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Thursday, 21 June 2012


It is strange why Indian political class is  in so much in hurry to become prime minister or president or ministers or chief ministers by projecting themselves for respective posts ? Elections to the next Lok Sabha is due in 2014! But almost all political parties or politicians have \started projecting prime ministerial candidates or politicians themselves to become prime minister after the next elections where there are least signs of which political parties or comologeration of smaller and regional parties will get how much seats in the forthcoming elections to the Lok Sabha! Such tendencies are clearly indicative to influences the mood of electorate, who will participate in the next Lok Sabha elections.
The UPA led by Congress, the NDA led by Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and many other regional outfits and parties, whose leaders have been immensely benefited to get prized political  position in the coalition era of the last 25 years are vying each other for the prime minister position as well as other  important assignments in the government in India.
The race is on. The BJP, a partner of National Democratic Alliance, is more in hurry to project the Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi , allegedly involved in the carnage of Muslims during Gujarat riots (investigation in many cases of  the carnage  against Modi are under  the investigation stage) as the prime ministerial candidate . The Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh (RSS), supreme operator of the saffron wings in India appears hell- bent to consolidate Hindu votes throughout the country in favour of its political wing-BJP by projecting Narendra Modi as prime ministerial candidate in the next elections although there are cleavage in the party over the name of Modi.
In the line in the BJP are former Deputy prime minister Lal Krishna Advani, former union minister Sushama Swarajya, national president of the party Nitin Gadkari, Madhya Pradesh BJP chief minister Shivraj Chauhan etc. But the majority of leaders of the BJP from majority of states seem to favour Narendra Modi as prime ministerial candidates because of his Hindu consolidation capacity as well as deliverer of good governance in Gujarat in the last over ten years. But there are exceptions also like Bihar a senior leader of the BJP and the deputy chief minister of Bihar Sushul Kumar Modi, who is said to be very close to Nitish Kumar has serious reservation on the name of Narendra Modi.
On the other hand ambitious and shrewed   Chief Minister  of Bihar Nitish Kumar, who himself want to be projected as prime ministerial; candidate, has vociferously objected to the projections of NarendraModi as prime ministerial candidate. Kumar has recently made clear that prime minister of the country must be above from any controversy, obviously indicating that Narendra Modi's hands are drenched in communal bloods. His ministerial colleague Sushil Kumar Modi, a senior BJP leader from Bihar has also dittoed the line of Nitish Kumar and has pointed out that his party (BJP) must project a prime ministerial candidate like former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, who was above from any controversy and acceptable to even opposition leaders-what to say-NDA (Both the Janata Dal (U) of Nitish Kumar and BJP are alliance partners in Bihar's NDA government.)..Nitish Kumar has even threatened to leave NDA on the issue of prime ministerial candidate of safforn wings  as Narendra Modi. More over, his senior party colleague, former union minister and convenor of the NDA Sharad Yadav is maintaining golden silence over the issue. Sharad has refused to support and oppose the Nitish Line in th eparty, saying that he is busy in presidential election candidates' issue in tthe NDA.Thus it appears that everything is not well even in Nitish's JD(U).

Not only that there are serious differences of opinions in Bihar's BJP. The Animal Husbandry minister Giriraj Singh, who is minister from the BJP quota in Nitish government, has openly revolted against Sushil Modi and Nitish Kumar for their statements, objecting Narendra Modi as prime ministerial candidate.Giriraj has not attended the cabinet meeting a few days back and also meetng of important BJP leaders at the residence of Sushil Kumar Modi. Many such ministers from BJP quota including Ashawani Choubey, Chandra Mohan Rai, Prem Kumar, Gautam Singh, Sukhda Pandey, who have serious grudges against Shusil Kumar Modi are secretly supporting  the stand of Giriraj Singh, who has openly said that Nitish Kumar and Sushil Kumar Modi are not competent to give secular certificate to Narendra\Modi as he has emerged a as a tallest leader of the BJP in the country by supports of all sections of society in Gujarat in successive elections. With such activities in the BJP, Sushil Kumar Modi appears to be on back-foot in the Bihar BJP!
The latest statement of the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat that there is no harm in the BJP to project Narendra\Modi as prime ministerial candidate has boosted the stand of Giriraj Singh and other BJP leaders in Bihar.Bhagwat has made crystal clear that Narendra Modi is a staunch Hindu and Hindu have all right  to become prime minister of the country The statement of senior BJP leader Balbir Punj  and other party functionaries in Delhi that NarendraModi is right choice to be projected as prime ministerial  candidate in the next Lok Sabha elections has also created upheavals in the  BJP right from state level to national level.Dissident BJP leaders , opposed to Sushil Kumar Modi for hijacking organisation to serve the interest of Nitish Kumar, have started felt boosted with encouraging statements of RSS chief!
Controversy is going on over the fate of NDA government led by Nitish Kumar in Bihar. At one place , Nitish is determined to consolidate his Muslims and most backward votes by showing his secular credential and  opposing Narendra Modi as prime ministerial candidate. BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi and many other BJP functionaries as well as party's grass root support base, supporting Nitish Kumar, have been put in wrong box It is rumoured that Nitish Kumar may split BJP in Bihar to save his government as well as consoling Sushil Kumar Modi and many other BJP leaders that door for them are opened in the JD(U)!
 The Congress is also fishing in troubled waters in the NDA and reportedly started move to bring Nitish Kumar in UPA fold.More over the congress is also delved  in similar circumstances. The Congress party has already announced that the party would fight next elections under the leadership of AICC general Secretary Rahul Gandhi, who will be the next prime minister after UPA comes to power in the next Lok Sabha elections although the UPA government led by Congress has created mess in the country like price rise, inflation, encouraging corrupt practises as well as scams after scams in the country during the tenure of  Manmohan Singh government at the centre. For this Congress is also making arrangements with allying with left parties, Samajwadi Party of Mulayam Singh Yadav, Bahujan Samajwadi party of Mayawati, Rashtriya Janata Dal of Laloo Prasad Yadavetc. 
The  chief ministers mercurial Mamta Bannerjee of West Bengal (Trinamual Congress) and  of Tamil Nadu (ADMK) Jaylalitha and former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati (Bahujan Samaj Party) are respectively   also reportedly dreaming for  prime ministerial  post, having political ambition in view of coalition era in the country with the emergence of regional parties in the country. Role of Odisha chief minister Navin Patnaik is being considered pivotal because his regional; outfit-Biju Janata Dal is also gaining ground in Odisha. Unlike dithering role of NDA in the race of presidential elections, Navin Patnaik and Jayalalita have already announced their suport to the former speaker of Lok Sabha P A Sangama as their presidential candidate, which in all expectation BJP of the NDA will also support Sangma against UPA and other oppositon candidate for the president ship Pranab Mukherjee .But the million dollar question about Nitish joining UPA led by Congress because his arch rival and RJD national president Laloo Prasad Yadav is already alingned with UPA and Congress!
Left parties, which are expected to do better performances in the next  Lok Sabha elections because of  vigorous protests and agitation by these parties on price rise, inflation, discrimination to working classes as well as opposition to multinationals, are obviously opposed to NDA , particularly BJP for its communal tinges, may throw weight in favour of UPA with common minimum programme of governance after next Lok Sabha elections.
Amid all the controversies in at least in Bihar, it appears the handiwork of Nitish Kumar, who has miserable failed in his efforts of the so called development of Bihar and his good governance, has created unnecessary controversy to divert the attention of masses on prime ministerial candidate. Nitish reportedly  of the opinion  that he would get political mileage from this move-but it appears his move would boomerang or has boomeranged with the clarity over the issue by RSS chief!

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