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Friday, 20 July 2012


There are   many sad tales of women in India! But women of the world are also not safe in many  countries. Atrocities, harrassments of women are gradually increasing in many nations of the world. Recently, I have put a topic on my blog, headlined "Wave of Violence Swallow Women in Mexico" where rate of attacks and killings of women have risen sharply. Women are killed indiscriminately in Mexico out of gelousy and gang-warfares, aflicting by drug menace. But the picture are not so rosey in other parts of the world. In India, women are still considered second class citizens whereas the Constitution of India provides equal right to all human beings. Rapes, murders, dowry deaths, denigeration of women in India have become order of the day. Recent example is in Gauhati in Assam where a girl was raped by some influential people after abducting her from busy thorough-fare in full view of the public. Such incidents in different parts of the India are not new. One must be aware about bull-dozing of reservation to women in Parliament and state assemblies. Definitely the women reservation proportion must be on caste basis. Deprived women of deprived caste and community must be given quota in reservation to women in the Indian context. In some countries, women are tortured and harrassed for not giving births to more than one child . And in India such situation is gradually being forced upon and women are being told to give birth to only two child otherwise they will be deprived to government facilities including representing the prople in panchayat, local bodies, Parliament and state assemblies. Male dominance in India is still forcing the women to lead their lives under the thumb of males!
A recent harrowing tale of forced  anbortion in to a seven-month-old fetus in a hospital in Shaanxi Province has practically shocked the men-kind. Not only that, under one child policy in China, women are forced to abort the second child with tacit pressure of Chinese government and its officials.According to a recent report in The New York Times;as well as score of internet surfings; it has come to light how cruelty in forcing abortion are taking deep root in China. Women of China are under lot of pressure and they are guard by officials and security forces when they come for delivery of child in different hospitals of the country. The women- Fen Jiannei had been in a country hospital in Shaanxi province since her a girl child was stillborn after officials induced labour pains on June 02, 2012. Her sister-in-law said that her brother Ms Feng's husband-wasbeaten last week by loca l officials on some flimsy pretext and described him "traitor", obviously for second child.The reported harrassment came despite the fact that local officials were punished for the forced abortion after a photograph of bed-ridden mother and bloody fetus was posted on the internet in mid-June.
Xinhua, the strate news agency of China, had reported that after investigation, two-conutry level or lower officials were fired and five others received warnings or demerits, The New York Times report said and added that however the woman was provided subsidy. Even than, the topics of forced abortion became matter of intense discussions on the internet. Hu Xijin, chief editor of the Golabal Times, a state run newspaper that often prints nationalistic editorials wrote on his microblog on June 12,2012 that what Ms Feng had endured was "barbaric .We should promote civilised fsamily planning.However, I am against using this one incident to reject China's family planning policy. Family Planning has saved China rather than harmed it."
The New york report says, " In a telephonic interview Ms Feng, whose voice filled with exhauaution, says, My body is slowly recorvering. I still have headaches. I am not allowed to leave hospital. The hospital is bringing food three times a day, the food is okay. But I feel I am under lot of pressures." Ms Feng is in the hospital with her five-year-old daughter and sister-in-law Deng Jicai-her husband is missing since a few days back to talk to officials. Family is from Yuping in Zengijia, township of Zhenping country.
CicChinese state media has reported that local officers had visited Ms Feng and apologised to her. On the opther hand Mr Deng , who tried to go to Beijing to see a cibil right lawyer, sat for an interview, he was stoppedby men in cars and beaten up Ms Deng alleged.
After forced abortion, Mr Deng opened a microblog account and began recounting family's ordeal. In between , he was abducted by the family planning officials after he refused to pay fine $6,300 for the second pregnancy to his wife.

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