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Monday, 4 June 2012


I strongly feel that the recent invasion on India to ruin our political and social cultural  fabrics and progressive thinkings as well as economy of India, based on socialistic pattern of society through imposition of new economic policies of imperialists, are destroying our youths  Europe and United State of America in the shape  of multinationals and corporates culture have  practically brought brinkmanship among our  youths. Today's youths of India are described the future  rulers under our democratic system.
 In the past few years, youths of India have become untouched with progressive thoughts for the benefit of the country! There were time, sons and daughters of rich and big people as well as from middle class families used to get good education and they visited foreign countries including United Kingdom, America and other foreign lands for higher studies in Oxford, Cambridge, and other top-ranking universities of the globe. From there , they brought many progressive ideas  like communism, socialism  and other revolutionaries theory for the upliftment of downtroddens etc.
In this categorey, we cannot forget the names of Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru, B R Ambdkar, Subhas Chandra Bose, Jyoti Basu, and many others. For radical and political thinkings we cannot forget the contributions of  revolutionaries like  Saheed Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Ram Prasad Vismil and many other, who sacrificed their for the political emancipation of the country.
RADICAL AND PROGRESSIVE :- They all brought new ideas of revolution and became instrumental in shaping the destiny of India in the last several years. About ten years back, prestigious colleges like St. Stephen College under Delhi university, the Jawahar Lal Nehru University, Presidency colleges in Calcutta, Madras and Mumbai, Shanti Niketan university and many other top ranking educational institutions in the country used to be hub of progressive thoughts. And many of their  students excelled in different aspects  like politics, revolution, Marxism, socialism etc. These institutions once upon time were described hub of political and social thoughts! Many of the products from these institutions are excelling in different fields including some in politics, journalsm, top ranking government jobs, NGOs, social services and even in private sectors. Their progressive thinkings are beng reflected in their good deeds. In government services, many of such scholars are doing excellent jobs in premier services like IAS, IFS, IPS and senior rank-central services. In many instances, they never succumb to political pressure and works on the basis of strict rule books as well as going to rural areas during  their postings to listen to the grievances of rural people, who are supposed to be most worse sufferers and also deprived lots in the present political system.
 I mustt mention of name of Arwind Narayan Das, a Bihar and product of St Stephen, who was a research scholar in the AN Sinha institute , Patna, had joined journalism. Later he left journalism and founded a NGO, namely Asian Development Research Institute (ADRI) in Patna for socio-economic development of the state with Prof Saibal Gupta. While Prof Saibal is looking after the institute more as close advisor of the chief minister Nitish Kumar, Arwind died prematurely about ten yars back. Arvind had bubbling ideas of progressive thinkings and he was a sympathisers of Naxal movement in India for the upliftment of poor, dalits , adivasis etc.
Of late these tendencies among our youths are lacking and they are concentrating more on materialistic approaches. Instead of sentiments of services to people, they are making them selves machines of money minting. They seldom care for the interest of the country. Their approaches have become narrow-minded. Instead of progressive thoughts, they are shaping themselves in the format of feudalism. Some time, I feel disappointed and desperate over their attitudes throughout the country. I will rather call some thing very serious fault-line in our education system right from primary level to university level.
RETROGADE TENDENCY:-Instances of the last few days in Bihar among mainly youths in a large number in the wake of killing of dreaded founder of  banned Ranveer Sena at Ara Brahmeshwar Mukhiya  and his funeral procession  at Bansghat in Patna have shocked the people.Youths in the age group of 16 years to 40 outnumbered the people participating in the funeral processions. Right from Ara to Patna and other districts of central Bihar, they indulged in vandalism, violences, burning of police and private vehicles, beating o f  people moving  on roads, damaging public and government property. I feel that this shows the decadent thoughts among youths in majority in Bihar. For whom, they were protesting-for a man, like Brahmeshwar Mukhiya, who throughout his life indulged in loot, arsons, killings of over 300 dalits, muslims, poor among forward, backwards for establishing the hegemony of their landlordship on the lands, manily in central Bihar. Sadly these youths behaved like lumpens on the street of Patna, the state capital!.
Moreover elder politicians of JD(U) , BJP, Congress etc rather allegedly encouraged them for creating ugly scenes on the street of Patna and other districts of Bihar. I must mention the names of a few politicians including Akhilesh Singh, former union minister (Congress), Lalan Singh, Lok Sabha member from Munger (JD-U), Dr  CP Thakur, state unit chief of BJP Bihar unit, and BJP MLA Ms Usha Vidyarathi (both BJP). They allegedly created scenes to restore feudalism and landlordship in Bihar and eliminate poor, dalits, muslims, backward caste, poor among forward caste in Bihar!The arsonists chased the police and raised slogans in support of banned Ranveer Sena openly
PROGRESSIVE YOUTHS:-There were time in Bihar. Many educated and brriliant youths in their educational career entered left  and socialist movement. to protest atrocity on dalits, backwards, poor, adivasis etc in Bihar itself. They also joined naxal movement setting aside theuir luxurious life with their parents as well as brilliant technical educations in 1960s and early 1970s. In course of their  political activities, they joined the founder s of naxal movement from Naxalwari in Darjeeling district in West Bengal Charu Mazumdar and Kanu Sanyal. By the time Indira Gandhi , the then premier of India declared emergency, and many of these reformists and Naxal leaders were tortured and killed at many places , particularly in Bhagalpur jails.
