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Monday, 18 June 2012


 With the petrol price sky-rocketing in the recent past, there
are virtual cries in India, particularly in .Patna for disel cars! For
diesel cars, the manufacturers will have to maintain the technology
and guidelines, propounded by the Global Diesel  Technology Forum,
which represents car and truck companies and others that make diEsel
engines, Such technology is already under implementation in the United
States and other wealthy countries, introduced in 2000 in  America.
According to a report published In the New York Times, the World
Health Organization (WHO), at its meeting in  Lyon, France, at
scientific meet; on Tuesday (June05,2012) declared diesel fumes cause
lung cancer. The WHO experts said that they were more "car cinogenic
than second hand  cigarette smoke", which is said to be the main
reasons of lung cancer in the planet.
The report of the WHO said that the diesl fuel emition is "known
carcinogen" level, which eventually affect the mines workers as they
are heavily exposed to exhausts diesel fumes!
The WHO said that it is partcular relevant  to poor countries, whose
truckers generates and farm and factory machinery routinely belch
clouds of sooty smokes and fill the air with sulfurous particulars,
the New York times report said. adding that United States and wealthy
nations have less problem because of they require modern diesel
engines to burn much cleaner than they did even a decade ago. Most of
the industries in these countries like mining, already here limits on
the amount of diesel fumes to which workers may be exposed.
The New York Times report suggests that the medical director of the
American Cancer Society  Dr Otis W. Brawley praised the signal of the
WHO's international agency for research on cancer, saying "his group
has for a long time had concerns about diesel"The Cancer society is
expected to come to the same conclusion the next time its scientific
committee meets, Dr Brawley said to NY TIMES.
She fuhrer stated, " I do not think it is bad to have a diesel car and
at the same time I do not think it is good to breath its exhaust. I am
not concerned with the people, who walk past a disel vehicle, I am
little concerned about people like toll collectors and I am very
concerned about people like miners, who work where exhaust is
concentrated. Government of the globe countries must declare diesel
exhaust a carcinogen., she added to the New York Times..
The WHO, as quoted in the New York Times, also said that disel
exhaust is a probable cause of bladder cancer.. they require modern
diesel engines to burn much cleaner than they did even a decade ago.
Most of the industries like mining, already have limits on the amount
of diesel fumes to which workers may be exposed.
The New YORK Times report said that WHO researches indicated that
occupational disel expenses was far greater lung cancer risk than a
passive cigarette smoking but a much smaller risk than smoking two
packs a day.
The diesel Technology Forum reacted cautiously to WHO report noting
that modern diesel engine had in USA and other wealthy countries burn
low sulfur fuel, so new trucks and buses emit 98 percent less
  particulars than old ones did and 99 percent less nitrogen oxide,
which adds to ozen build-up. Such technology in vogue in U S , the New
York times report added.
According to Indians and particularly of Biharis for diesel engine cars
;amid craze for diesel cars and running of trucks, and buses,, having
  diesel engines in India in the wake of rampant increase in petrol price
will have to adopt the new technologies to lessen the risk of lung
cancer, prevalent in India. because of fumes of diesel engines in this
country For this fool -proof arrangements , Indian manufacturers of
cars, buses, trucks and for other purposes unsing diesels like mining,
India must develop modalities of US  in view of WHO report, warning
spread of lung cancer because of diesel burn emotions, causing lung

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  1. I hope people know this and can prevent the cancer, not exist nothing more tragic that have cancer. Sharing this information we can save lifes.