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Monday, 18 June 2012

India Particularly Bihar most dangerous places to give child Birth!

India Including Bihar most dangerous to give child Birth!
a: India as a whole and Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in particular are most dansgerous places to give birth of children as per reports and studies by Harvard School of Public Health;  Save Children India ,  Lancet  and U N Study Reports.. India lacks basic maternity care and worse scenario exists in Bihar; according to a report published in the  American Time magazine website on June08, 2012.
The write up has quoted a study report of India particularly Bihar and Uttar Pradesh has put India as a whole worse than Nepal among the developing countries on this score.Pregnant women die eitherat  the time of giving birth or during pregnancies in India, mostly in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh due to lack of basic infrastructures both in urban and rural areas. A pregnant woman of nearby Delhi , who somehow, was saved at the time of giving birth to a child   told  the writer of the story Nilanjana Bhaumick, " Giving birth is not at all safe in India.. But may be easy if taken to a hospital to give birth or a comptetet dai (midwife) was there, it would not have so traumatic and my other child would have been saved in the past."
The write up in the Time suggests that basic maternity  care , if , would have been in India and particularly Bihar many life in India would have been saved. The Time has quoted a 2010 study by Harvard School of Public Health, which has said that 1,50000 deaths would have been prevented by 2015 if Indian women have aceess to better family planning and health care during their pregnancies and deliveries..The Times has quoted another report by Save Children India, which suggests, " that despite of  India's booming economy, the country is still one of the most high-risk places in the world to give birth. It ranked India as the fourth country among 80 less developed countries, in its survey, with nearly half of births taking place without a traned heath professionals. Even though India has made effort to improve level of maternal health by encouraging institutional deliveries and taking other measures;" says Thomas Chandy of president of the Save The Children India. He has furtjer informed  the Time, that the benefits have not yet appeared to bring about a pradigam shift.
The Time  website has further states that although figures show national maturity rate dropped by 66 percent from 1990 to 2010,in India, particularly Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have so far highest number of women dying during child birth on the planet. The U N Report on maternal and mortality trends has revealed that 56000 deaths in 2010 have taken place whereas such figures remain 6000 in China during the period.!
India's maternal mortality rate in 2010 was 200 women per year of 100000 live births, which are slightly better than Bangla Desh (240 deaths per year on 100000 live births). Intrestingly the Nepal , considered a poverty -ridden and less developed country, adjoin India has tremendously just 170 deaths per 100000 births!
the Time website report, headlined, " Why India is still one of the Most Dangerous places to give Births"? has further stated that lamently India and its states including Bihar and Uttar Pradesh has launched many welfare programmes for women  like Janani Surakhsha Yojana, food for malnuritioned pregnant women  and children but these welfare measures are yet to percolate  grass-root level, aggravating the  deaths of women and children at the time of deliveries and pregnancies. Although there is strict provisions to carry pregnant women through government transports to nearby hospitals and health centres, food , medicines and even cash rewards of upto $30 for giving birth, such facilities remained on papers only in Indian states including Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Facilities are not available due to lack of in frastructures  in both urban and rural centers.
However, The Time magazine website has lauded the efforts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and has said that these two states have already reached U N Millennium development on this score by  bringing their mortality rate down to 100 women per year on every 100000 live births While ther states like Anbdhra Pradesh, west Bengal, Gujarat, Haryana are close to chasing the figures of lowest casualties during births and pregnancies!
The Time has pointed out that spread of literacy is crucial factors for stopping casualities. In this respect, the Time has referred about Kerala where literacy rate among women is 92 percent and by adopting various women welfare measures, the state  has brought down such figure to 81 deaths per every year of 100000 births in the state. About Bihar and Uttar Pradesh , worse said is better on these scores!

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  1. Im speechles .... but same time cant loose the faith in better this situation day by day, seriously this is so sad, how many genius are losing with these lost. I hope soon that some ONG can help to educate to women here and we'll can change the future of our babies. God bless Bihar always.