are recording high rate of crime against women in comparison to poor states  in the country.
Sharp increase of crime against women have been reported from West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Rise in rape cases is monumental in Madhya Pradesh, accounting for 14.1 percent of the total cases. In all India context, rape on girls under 14 constituted 10.6 percent of the victims and 19 percent are teen-aged girls between 14 to 18 years. Major victims, 54.7 percent are women in the age group of 18-30 years.At least 141 victims of rape are over 50 percent years Kidnapping  and abduction cases of of women  and girls are highest of 19.4 percent in Uttar Pradesh ..Dowry death figures are also increasing by leaps and bound in 2011 and of which major numbers are from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.Torture case by cruelty of husband s have also increased by five percent-West Bengal has reported highest number of such cases in 2011.. Incidents of molestation have also considerably risen- by 5.8 percent and Madhya Pradesh again has topped in such crime. Importation of girls have jumped by 122 percent-Madhya Pradesh has topped in this nefarious game followed by Bihar and Karnataka. Crimes under dowry prohibition have also increased by 27.7 percent While Andhra is at the top of the list, Karnataka comes in second ranking..Odisha leads in dowry  killings-26.4 percent. In witchcraft killing  Karnataka- has registered 32.1 rise. Dowry deaths have risen considerably-up by 25.8 percent over 2001. In 2011 Uttar Pradesh has registered highest number of cases while Bihar came second in dowry related deaths in the country.
Last but not the least abnormally low sex-ration has made the situation worse in the country, resulting into all kinds of crime against a women in the country. But killings of girl child in womb have become common in the country. The Preconception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act is not being implemented strictly and also because of weak provisions in the Act, Out of 1165 cases filed across the country,  only conviction have been awarded  in 102 cases.No stringent law has been framed in this regards,.Under such tardy manner almost all cases crime against women are being handled by the successive governments.Most vulnerable is dalit and adivasi women in the country. Comprehensive law to deal against crimes on women are the need of the hour!
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