In this connection, I will point out a few families , whose wards, sons, had sacrificed their lifefor justices to poor in Bihar.One such falmily is of an eminent historian late Prof Radha Krishna Chaudhary. Prof Chaudhary and his wife Shanti Devi lost his one MBBS doctor son Dr Prashant Kumar Chaudhary, who was shot dead in Bhagalpur jail on May 04, 1976. Dr Prashant Kumar Chaudhary 's guilt was that he wanted to give medical treatment to fellow jail inmates after he was put in jail in a drive against naxalites during emergency. Dr Chaudhray was shot dead in jail premises from point blank range by jail and armed police personnel in Bhagalpur jail. Dr Chaudhary died instaneously. News of his killing was censored for months together during eergency. His body was not handed over to the Professor family. His elder brother, Prabhat Kumar Chaudhary, who was topper in matriculation and I sc. in Scince College, Patna, had joined Sindri Institute of Technology. There also he took lead in academic activities-but his zeal for helping poor did not resist him and he joined Charu Mazumdar and Kanu Sanyal of Naxalwari-fame. He was imprisioned for several years and tortured by police. He, however, later on released . Currently , Prabhat is setteled in Delhi and as being CPI-Ml central secretariat member, is doing social services! His third brother Prasanna Kumar Chaudhary continued to be an active naxalites sysmpathisers and he and his wife moves in tribal areas of Jharjkhand and meets adivasis for ameliorating their condition. Pranava Kumar Chaudhary, the youngest son of  Prof R K Chaudhary, have naxalites leaning and is sympathisers of Maoists, is currently Special correspondent in The Times of India. Pranava had also to pass through many ups and downs in life and struggled for survial after the sudden death of his father Prof R K Chaudhary and the entire family plunged in pall of gloom with the death Dr Prashant and other tragedies in the family. Shanti Devi, wife of late  Prof R K Chaudhary, who lives  with her son Pranava in Patna, still shivers in pain and angusish first on the killing of his doctor son in Bhagalpur jail and death of her professor husband during his service of professorship. Tears rolloing down on her face, she could not reply my few questions and only wept uncotrobaly.!
In this connection, I must mention the contribution of one former naxalites, a hardcore follower of Charu and Kanu, Umadhar Prasad Singh of Darbhanga town. Umadhar , a brilliant stiudent f economics, later during  jail period perhaps topped the list in post-graduate in Economics from Bihar university. Umadhar is lone member of central committee of nine of the CPI-Ml formed after split from CPM is surviving. An architect of the first naxalite operation in  Bihar in Musahari in Muzaffaropur district alongwith another senior naxal leader Raj Kishore Singh, Umadhar singh become later MLA from Hayaghat assembly constituency of Darbhanga district three times. Umadhar , who was tortured in brutal manner in different jails , particularly in Hazaribagh central jail, is still struggling between life and death at his Darbhanga residence. As long as Kanu was alive, Kanu Sanyal was regular visitor to see the condtition of Umadhar in Darbhanga.. Surrounded by books, magazines, newspapers, documents on his bed, Umadhar is leading a life of loner and bewildred with the present state of affairs in the country! Umadhar also had given other naxalite operation in Darbhanga district when he shot dead for instant justice to a landlord Balani of Dilahi , a village in Darbhanga town suburb. Umardhar also symbolised naxal operations in  a few places in Bengal, Champaran and Sasaram region of Bihar in his prime youth  under the direct control of Charu and Kanu when he was hardcore naxal leader in 1960s and 1970s.
 I have already written about well known Naxal leader of high-ranking from an Ara  village Satya Narayan singh, who was architect in organising Telegana movement in Andhra Pradesh and remained underground till he died in Telegana forest areas in 1979.
DREADED JWALA SINGH:: Another dreaded landlord of an Ara village Jwala Singh, for whom life of weaker sections of society was play for him. Jwala was more dreaded than founder of of the Ranveer Sena, a private army of landlords  Brahmeshwar Mukhiya, whio was killed a few days back in Ara town, raising a hall of protsts by conservatives upper caste! Jwala, a holder of over 1000 acre of land in Ara village, was not only monster but used to taste the blood of weaker sections after their killings. Jwala was a congress leader, whose writ ran in entire central bihar. One woman Congress legislator was practically his kept. Jwala himself used to tell peole that his first task is to rape, murder, loot and violences like burning of houses of dalits and other weaker sections of society in entire central Bihar. Police and administration during the days of Congress were under his thumb. A day came in 1980s perhaps, and Jwala was killed and shot dead while he was travelkling in his car near his village home like the killings of Brahmeshwar Mukhiya. Today in the changed political situation, Jawala's sons are thriving on lands and other huge property, acquired by Jwala himself. In between, there was lull in his family but in the changed situation, huge lands of killed Jwala, are being managed by his sons. And some time, Jawala's  sons also grabbed the lands of dalits , Muslims and backward s and poor among forward caste.
Such is the tip of ice berg story of feudalism in Bihar and naxal activities. The degenration of youths from upper caste mainly in Bihar and their feudal outlook instead of progressive and radical views has created  piquant situation in the state. If  proper education and training of well beings are not imparted  to our youths particularly in Bihar, the situation would go down to the drains and the dream of good governance of the Chief minister Nitish Kumar would continue to remain a distant dream.

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  1. Incredible think of view, im seriously speechles about all this .... When i hear the news about Ranver Sena i tought he was like Anna Hazare or Gandhi, i dont have any idea about all this ....i found many information about him and still was thinking how can one man be so cruel until that i see all this ..... im without words for all this reality; I admire to India for many things specially for the values; but now im seeing that the India with was i dreaming not is true at all.... but still i love India, because i think that one country dont have the fault for have the people that have ...... Still have many years for can change and fight against corruption, the way is hard but we can do it ..