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Monday, 25 June 2012


When the entire planet is well set to give equal rights to women, a sad story about violences on women-killings, rapes etc have shocked international community. Such gruesome crimes are being taken place in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico for the last three years-wave of attacks beginning in the 1990s that left hundreds of women dead over the course of decades
According to a report published in the New York Times recently; international attention moved on but the killings continued-the second wave larger  than the first.Clusters of slain women are continuously being discovered. Roughly 60 women and girls have been killed so far this year-at least 100 are missing over the past two years. At least 304 were killed in 2010. More women killed in 2012-than any earlier year so called feminicide era..
"People have not reacted with the same force as before," said Gustavo de la Rosa, a human right investigator for Chihuahea-"they think it natural." In the wake of international pressure, authorities revealed that more of these killings are being solved. But arrest and conviction are exceedingly rare.For the victims found in mass grave in the Juarez valley-most details are still mystery-none knows how many women were buried there.
State  authorities amid heaps of files of violence against women led by Helter Hawley, charged with documenting the crime scenes of the most of the women killed in Ciudad Juarez, the forensic investigator suggest, "it is more vulnerable group- these are the people we expect to see killed.", the New York Times reported..
Hawley has been working murder cases since 2003. He started specialising in women lkilling recent years, and in his views, the stunning tally of women killed is mostly caused by the increased local involvement in gangs and drugs, and jelous men. Often both gangs and jelousy come together in a single case. He opened a file on computer showing one of the 18 women killed in April photographs showed that she had been dumped in a public street and fund around 8 am ."she was stabbed 63 times", Hawley said. Her pink shiort, featuring an image of heart, was stained with blood..Based on the number of stab wounds, he said, " the killer had to be on drug." He opened another file showing a woman shot dead at bottom of garbage pile." she was pregnant.we think she owned her bosses money for something drug may be." He clicked through several other cases showing women young and old , mostly shot and killed at close range. He and his two of ingvestigators in his office said, they did not have any specific information about women found in the mass grave but they warned against seeing their deaths as the product of single cause.In Juarez, there is everything", Hawley said. There are  jelous husbands, jelous father-in-laws -there are women killing women."
While exposing such heinous criminal activities, the Ney Yok Times points out that a government committee found a similar array of causes for the earlier wave of killings. Aftyer surveuying 155 killings of women out of 340 documented between 1993 and 2003, the committee found that roughly half of them were prompted by motives like domestic violence, robbery and gang wars while a little more than a third involved sexual assault.
Victims advocates, however, argue that the klilling of women found in the Valley fall on the more bizarre.Francisca Galvain, a lawyer, who has been working with the parents of missing girlss, said that Ms Gowaler's daughter, Parlo, 15, was last seen down-town talking to a middle-aged man around lunch time. Several other girls from the grave, along with some still missing have also disappeared from location thereby, Ms Galvain said.
First , there were just few bones and body parts found in valley beyond the sprawal of this wild city-at least four women killed and dumped, the authorities said. Dozen more bodies of women and girls were found.. Most of them disappeared in 2009 and 2010, many were teen agers and good students. Idali Juache's mother still insists her daughter is missing although police inked her DNA to l fragrnments in the valley's grave. Elvira Gsnzalez said she felt what seemed like her daughter's spirit at home, before finding out she had been dumped in the grave."I always believed she would be given back to us\ alive, I never believed this was how she would be brought back to us.", she added to Ney York Times writer Damen Cave.
All were around same age and several looked very similar, posters hanging all over the city show that they had long, straight dark hair and skimmy features."The authorities, they do not want to see the truth, she said , adding ," Life have just has so little values.".Her own theory run the gamut; may be girls targeted for organs thefts, may be killers arrived as part as part of the surge in deportation that has sent through immigrants-criminals to Ciudad Juarez from  America. though it is unclear if the victims had been raped, she added, may be killing started as sexual assaults.
American officials in El Pavo said  they were stalling their heads, too when during gangs were involved in high profile killing paid in firmness without call with tips. But not in the case the Juarez Valley grave.
Several mothers of missing girls said the prosecutors have refused to let them visit morgue, even as officials offered up complicity tallies for how many female bodies were held there. "They are liars, " said Norma Laguna Labra, Idali's mother.
The incident of killings of women  in Mexico  appear without any justice in an anarchy like Nation in  the conteninet  my opinion.
The New York Times report sums up the gruesome story with one liner conclusion -"all depends of justice on Law of God."

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  1. This was one history that break hearts in all the world, is so sad but Mexico is one country very sexist and closed in regard to education and freedom refers to women. In terms of Latin America is in second place in femicide rate, first place Guatemala, Chile is the third and fourth my country Peru.